CBD and Melatonin For Sleep Problems in Veterans

CBD and Melatonin For Sleep Problems in Veterans

The marketplace has exploded with solutions for people who can’t seem to get enough sleep from specially engineered mattresses to white-noise machines and other high-tech gadgets, to drugs, supplements and sleeping pills, and even sleeping coaches. In this article, we’re going to show you why a combination of CBD and melatonin should be added to the list, and how it can help veterans.

Not getting enough sleep is painful, physically and emotionally. Today, the problem of too little sleep seems as common as ever; CDC reports that Americans, simply, need more sleep. Furthermore, sleep deprivation in veterans has become a huge problem, and many have wondered how CBD can help them solve insomnia.

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough. Study after study has shown the importance of regular, restful sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deficiencies can affect everything from brain health and cognition to immune function (and much more!).

Does a good night’s sleep really require so much work?

Sleep Deprivation Among Veterans

Military veterans can face unique challenges when it comes to sleeping, due to the nature of their combat training and their time in service. Transitioning from military life back to civilian life involves many difficult obstacles, with sleep problems being very common for veterans of all ages, whether they saw combat or not.

The stats show that sleep loss is a widespread problem, and military veterans are particularly vulnerable. Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injuries have a higher risk of sleep disorders, meaning that psychiatric and sleep disorders are often linked.

Sleep Trouble Signs

It is important to know that the warning signs of sleeping issues will look different for every person. Here are a few common ones to look out for, if you suspect you are having problems sleeping:

  • Excessive tiredness: It is normal to have occasional drowsy days or afternoon naps; however, if sleepiness is common for you, or if you need frequent “catnaps” during the day, you may not be getting the quality sleep you need.
  • Mood changes: Lack of motivation, depression, and anxiety all affect daily life. Sleep deprivation can be caused by or is a symptom of a psychological issue.
  • PTSD: One of the biggest indications of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), along with nightmares and flashbacks, is difficulty sleeping. Insomnia can often be a symptom of PTSD (or a separate issue on its own).
  • Sleep disorder symptoms: Veterans have a higher risk percentage of sleep disorders – having trouble falling asleep, having trouble staying asleep, snoring, feeling tired during the day (even though you “slept” all night) are common. Any of these symptoms could indicate or be related to a sleep disorder. Veterans also have a higher risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
cbd and melatonin for sleep problems in veterans

CBD for Sleep and Insomnia Rescue

Fortunately, choices for improving sleep have become much more advanced and available over the years. Previously, people turned to sedatives or antihistamines, but those usually leave you feeling groggy and are typically not healthy treatments to use on a regular basis. 

People will exhaust every resource and idea possible to get some quality sleep.

Here’s the good news – another option has entered the sleep arena: CBD.

By now, chances are you have heard about cannabidiol (CBD) products, which are the non-psychoactive (think: no high!) compounds that are 100% naturally found in cannabis plants.

The good news for you is that CBD can also improve your sleep. Researchers have found that the endocannabinoid system plays a role in maintaining certain body functions, like our mood, appetite, and regulating our circadian rhythms– factors that all impact our sleep. 

The endocannabinoid system consists of a network of receptors in the brain and central nervous system. The primary cannabinoid receptors are called CB1 and CB2.

When cannabinoids attach to these receptors, they have a variety of effects. Some research shows that CBD (a cannabinoid) may interact with specific receptors and potentially affect the sleep/wake cycle.

Additionally, CBD may also decrease anxiety and pain, which can interfere with restful sleep. By reducing certain symptoms, it’s also possible that sleep may improve, as many of these conditions can directly affect your sleep:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin conditions

CBD that is taken at least an hour before bedtime, may help give you a restful night’s sleep.

CBD and Melatonin For Sleep Problems in Veterans

But What About Melatonin & Sleep?

Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of your body’s circadian rhythms (your 24-hour internal clock) and therefore helps align your sleep patterns. It lets you know when it is time to sleep, wake up, and eat.

Melatonin also helps regulate different bodily functions such as body temperature, blood pressure, and some hormone levels. Melatonin levels start to increase in your body when it is dark outside, signalling that it’s time to sleep. Being exposed to light at night can block melatonin production, and this is one way that your body knows it is time to wake up.

Although research is not quite clear on the exact way melatonin helps you fall asleep, taking a melatonin supplement may help counter low levels and normalize your internal clock.

Combining CBD and Melatonin for Sleep

Along with the myriad of benefits of CBD alone, research has found that CBD can work synergistically with melatonin to help insomnia and sleep problems. They each work in different, yet complementary, ways to help you sleep better: while CBD works to promote relaxation and calmness to improve sleep quality, melatonin works on your sleep/wake cycle to help you fall asleep quickly.

Better yet, it is safe to use a combination of CBD and melatonin, as they are not known to interact with each other to cause side effects. However, you should follow the recommended dosages accordingly to avoid exceeding dosage levels.

Patriot Supreme understands the extreme hardships for veterans when it comes to dealing with sleeping. Veterans are known to be on “high alert” long after they return from duty, so returning to regular sleeping habits can be complicated and troublesome.

We are excited to share with you a new product. We now offer you CBD Melatonin Gummies. CBD and Melatonin for sleep problems in Veterans is a great option.

Our powerful CBD Gummies now come infused with melatonin. This helps to support normal sleep patterns. Our gummies are a great and simple (and tasty!) way to consume CBD. In fact, our gummies are gluten free, kosher, halal, and vegan.

These CBD Melatonin Gummies, of course, are THC free. You can check out our certificate of analysis right on our website that shows they are lab tested and proven 100% THC free. Each gummy contains 25mg of active CBD.

Having Sleep Problems? Talk to a Professional 

It is important to be aware of daytime drowsiness, interrupted sleep or breathing troubles at night. You do NOT need to live constantly feeling tired with subpar sleep. Not seeking help for sleep disorders and leaving them untreated can be potentially dangerous to your health or even to the safety of those around you.

If you suspect you might have a sleeping problem, talk to a therapist or a doctor. Find a specialist in sleep disorders, and even better, one who has had experience working with veterans.

The Bottom Line

If you are a veteran struggling with sleep problems, whether it be from mental health issues or physical problems, it is worth looking for some help. Melatonin is an effective supplement that can help you fall asleep. It is generally well tolerated and safe for anyone to use (always consult your doctor before using).

Check out our CBD Melatonin Gummies today to see how they can help you and improve your sleeping habits and overall health. CBD and Melatonin for sleep problems in Veterans!


Big Pharma Panics Over CBD

Big Pharma Panics Over CBD

Whenever it comes to medical CBD, it seems like there is no question about the medical benefits of CBD products anymore. Most of the people might have a question in their minds, whether Big pharma panics over CBD or not? This is mainly because of the entry and growing interest of Big pharma in the industry. 

There are multiple factors which are leading to the concept of Big pharma panics over CBD. 

Big Pharma trying to take over the industry of CBD 

Human bodies are home to multiple CBD receptors, because of which various isolated cannabis compounds used to work miraculously just like keys that can turn the receptors on. Consequently, these CBD compounds are providing a wonderful solution for numerous health problems including chronic pain. 

Due to proven effectiveness of CBD to heal various health problems and legality of CBD products in various parts of the world, Big pharma is now all-set to take over the CBD industry. 

Big pharma panics over CBD

Do Big Pharma panics over CBD?

Big pharma panics over CBD has become the main and hitting headline of the present time, because of the various notable deals Big pharma is making with CBD related businesses. Different big deals regarding development and distribution of CBD products are being closed currently. 

Beyond these specific deals, few Big Pharma companies have also registered CBD related clinical trials across the United States and Canada. Not only this, these pharmaceutical industries are also coming in front for CBD related patents too. With all of these facts, it seems like Big Pharma is trying to monopolize the CBD industry. 

Final words 

The growing confidence of people in the medical CBD is making it seem like Big pharma panics over CBD. However, in fact, Big Pharma is just making various notable deals with CBD companies to grow their reach in the CBD industry. 


CBD And Big Pharma

Can You Become Immune to CBD?

Can You Become Immune to CBD?

Have you been taking CBD or hemp for a long time, and it looks like that it has stopped working for you? So, can you become immune to CBD? Or has the CBD or hemp that you are getting low in quality. 

How can you become immune to CBD? Can you? Or not?

To understand this, you would have to understand everything about what is being immune to anything. 

CBD or hemp is like a vitamin that you would take on an everyday basis, but recently you have noticed that it has shown no recent benefits recently. Then maybe you are addicted or immune to it. 

You start to use more doses of CBD and hemp every day to make it work, but soon enough, it will wear off. 

You would be amazed by this!

You might have heard that THC, THC and CBD come from the same family tree. But THC causes tolerance, and you could get immune to THC, but CBD is different. 

Why would you get addicted to THC?

Let’s talk more about can you become immune to CBD? THC and CBD both have cannabinoid components in them that bond with your receptors. THC would bond with your receptors. The receptor that THC would click with is CB1; it is a kind of receptor that causes you to feel intoxicated. That sensation would make you want more of THC, and sooner or later, you would get used to it.

can you become immune to cbd

Why does CBD not feel like you are immune to it? 

CBD is different, and bonds differently from your receptors like THC does; it doesn’t react with CB1 to cause any kind of addiction to itself. The best part about CBD is that it reverses the immune effect. 

This means that after using it for a fair amount of time, you would feel as if you don’t need the CBD or hemp anymore; this means the immune effect has reversed on you.  

We can say that CBD wins over THC in all ways; this is why CBD or hemp is legal in several states for medicinal purposes, and marijuana or cannabis is not.  

How much CBD should you start with? 

Well, we should recommend you consult a fine doctor with your issue, they would recommend the dost accordingly.  

Final verdict. 

Can you become immune to CBD? No, it will only make you feel better in all ways. So, what are you waiting for? Get your CBD now! 

Can CBD Help with Migraines?

Can CBD Help with Migraines?

Migraine can pause your everyday actions in brutal ways; it gets depressing and anxious, and a person just wants to dig in a pillow and sleep for days. Nothing works to cure and help with migraines but can CBD help with migraines? Let’s know all about it. 

People who have migraines use several kinds of prescriptions, but did you know the type of side-effects they have? CBD or hemp is, for sure, a better r option than these drugs around.  Below are some points which will answer us how can CBD help with migraines. 


How can CBD help with migraines?

  • CBD is proven to calm your nerves, which would furthermore block the anxiety feelings, and no or less anxiety would lead to less or no migraine attacks.
  • They positively affect your cannabinoid receptors; this protein receptor is responsible for helping you deal with pain. CBD reacts with this receptor to make you feel less pain even if you are already suffering from migraines. So, can you have it even if your migraine attack has started? Yes!
  • But how does this receptor work happen? It happens through components that are present in CBD; we are talking about cannabinoids. These are active molecules that help your body in fighting with chronic pain like migraine.
  • CBD is excellent because it will also help you with other issues that come along the whole migraine package, including nausea or probably anxiety. The CBD or hemp is known to calm your receptors and nerves down.
  • It will overall relax you; you will be able to get some sleep despite the pain; if you are someone who suffers from migraine, you would know that it lasts up to 72 hours.
Can CBD Help with Migraines

What should you be careful about? 

When you are out there to buy some CBD or maybe research about it, you will come across the other side of CBD, which is TCH. Now, TCH does the same thing as CBD; the only difference is that it will make you” high” and will cause intoxication.  

THC is a component that would be found in marijuana and cannabis; this is something that would be illegal in several countries.  

If searching for something to help with your migraine and headache, then you should go for something that clearly states CBD, not THC.  

Final verdict

So, can CBD help with migraines? Plenty of research done all around the world says that it sure does! 


CBD For Migraines

Can CBD Be Used for Separation Anxiety?

Can CBD Be Used for Separation Anxiety?

Do you suffer from separation anxiety due to any painful circumstance, and have been through every protocol to get rid of it? Have you ever thought that Can CBD be used for separation anxiety for dogs and humans?  

What is separation anxiety and can CBD be used for separation anxiety? 

Separation anxiety is the fear of being alone; it’s mostly found in animals but can also be seen in some adults; it’s when a being is scared to be left alone or being separated by a loved one.  

You must have thought about why separation anxiety surfaces? There can be several reasons,  

  • Any past traumas 
  • Past experiences. 
  • Any kind of fear derived from anxiety. 
  • Overthinking. 
  • You are too attached to someone etc. 
Can CBD Be Used for Separation Anxiety

Several methods are used to cure separation anxiety but can CBD be used for separation anxiety? Let’s know about it. 

Yes! It can be used for separation anxiety. It has been proven to be excellent when it comes to stress, following are the reasons.  

  1. Hemp of CBD has been scientifically proven to release serotonin, which is a component in our body that is known to reduce anxiety at extreme levels. 
  2. CBD can make your mood wholly stable and that by reacting to our nervous system in the endocannabinoid network. 
  3. When you feel relaxed and calm, it will result in you feeling less anxious about your surroundings, which would help with the separation anxiety. 
  4. It would make you sleep soundly. Most of the time, anxiety can be driven from insomnia, and CBD would make sure that you get a full night of deep sleep. 
  5. CBD also is helping with annoying allergies and even with epilepsy; these two situations can also contribute to the birth of anxiety in the first place. 

Is CBD right for everyone? 

Yes, it’s fantastic for anyone around you, including your pet and your baby. Yes, people, some people use CBD oil for their dogs and infants because they are the ones who go through separation anxiety the most.

Final verdict:

Is someone near and dear to you facing separation anxiety, and you are wondering can CBD be used for separation anxiety?  

Don’t scatter to find answers because this read would guide you through it. 

CBD for Separation Anxiety