About Us

Patriot Supreme was born out of hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.
For better independent health for all heroes.

We Believe in Quality


Patriot Supreme is more than just CBD…

Our Story

My mom made me start Patriot Supreme…

I am a disabled veteran myself and I had been speaking with my Mom one weekend when she mentioned how she had started using CBD Oil to see if it would ease the pain and help keep her arthritic joints moving. (You can only try, right!)

Curious to see if my Mom was alone in feeling the benefits of CBD Oil, I started asking around in my company office. Many stories came from the office. Even my Accountant told me how his own Mom and her friends had been using CBD Oil to help with their health issues.

Well it seemed that if it was good enough for grandmothers in their 70s, surely I would find some benefit – not just for my military injuries but perhaps even to help navigate the stresses of running multiple successful businesses while juggling my family and sporting commitments.

Soon after me and my wife began trialing CBD Oil. I took the tincture for fast relief, and my wife chose a topical cream. We QUICKLY become converts, realising how the CBD Oil was able to help us deal with the stresses of everyday life, the chaos of managing multiple successful businesses, and easing the suffering from military injury.

After having a very positive experience, we both knew this was something that NEEDED to be at least experienced by Veterans (and their families!)

Calling upon my team of business colleagues, friends and family;

Patriot Supreme was born.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver supreme CBD products to everyday heroes. Our mission is to always provide safe high quality products to new and regular CBD consumers.

Our Vision

Our long term vision is that no family should suffer from the aftermaths of physical or psychological trauma. Our vision is that those who suffer in silence should be able to get out and do what they truly desire. Our vision and also our biggest mission is to provide not only high quality CBD products and their benefits but to create a community of giving back, a community of warmness, kindness and support. 

Our Process

All of our CBD products are produced by using American Grown Hemp that is all natural and GMO free. Our final products are lab tested for CBD and THC content, pesticides and other unwanted substances. We tripple certify our CBD products to ensure full customer safety.
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