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At What Percentage Should CBD be for Epilepsy?

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CBD is short for cannabidiol. In recent years, this substance has gained great popularity because it helps improve certain conditions in the body such as rheumatoid arthritis or seizures. On this last point, many people seek to know at what percentage should CBD  be for epilepsy, so below you will know the answer.

Does CBD help epilepsy?

Yes, CBD helps epilepsy as it can prevent some types of seizures in people and animals. Clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in seizures in people who take CBD to treat epilepsy, as well as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, or multiple sclerosis complex.

The research is still in its early stages, but there are indications that CBD may help prevent other types of seizures or increase the effectiveness of other anti-epileptic drugs.

This is really hopeful, as early trials suggest that CBD can dramatically reduce seizures in people with CDKL5 deficiency disorder, Aicardi syndrome, Doose syndrome, and Dup15q syndrome.

Furthermore, CBD appeared to retain its efficacy for the duration of the clinical trial.

Epilepsy can be a therapeutic challenge. Despite the increasing number of anti-seizure medications (ASM), approximately one-third of patients with epilepsy have persistent seizures.

At what percentage should CBD be for epilepsy?

The question of how much percentage CBD should be for epilepsy has been addressed in different studies in recent years. For example, Dr. Orrin Devinsky presented an open study with 214 patients with drug-resistant childhood epilepsy who received CBD. Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes were the most frequent causes.

At that time, an initial dose of 5 mg per day was applied, which was then increased to a maximum dose of 50 mg per day if tolerated. The median monthly motor seizure frequency was 30.0% at baseline and decreased to 15.8% during the 12-week treatment period.

In this way, it can be mentioned that a dose between 5 and 50 mg per day of CBD can help mitigate the effects of epilepsy. However, it is not advisable to assume a dose arbitrarily, but rather it must be given by a doctor or health professional. Likewise, it is not recommended to start with a high dose, but with a small one and increase it as the days go by and no unexpected effects are evident.


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