Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy?

Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy?

As hemp oil is made from the hemp plant that is related to cannabis, many people ask, does hemp oil make you sleepy? Although the answer to this question is yes, we must assure that this is nothing because of the hemp plant. Being extracted from the seeds, hemp oil doses do not have a very large amount of cannabidiol that will make you high or sleepy. 

If you are also curious about hemp oil making you sleepy, here we will tell you all about the relation between hemp oil and being sleepy.

What are the chemicals present in the hemp oil?

So, the major contents of the hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, 8 Vitamin B’s, and 21 amino acids. There is also a great amount of linoleic acid and magnesium present in the hemp oil.

How does hemp oil make you sleep better with the help of these ingredients?

All of the ingredients in the body are essential for the proper functionality of our body. If any of these gets low, the body will have difficulties in performing its functionalities like normal sleep. One of the major reasons for hemp oil making you feel sleepy is that it has omega 6 and omega 3.

The low levels of these in our body cause difficulties in sleeping. Taking hemp oil removes the deficiency of these in our body so we can sleep efficiently.

Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy

How does hemp oil bring quality sleep with its anti-anxiety properties?

Can hemp oil benefit your sleep? Yes. But how is it related to anxiety? Hemp oil is known to remove anxiety. When the brain has an imbalance of chemicals, anxiety issues are faced by us. 

These issues also make it difficult to sleep. So, when you take hemp oil, its anxiety treating properties can also make you sleepy to help you in easily sleeping. 

Hemp oil and its benefits against insomnia.

As hemp oil helps in boosting the natural melatonin levels in our body and the magnesium helps in activating over 300 different enzyme reactions in our body, the chemical imbalance in our brain gets lower. As the imbalance in the brain is getting lower, the reasons that are causing insomnia are removed. This is how hemp oil helps you obtain better quality sleep.


If you are also searching about hemp oil helping you sleep, you can find the answer to all the related questions here. Additionally, you will be glad to know all the good factors about getting quality sleep because of the hemp oil that we discussed here.

Hemp Oil Benefits Insomnia

Is Hemp Oil Good for Anxiety and Pain?

Is Hemp Oil Good for Anxiety and Pain?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and as the hemp plant is known for cannabis, hemp oil is often confused with this term. However, the cannabidiol contents of the hemp oil are extremely low. Although hemp oil has a lot of benefits for our health, most people ask, “is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain”. 

If you have similar queries then you are at the right place. It is because here we will discuss all about the hemp oil’s benefits for anxiety and pain.

The amazing benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil is being used for decades now and it is amazingly beneficial for our body. Its benefits for our skin are the reason why it is used in most of the beauty and skincare products. 

Apart from these benefits, it is also beneficial for many other internal health issues. One of them is anxiety and the other pain.

Is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain?

Although hemp oil is known for its numerous benefits for us, it is also very beneficial for our mental health, anxiety control, and pain relief. This is because of the chemical contents of the hemp oil.

Hemp oil for anxiety.

Anxiety is a state that is caused because of a chemical disorder in our brain or mental health issues. In the hemp oil, there are omega 6 and omega 3. Other than these there are 21 amino acids along with 8 Vitamin B’s. This altogether makes the hemp oil great for treating anxiety. 

It is because all of these play an important role in retaining the normal functionality of our brain.

Hemp oil for pain.

If you were looking to find out if hemp oil good for pain, you will be amazed to know how beneficial it is for treating pain. The best part is that it can be ingested or applied to the hurting areas and it will reduce pain efficiently in both the cases. 

This is because of the anti-inflammatory property of hemp oil that helps it reduce pain.

is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain

Some other benefits of hemp oil:

Looking to find out what else hemp oil is good for? You will love to know about some other benefits of consuming hemp oil. Some of them are listed below.

  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Provides hormonal balance.
  • Better for heart health.
  • Better digestion.

These were some benefits that you must know about hemp oil if you were looking to find is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain.


Most of the people are confused about whether they should use hemp oil for anxiety and pain or not. So, here we discussed some of the benefits of using hemp oil to resolve all your queries like “is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain”.

Hemp Oil for Anxiety & Pain

Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members

Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members

No cunning title needed for this blog! Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members.Great news for veterans and military members!

In July of this year, the long-standing zero tolerance for cannabis policy has been officially challenged, as the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favour and approved an amendment that would allow veterans and military members to use CBD.

The amendment states: “Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the possession, use, or consumption of such product by a member of the Armed Forces” under the condition that “such possession, use, or consumption is in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local law.”

Iraq war veteran Rep. Tulsi Gabbard enacted the amendment in response to an announcement made by the Department of Defense (DOD) earlier in 2020 forbidding CBD use by service members.

The debate over CBD usage for veterans and military members has been ongoing with strong opinions on both sides of the debate, as the DOD has been clear on their stance against any cannabis consumption, even though CBD is legal federally. Since the DOD’s announcement, different military branches have issued their own conflicting CBD policies.

The Fuss About CBD Products

The main issue has been over the fact that CBD products can contain small traces of THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the many cannabinoids that are in cannabis. THC is the principal psychoactive chemical that affects cognitive function and gives you the high. Legally, the industry standard for THC concentration in CBD products is less than 0.3% THC by weight. This means that a CBD product may, legally, be advertised as “THC free”–when they do, in fact, contain THC.

The Substances Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stated in their 2019 guidelines that since theoretically any CBD product could contain THC and it is not always clear which products do or don’t, therein lies the issue, and that is why the DOD released a blanket statement denouncing CBD use.

How to Determine THC Amount

It is important for the buyer to be aware of the above-mentioned issue and understand that many CBD products can have THC in them, even those labeled “Zero THC” or “THC free”. Determining the actual THC amount in the CBD product you are using is an important step to consider when sussing out quality, safe and effective products from the rest.

If this seems to you like false advertising since your “THC free” CBD product could actually have THC in it, we don’t blame you if it makes you wonder if there really is such a thing as 100% THC free CBD? 

Can a company guarantee that a bottle of CBD is 100% THC free?

And, that answer is: Yes!

In order to determine if a product is within the legal limit, whenever you buy CBD products, you must buy from a company that has Certificates of Analysis (COA) that you can easily and readily review. A COA is a document issued by quality assurance that confirms that a regulated product meets its product specifications. Only reputable manufacturers will have their products tested by third-party labs and clearly present the COAs for consumers to view.

The COA is the only way that a company can guarantee that their CBD products are 100% THC free. The market is flooded with hundreds of CBD companies– there is no other conclusive evidence for consumers to weed (pun intended?) through the false companies.

Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members

Congress Approves CBD Use For Military Members

Advocating for CBD in the Military

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was elected in 2013, and right from the start has made a stand for cannabis reform in Congress. In 2019, Gabbard filed the Hemp for Victory Act bill, which was a demand for study of vast array of hemp-derived applications of cannabis; from CBD treatment for veterans with PTSD to even using CBD products to help remove contaminants from nuclear sites.

The issue of CBD and cannabis products used by military members and veterans has been a controversial topic for decades, but lawmakers, senators and others are slowly changing their minds and views on CBD. Also, in 2019, Senators from California, Iowa and Hawaii introduced the Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act, a bill to encourage scientific and medical research on marijuana and its compounds, including CBD.

More Good News for Military Members

Included in the bills that went through in July was good news for military members who admitted to using marijuana in the past. If the senate approves this bill, it means that the heads of military branches would be permitted to allow military members who used marijuana to reenlist.

The measure states that, within 90 days of the enactment of the bill, the Secretary of Defense:

  1. shall prescribe regulations that permit any Secretary of a military department to grant a reenlistment waiver to a covered person if the Secretary determines that the reenlistment of that covered person is vital to the national interest.”
  1. Service members who have “admitted to or been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of a single violation… of any law of a State or the United States relating to the use or possession of cannabis” would be covered, as long as it’s a misdemeanor offense and did not occur during active duty.

CBD Use in Veterans & Military Members: the Future

Our vision for Patriot Supreme is for no veteran, military member and their family to suffer from the aftermaths of serving our country. Our vision is that veterans should not have to suffer in silence but instead live a quality, healthy life as a civilian. We believe CBD should be available for all veterans and are excited for the progressive steps our country is making in regards to CBD and are so glad  Congress approves CBD use for military members.

Keep in mind, before you buy a CBD product, do your due diligence! Every single Patriot Supreme product has the COA available for you to review. If you have any concerns, consider reaching out and asking any questions you may have. 

Getting a CBD product that has had 100% of the THC removed is possible. If your job, freedom, or livelihood is on the line, and dependent on a THC free product, then it is not worth the risk of buying a sub-par product. Quality is key when it comes to CBD.

View all our COAs for all our different CBD products for peace of mind today.

CBD Use For Military Members

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

With the growing trend of CBD consumption, questions are being asked regarding cannabidiol (CBD) and its proper usage, one of the most important of which is “Can I take CBD while Drinking?”. We shall explore whether CBD can or should be taken with alcohol.

How does it affect me when I consume CBD with alcohol?

Consumption of CBD with alcohol may have both the negatives and positives.

The Negatives

It is well understood that both CBD and alcohol have relaxing and calming properties. However, that is only the case when each of them is taken in moderation. It follows that if you mix CBD with alcohol, or consume it along with alcohol but separately, it will have a “cumulative effect”. In other words:

  • While alcohol makes you feel more relaxed, and CBD makes you calm. When taken together, their effects may add up and make you too sleepy (or drowsy).
  • There is speculation that alcohol and CBD, each may rather enhance the effects of the other, making the effects potentially problematic for others and irritating to the consumers.

The Positives

Can I take CBD while drinking? Yes, there are positives too. There are three main potential positives that can come with waking CBD with alcohol. They are as such:

  • CBD when consumed with alcohol, may help lower the levels of alcohol in blood. However, the study with this conclusion was done with higher than normally consumed levels of CBD.
  • It has been noted that CBD consumption helped control the usage of cigarettes. There is speculation that CBD may help in all kinds of addiction control.
  • CBD, when taken in various forms may protect us by alcohol-causing damages, disorders and diseases.

It should be noted, however, that there is very little suggestive evidence, and the tests have mostly been performed on animals (mainly rats). So, we cannot be conclusive about them.

can I take cbd while drinking

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

Before deciding on CBD and alcohol, we should consider two important points:

  • People have taken CBD with alcohol before without any dangerous consequences.
  • There is very little that is known about CBD, let alone consuming CBD with alcohol.

If we consider these two points, we can say that while it is not that harmful in the short-term, no study has been done to record and deduce its long-term effects. So, you definitely can. But if you should? That’s a different story.

Final Thoughts

You may take CBD while drinking if it is once a blue moon, but do not do it for long. Better safe than sorry! We hope this guide will help you get the answer of the question, “Can I take CBD while drinking?.


CBD and Alcohol

Big Pharma and CBD / Entering the CBD Chain

Big Pharma and CBD / Entering the CBD Chain

Big pharma and CBD are on a radical transformation’s verge. Because the evidence of multiple benefits of CBD particularly in the medical industry has increased the interest of Big Pharma, a global pharmaceutical industry in it. For the most part when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma, the company has watched CBD from the sidelines only because of regulatory concerns. 

However, now this sleeping giant is taking over the CBD industry intensely as more partnerships, sponsored clinical trials and patents come to fruition.

How Big Pharma is Involved in CBD?

Big Pharma is a name given to some of the largest pharmaceutical industries around the world who are being considered as influential as a group.

However, when it is about association between the two, the allowance Medical CBD has made Big Pharma to enter the CBD chain and bring up the CBD products to provide benefits to people. 

big pharma and cbd

Big Pharma and CBD: would it affect the public interest in cannabis?

While the knowledge about CBD and its medical benefits and uses continues to grow, still, clinical evidence is important for the upward trajectory of CBD.

  • However, the entry of pharmaceutical companies like Big Pharma means that the companies will come carrying an essential pile of data, which is going to be their selling proposition.
  • It is because they can say that they have data behind their products. 

However, when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma in the industry then the entry of Big Pharma in the space has the ability to accelerate the confidence and understanding of the public in cannabis.

Final thoughts:

So, it seems like the growing belief in the medical uses of cannabis and as a feasible medical treatment will mark it one of the major milestones in the industry. 

Big Pharma and CBD