CBD Is a Natural Way to Boost Your Immune System

CBD Is a Natural Way to Boost Your Immune System

CBD Is a Natural Way to Boost Your Immune System

Remedies based on cannabinoid (CBD) for many decades have attracted the attention of medics. Recent studies confirm the promising of development of this medicament. Cannabinol has long been used to effectively treat many different health issues. a positive way.

Immunity is a mechanism of opposition (liberation from lat.) of the body to any invasion of genetically foreign cells. We can say that the immune system is a shield that protects our body from invisible enemies, whose reliability we always wanted to be sure of.

The human immune system and cannabinoids

CBD has an effect on various systems of the human body, and the positive effect of these remedies on the immune system has also been proven. First of all, this concerns the positive effects of endocannabinoids – one of the key elements of CBD drugs. Despite the fact that a clear understanding of how endocannabinoids interact with the immune system does not yet exist, laboratory studies confirm the positive effect of these elements on human immunity.

In recent years, attitudes toward cannabinol in the world have begun to change quite rapidly. The use of CBD is partially permitted in most European countries.

CBD and various inflammations

Like any other organic system that regulates the functioning of the human body, immunity is also characterized by malfunctions. For this reason, the reaction of inflammation can occur in healthy people, as a result of which, the protective cells of the body will independently begin to attack the organs that they must maintain. Similar ailments cause chronic inflammation, causing severe pain and discomfort to the patient. In extreme cases, a neglected form of the disease can lead to serious injuries to the body, and even death.

In any case, the researchers associate a symptom of chronic inflammation of body tissues with many diseases, ranging from depression and nervousness to various forms of diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. At the moment, CBD remedies are used in alternative therapy of certain diseases.

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A natural way to boost your immune system


Cancer can affect each of us at some point in our lives. No one knows the exact and proven causes that lead to the onset and development of cancer, but almost any form of this disease has the same mechanism of growth and spread in the human body. Our immune system is designed to detect harmful cells and, thanks to mechanisms such as apoptosis, eliminate them, including those that can become tumors. Unfortunately, cancer cells can outwit our immune system, making it work in their favor.

Back in 2014, in the process of studying the effect of natural remedies on brain cancer cells in combination with radiation therapy, a significant decrease in tumors was noted. The ability of natural remedies to both suppress and strengthen immune function confirms the validity of the idea that the endocannabinoid system is involved in immunomodulation.


Cannabinol is a well-established palliative anti-HIV drug. But recent studies have further enhanced the role of natural remedies, suggesting that it can activate the immune system, potentially improving patient outcomes.

Cannabinol and conditions

Already, many doctors and researchers believe that natural remedies can have a powerful neuroprotective effect on the human brain. They also help restore the human brain after a stroke, concussion and injury.

Are CBD remedies really able to improve the human immune system?

Summing up all the above, we can conclude that at the moment, science has not found any negative effect on the immunosuppressive effect of CBD among healthy people with a normally functioning immune system. In order to accurately confirm a certain danger to the immune system from hemp, scientists should conduct detailed and long-term tests of this phenomenon, for which there is now neither permission nor funds.

Do not forget that the consumption of CBD based remedies to improve the immune system in all cases should be recommended by doctors. It is necessary to control yourself as often as possible in order to achieve good results when using CBD.

CBD For Your Immune System

Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry? Patients Think So

Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry? Patients Think So

Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry? Patients Think So

Are Americans over medicated? Well, according to a 2017 study, about 55 percent of Americans regularly use prescription medications. More shocking is that 53 percent of those get their medications from multiple doctors, this increases risk of negative side effects. So, is CBD healthier than the drug industry?

The arrival of CBD as a type of medication, has people thinking it may be a good solution to the issues America has with pharmaceuticals. Could CBD be better than Big Pharma?

What patients are saying about CBD

There was an in-depth survey done by a research firm called Brightfield Group involving more than 2,300 patients. The research was to compare CBD to pharmaceuticals regarding the effectiveness. About 60 percent of the patients stated that CBD was more effective that the prescribed medications they had used on a regular basis. Another 75 percent of patients stated that CBD was more effective than the remedies they tried available over the counter.

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Pharmaceutical side effects vs. CBD side effects

We all have seen commercials for pharmaceutical drugs for various different issues. What they all have in common are all the side effects related to them. Most of them actually seem worse than the condition itself.

Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry?

A good example of this is the drug Celebrex, which is prescribed to treat inflammation. Side effects such as stroke, heart attack (sometimes fatal), vomiting, bleeding from the intestines and stomach, shortness of breath, slurred speech, weakness to one side of the body, unusual sweating, abdominal pain and changes in vision.

CBD is frequently used to treat issues and has no side effects. If you suffer from something, what option would you choose? At the worst level, CBD side effects may consist of fatigue, irritability and slight nausea, a small price for relieving what ails you; not heart attacks, strokes, slurred speech or bleeding.

Pharmaceutical cost vs. CBD cost

On average Americans spend $1,200 each year for prescribed medications, sometimes much more than that, that’s more than any other developed nation worldwide.

In comparison, a years’ worth of 1000mg CBD oil would cost about $950.00 while a year’s worth of Celebrex is $2,426. The difference in cost per year is $1476.00.

CBD does not claim to fix every condition, even though CBD benefits are numerous. Most likely there will always be a need for prescribed medications, and no one is saying that every prescribed medication is bad for you. However, comparing the medical benefits of pharmaceutical medications to the medical benefits of CBD, that claim to do the same thing, clearly, the victor is just about always CBD.

Is CBD Better Than Big Pharma?

What is Hemp Oil Tincture Used For

What is Hemp Oil Tincture Used For

What is Hemp Oil Tincture Used For

Did you realize there are many ways to take hemp oil? So many different methods are being talked about throughout the market, but what is hemp oil tincture used for and what makes it so special?

We can thank CBD compound (cannabidiol) for providing the many benefits of hemp oil. It actually didn’t come to the market until 2012 after being researched thoroughly when discovered in 1940.

Hemp oil tinctures were the first products available and have remained popular in spite of all the new choices.

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Why is hemp oil tincture so popular?

  • It is formulated to turn the thick extract of hemp’s pasty consistency into a much more pleasing liquid and they are very easy to use.
  • Adding ingredients such as terpenes to hemp oil tincture is easy and enhances the overall effect.
  • Serving sizes are totally in your control. The hemp tincture’s dropper top provides flexibility you can’t find anywhere else.

What is a Hemp Oil Tincture? 

A CBD tincture is a liquid supplement that contains CBD Oil along with other carrier oils. Tinctures help make hemp oil have a better taste better as hemp is pasty and very earthy and not everyone likes it.

Unfortunately, when adding other ingredients to tinctures it waters down the CBD content. Simply said, pure hemp extract contains more CBD than tinctures.

But wait…there is good news!

Hemp oil tinctures can still have effective levels of CBD as they come in larger containers with greater serving sizes, making the CBD amount per serving on the same level with pure extract.

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Hemp Oils in Tinctures

Hemp oil tinctures can be made with different kinds of hemp extract.

The two more common ones are full spectrum and isolate.

Full spectrum is known as the whole plant, pure hemp extract that has trace mineral or vitamins, terpenes and cannabinoids. It can contain 10-80% CBD and the rest is compounds from the plant.

Isolate is made by separating the CBD compound from all else, so what is left is all CBD. The crystalline format is crushed down to make a fine powder which is easier to work with and contains 95-99% CBD.

The more common one is isolate mainly because it is less expensive, but the demand for full spectrum is better received within the CBD community.

Consider the fact that for some isolate works well, however, others don’t find it as effective as full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum provides the entourage effect which is when the various terpenes and cannabinoids work together for a more enhanced effect.

That’s why we don’t offer tinctures as an option, but wanted to educate you on all the different CBD products available. Patriot Supreme’s CBD oil is pure and contains high levels of CBD to give you the most effectiveness with 0.0% THC.  

If your choice is to use a tincture, here’s how to use it effectively…

There is a strategy you need to follow when using a tincture to achieve the best result, it’s not as clear as you may think.

Hemp oil tinctures are used under the tongue and then waiting a minute or so before swallowing. Why place it under your tongue, and then have to wait?

Well, it’s not about a precaution but rather an approach so the CBD can be absorbed into the capillaries under your tongue. This is somewhat a faster way for the CBD to get into your bloodstream. Also by placing hemp oil tincture under your tongue, it masks the taste which most people find unpleasant.  

Benefits of Hemp Oil Tinctures

Hemp oil products interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system as does CBD. This supports important functions in the peripheral and central nervous system and the brain. The endocannabinoid system is assigned to maintain balance in the body by keeping inflammation, pain sensation and stress regulated.

 Where to Buy Hemp Oil Products

You can find CBD hemp oil products in gas stations, health food stores, massage studios and many more places as well.

You do not need a medical card to buy CBD products that are made from industrial hemp oil, so buying online is a great option and they will come right to your front door.

However, when choosing CBD oil products, it is extremely important to do some research to verify the quality of the product and where it is made. Be certain to ask for third party lab testing or a COA and make sure the company uses farms within the US to source their hemp extract.

Does CBD Make You Relaxed: Easing Anxiety

Does CBD Make You Relaxed: Easing Anxiety

Does CBD Make You Relaxed: Easing Anxiety

Life can be quite stressful as we all know, whether it’s issues in relationships, work or children. If you haven’t been successful with medications for anxiety, that’s what could have brought you here; a safer, more effective alternative such as natural remedies. Due to its ability to treat various conditions CBD has been getting a lot of press lately. Many wonder how effective it really is and does CBD make you feel relaxed?. Studies have shown that yes, its reputation as a relaxant is true and without feelings of sedation. Actually, CBD is used to treat many health conditions and can take effect within minutes giving you relief when needed the most.

Does CBD Make You Relaxed?
Yes, by regenerating damaged neurons in the brain caused by an overload of stress. CBD oil may provide instant relief naturally, easing anxiety in just minutes. If you are already using anti-anxiety medication, using CBD in conjunction may even be more effective. It is always best to consult your health care provider when adding anything to you prescribed medications.

CBD’s Influence on Anxiety
Many times, those prescribed medication for promoting relaxation seems to fall short. If you are still struggling with chronic stress or anxiety, a natural product may just be what you’ve been looking for. Even with the studies and research thus far, the question, does CBD really work is still being asked.

CBD’s popularity is also due to the convincing evidence shown by studies and research that it is really effective for treating many different health conditions. Currently under way there are many trials with human participation focused on its effectiveness, who it can help and how it works. Right now we know that natural remedies are effectively used to treat the following:

  • PTSD
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • General anxiety
  • OCD

Managing Anxiety

Currently, there is accumulating evidence that explains how natural remedies work to provide relaxation and to decrease stress, by targeting over sixty-five areas of the body. Studies have shown that they stimulate neurotransmitter systems resulting in effectively fighting against anxiety.


Unfortunately, to date there is no regulation in the treatment for anxiety. The dosage seems to vary within each individual. It is recommended to start with a low dose and slowly increase it over a few days until you find that sweet spot that’s right for you.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that more long term studies are needed for CBD to clearly assess the benefits and risks. However, for those that can’t seem to find relief with other more conventional methods to treat anxiety, natural remedies could be a great alternative. So, now you know the answer to, does CBD make you feel relaxed and feel more confident to give it a try. You will discover over time that atural remedies will help to lessen feelings of stress and anxiety allowing you to be more focused on what’s important in your life.

CBD and Relaxation

Cannabis Reduces Suicidal Thoughts From PTSD

Cannabis Reduces Suicidal Thoughts From PTSD

Cannabis Reduces Suicidal Thoughts From PTSD

Study Shows, Natural RemediesReduces Suicidal Thoughts  From PTSD

A recent Canadian study found that natural remedies could help lower the risk of suicide and depression for those that suffer from PTSD. It discovered that patients with PTSD were 66 percent more likely to have suicidal thoughts and 70 percent were more likely to become depressed when not using a natural remedy as opposed to those that did.

Those that suffer from PTSD have a higher possibility to thoughts of suicide and depression. Many people that live with PTSD often use natural remedies to help their symptoms. The purpose of the study was to see whether or not the use of natural remedies would modify the connection between PTSD and the occurrence of suicidal thoughts and depression.
It is well known that because of the limited options for treating PTSD, many turn to natural remedies to treat their symptoms. However, for the first time, the results of this study have shown that there are probable benefits to treating PTSD with natural remedies.

The study provided an introduction to evidence of the method used to find the causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations that indeed the use of natural remedies could reduce PTSD symptoms. The researches went further to say that there needs to be experimental research to investigate the effectiveness of natural remedies in treating PTSD.

 The results of this study are quite promising and support other studies that have shown natural remedies to be helpful in the treatment of PTSD. However, this study does have limitations. Those that participated in the study did not disclose how often, how much or the type they used. Due to not having a double blind control group and the small amount of participants it made it difficult to come to a perfect conclusion.

In particular, there needs to be more research on how often and how much  needs to be taken to possibly have an effect in reducing symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts. It would be safer to offer medical grade managed by a nurse or doctor  rather than unregulated purchased on the street, suggested Ian Hamilton, senior lecturer at York University.

Cannabis Could Reduce Suicidal Thoughts For Those Suffering From PTSD