Patriot Supreme CBD Oil / One Simple Solution

Patriot Supreme CBD Oil / One Simple Solution

Every year an average of more than 1.5 million people are getting diagnosed with cancer, only in the USA. And the cancer patients suffer from heavy anxiety, fear, and pain. The number of cases for people with chronic pain is on the rise, and so is the anxiety triggers due to the recent pandemic. But what if all these problems had one simple solution? This is where Patriot Supreme CBD oil comes into play. 

Pain associated with numerous diseases requires you to take a high dosage of pain killers. The prescribed pain medications have numerous side effects like vomiting, nausea, tiredness, etc. And the Patriot supreme CBD oil can be the perfect alternative for all that and more. 

Unlike marijuana, the CBD oil contains no THC, the psychoactive part. SO consuming CBD oil helps you with pain management, anxiety, insomnia, and many other aspects without any sort of intoxicating effect.

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Benefits of Patriot Supreme CBD Oil 

The US-made product delivers around 85% Cannabinoid in every dose. The oil is made from totally organic sources and the quality is never compromised. Using the oil will provide benefits in, 

  1. Chronic pain
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety
  4. Insomnia
  5. Managing blood sugar level
  6. Migraine
  7. Inflammatory effect

The extract called CBD has changed the way we look at Cannabis forever. And the medicinal and therapeutic value of this ingredient is astounding. Patriot supreme utilized this ingredient with finesse and convert into a product that tones down your stress level but still keep you focused so that you can stay highly productive. 

Consumption of the product will put you back in control of your daily life, and make you feel more confident and relaxed. The Endocannabinoid system that regulates things like stress, mood, the immune response is kept in check and on top of its game with the proper consumption of CBD oil. 

So be in control of your biological system and brain activity and bid your pain and anxiety a farewell.

Patriot Supreme CBD Oil

PTSD in Veterans During COVID-19

PTSD in Veterans During COVID-19

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, and the ongoing threat of continued change on every aspect of life, has had a major impact on how mental healthcare such as PTSD in Veterans needs can be sustained. 

At a time when most are being asked to socially isolate and avoid non-essential travel, it is difficult to determine when and how regular visits to therapy and doctor visits for mental health care can be done. 

The challenge of containing the spread of the viral infection has put a major demand and harsh restrictions on all health resources, but particularly general practices and psychiatrist offices, that are likely to further limit their capacity (if even seeing patients in person at all). This considerably hinders the accessibility of mental health care for veterans. 

In this article, we’ll discuss PTSD in veterans during this tumultuous coronavirus time and how CBD can help.


Anxiety and Its Debilitating Symptoms

It is natural to worry and feel anxious about certain situations – work, family, relationships, the never-ending to-do list….

Anxiety can motivate you and can help you take on the stresses of life. For most, the feeling of anxiety does not last long, but for some, it does, and persistent worries can start to affect your day-to-day activities. If anxiety negatively affects your work, sleep, or relationships, you may need some help to control it.

Anxiety problems, although common, are uncomfortable and can hinder normal life activities. Almost one-third of adults will experience some form of distressing anxiety at some point in their lifetime.

Symptoms can include:

  • Feeling restless, jumpy, or on edge
  • Excessive worrying about everyday decisions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A racing heart or cold, clammy hands
  • Trembling or twitching
  • Having trouble catching your breath
  • Feeling dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded
  • Difficulty sleeping

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder, sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, and is common with veterans. It occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event. It is normal for the mind and body to be in shock after such an event, but this normal response becomes PTSD when your nervous system gets “stuck.”

Your nervous system has two automatic ways of responding to stressful events:

Mobilization, which is the “fight-or-flight” response. Once the danger has passed, your nervous system calms down your body and you return back to your normal state.

Immobilization occurs when you have experienced too much stress in a situation and even though the danger has passed, your nervous system cannot return your body back to its normal state and you are unable to move on from the event. This is PTSD.

The good news is that there are many effective treatment options for overcoming problems with PTSD.

PTSD in Veterans Are At A Higher Risk Level

The current situation with social distancing is that it limits the availability of face-to-face care and access to veteran’s mental health facilities due to the threat of spreading the COVID-19 infection.

However, the main concern is the impact of PTSD on the resistance to infection within veteran communities, given the known effects of traumatic stress on inflammatory responses. Evidence has indicated that anyone with PTSD, including veterans, may be more vulnerable to severe infection, in part due to the fact of medical comorbidity, which refers to the presence of one or more additional mental disorders often co-occurring with a primary condition in the same person.

CBD for Veterans Anxiety & PTSD: An Alternative

Thankfully, CBD oil for veteran’s anxiety offers a safe treatment option for people with PTSD without the side effects of traditional medication like opioids. These traditional medications can be highly addictive, and patients with PTSD may be at a higher risk of developing an addiction compared to patients without PTSD.

Although PTSD is not curable, it does NOT have to control your life. This is where CBD oil can help!

Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For PTSD

Researchers have discovered many encouraging benefits of CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disorder — especially in people that haven’t responded well to conventional therapies. Sadly, PTSD is a common mental health issue many veterans suffer from. CBD oil for veteran’s anxiety and PTSD has shown favorable results:

  • It reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression – CBD oil has a range of calming effects that can reduce anxiety, panic attacks, compulsiveness, and the long-term effects of stress.
  • It helps with insomnia – CBD oil improves not only the quality of sleep, but also the quantity of sleep. It can also help to reduce night sweats.
  • It stops the nightmares – CBD oil has shown to stop or greatly reduce flashbacks, nightmares, and the persistent memories of PTSD.
  • It prevents the formation of fear memories – CBD oil disrupts the feelings of long term fear memory processing, which reduces stress.
ptsd in veterans

Anxiety and PTSD During COVID-19 

Veterans are extremely vulnerable, and as stated above, at a higher risk level currently. However, the significance of an increased risk it poses in the current pandemic is unclear. A dismal fact is that risk-taking behaviour is common in those with PTSD and could possibly develop a fatalistic attitude to the future. So, there may be particular challenges in encouraging those suffering from PTSD to self-isolate.

For many people, having to self-isolate may increase the risk of aggressive behavour towards others.

This is why reassuring veterans that their treatment will not be interrupted, and health practitioners will remain available, may be comforting and reduce risk to themselves and family disruption.

Conclusion About Choosing CBD for PTSD

Living with PTSD can be difficult. There is no cure but there is hope!

Used with additional therapies, CBD oil can help relieve many of the symptoms related to PTSD, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and prevent nightmares and flashbacks.

Patriot Supreme CBD Oil offers a safe and effective treatment to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Don’t wait to learn more about how CBD oil can help you.

ptsd in veterans

PTSD in Veterans Benefits of CBD

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans

A tragic reality is that alcohol abuse is a common issue for veterans. Alcohol use is strongly connected with the many hardships that veterans face, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, combat exposure, and many physical health problems. Furthermore, in times like the COVID-19 pandemic, susceptibility to alcohol abuse and mental health issues can increase. Lately, we’ve been seeing an interest in the use of CBD oil for alcohol abuse in Veterans along with substance abuse skyrocket due to the pandemic.

If you watch the news, or at least try to keep up with current news and trends…you have probably noticed that more and more media attention has been focused on a substance called cannabidiol (CBD). 

There are claims that CBD can do miraculous things and that it can be used for almost every single medical issue, ranging from sore muscles to skin rashes…to the unexplained of controlling the spread of cancer. 

CBD is undergoing scrutiny that any new, different, alternative type of medicine or treatment goes under. CBD can offer amazing potential benefits, and the research available that has been done to date shows positive results.

So let’s dive in and take a closer look at the relationship between CBD and alcohol abuse.

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the many compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. 

For many people, when cannabis is mentioned, they think of marijuana, but CBD is extracted from marijuana’s cousin plant, hemp, and contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This means it is possible to receive all the health benefits from the plant, without the marijuana “high”.

CBD directly affects our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is made up of millions and millions of receptors called CB1 and CB2. These receptors help in regulating mood, inflammation, pain, and sleep. CBD stimulates the body to better use the cannabinoid receptors providing the many different health benefits. 


What Forms of CBD Can Be Taken? 

Many types of products containing CBD are available today, so there are a number of ways people can take CBD. Some of these forms include:

  • Oral – CBD is available in a growing number of pills, capsules, and gummies. 
  • Oils – This is a highly concentrated form of CBD that is designed to be used with a dropper.
  • Topical – CBD designed to be placed directly on the skin for fast acting relief.

CBD, Alcohol Use and Combat Exposure

Numerous studies have found a connection between alcohol use and PTSD in military members. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, among 48,481 active-duty United States service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, service members who were exposed to combat situations were at a higher risk for binge drinking. Additionally, those with PTSD were more likely to develop alcohol-related issues. Some veterans use alcohol as an escape from the frightening thoughts and feelings that come from PTSD, depression, or disturbing events from combat.

Identifying Alcohol Abuse In Veterans

Alcohol abuse is no respecter of persons. It can affect veterans of any age, gender or military ranking. It is important to remember that just because someone might have a drinking problem, it does not make them a bad person! Many veterans with substance abuse problems realize they have an issue and need help, finally getting the guidance, help and support they need.

It is helpful to know several different signs of drinking behaviors that veterans can exhibit:

  • Displaying physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (notably insomnia, nausea and shakiness)
  • Showing aggression, irritability and hostility towards others
  • Hiding alcoholic beverages and bottles
  • Drinking in private
  • Losing interest in hobbies or personal and professional goals
  • Putting themselves or others in harm’s way after drinking heavily

It is important to get help as soon as possible if you notice any of these types of warning signs for someone you know. A common way to approach the person is by involving family and friends, stage an intervention to show concern, talk about the worries and possible treatment options.

Around half of the men and women who return home from deployments are in need of treatment for mental health conditions. Returning to normal society after serving in combat has always been a tough hurdle for military members to overcome, and only about 50 percent of those actually seek treatment. Sadly, far too few veterans get the help they deserve.

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans


How CBD Can Help Alcoholism, Abuse & Withdrawal

CBD naturally replenishes the body’s supply of endocannabinoids, which may be depleted over the course of long-term alcohol abuse and reliance. The therapeutic effects of CBD helps keep you focused, relieve tension and can also help minimize tendencies of paranoia. 

CBD also works as an excellent neuroprotectant for an alternative treatment for recovering alcoholics. Frequent alcohol consumption can make your brain register and label alcohol as a need, and that’s how the cravings and addiction start. CBD works to calm down your brain activity, relieve the anxiety, stress and PTSD symptoms, and make it easier for the person to resist the temptation of drinking alcohol to relieve the symptoms. 

Consulting your family healthcare provider is always recommended. Organizing a plan for CBD use including correct dosage and timing of consuming dosages under the correct guidance is needed.

In many cases of alcoholism, therapy or support groups are needed to build a complete support system for a complete treatment plan. CBD also can also help alleviate symptoms that are associated with alcohol withdrawal, such as body pain, headaches, nausea, body shakes, and anxiety.

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans Who Are Struggling 

CBD is becoming a popular choice for many veterans, as more are becoming aware of the effectiveness that CBD has on their medical problems. The broad spectrum of all the natural remedies CBD offers, from relieving symptoms of PTSD and anxiety to chronic pain, is a favorable choice over the traditional remedies that can be addictive and even have side effects.

Choose a Better Future

Choosing to seek help for alcoholism is a noble and life changing decision and should not be taken lightly. Getting help for a drinking problem is an investment in yourself and your future.

Patriot Supreme is a United States veteran owned and operated company. We understand the distressing situations military members have endured, and we strive to make a better life and future for veterans.

Understanding that heroes sometimes need help, we have A Hero Program and offer a Veteran Discount. Check out the military, first responder, teacher and student discounts today!

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans

CBD and Covid-19 – Can CBD Help COVID-19 Lung Inflammation?

CBD and Covid-19 – Can CBD Help COVID-19 Lung Inflammation?

The coronavirus has continually been defined as a crisis for most countries, and even though crises can be overwhelming and life-altering, it also exposes vulnerabilities and gaps that can be seen as opportunities to adapt, innovate, learn, and most importantly, improve. As a result, there has been an increased interest in CBD and Covid-19 to treat lung problems and symptoms (mental or physical) associated with the coronavirus.

A disaster can be described as a crisis gone bad…therefore, the decisions and actions during the crisis may prevent disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact has been extensive across all aspects of society, including economy, education and, the most impacting, health.

Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has understood the seriousness and long-lasting effects of the pandemic and has recently announced a national four-year study on the impact of COVID-19 on veterans. The study will help to address critical questions about the disease.

Medicine Is Needed to Improve Lung Function and Inflammation

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise. Early on, researchers found a specific drug that was able to clear out the lungs of 90% of patients treated but produced some serious negative side effects to the pancreas, and also caused hypertriglyceridemia (high blood levels of triglycerides, the most abundant fatty molecule in most organisms). Because of this, researchers continued the search for anti-inflammatory strategies– preferably ones that are not as harsh on these already critically ill patients. 

CBD May Play a Role in Helping Lung Symptoms 

As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, and more research is being conducted, results have shown how it affects the lungs while people are sick and after recovery. Like other respiratory illnesses, COVID-19 can cause lasting lung damage.

Interestingly, researchers are starting to look for solutions in an unlikely place – the cannabis plant!

Cannabis contains several cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, CBD is the most likely possibility for treating COVID-19 related lung inflammation. 

CBD has been studied for years for its anti-inflammatory properties and it has continually shown amazing results. THC free CBD does not have the psychotropic effects typically associated with cannabis products. Previous research on CBD shows that it is safe to use and typically well-tolerated even with high doses.

Researchers are suggesting CBD for lung inflammation could quite possibly be a realistic solution, and if successful at reducing inflammation, it could be a safer alternative compared to other traditional anti-inflammation options.

More Research on CBD and COVID-19 Is Needed

No peer reviewed studies to date have been completed to show that CBD can help with COVID-19 specifically, but evidence from recent studies suggest that this is worth further investigation. Scientists are being urged to begin studies to investigate whether CBD can be used to reduce inflammation and anxiety in COVID-19 cases, as a stand-alone medicine and also as an aid with antiviral medications. But until more studies are done, we cannot say for certain that CBD reduces susceptibility to the coronavirus or may be used as antiviral medication. Direct experimentation is needed to bring us real answers.

Using CBD to Alleviate Inflammation

CBD is available without a prescription. It is already being used to treat serious medical problems such as seizures, as well as Parkinson’s, Crohn’s and other conditions where pain and/or inflammation are a major factor. This is why CBD has piqued the interest of the medical world as a significant aid to reduce inflammation for the COVID-19 lung inflammation.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a type of respiratory failure characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs, rapid breathing and the inability to sustain adequate oxygen levels to the body and brain. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing are some of the early signs of COVID-19, and ARDS is a major cause of death in patients who are critically ill for a variety of reasons, including common sepsis.

The good news is that there have been studies that have shown the calming effect of CBD and its ability to block IL-6 in other models of inflammatory disease.

CBD and Covid-19 / Why Do Researchers Believe CBD Can Help?

Firstly, the research performed to date has shown that CBD can reduce a number of pro-inflammatory cytokines (numerous different types of substances, such as interferon, interleukin, and growth factors, which are secreted by certain cells of the immune system and have an effect on other cells) including IL-6, the one reduced by other drugs being studied for COVID-19. CBD was also shown to reduce interleukin (IL)-2, IL-1α and β, interferon gamma, inducible protein-10, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, and tumor necrosis factor-α – all of which are associated with the pathology of severe cases of COVID-19. In addition to reducing these pro-inflammatory cytokines, CBD has also been shown to increase the production of interferons, a type of signaling protein that activates immune cells and prevents viruses from replicating.

Now, it’s very possible that the above information went in one ear and out the other… and that is a lot of some serious scientific information and lingo, but it is important to understand that the lung inflammation from COVID-19 is serious and urgently needs to be solved to save people’s lives. 

CBD Helps COVID-19 Anxiety

THC free CBD may be a real aid to help reduce the excessive lung inflammation that is killing many patients with COVID-19.

However, more work and more research has to be done. Clinical trials need to be completed to determine optimal dosages and timing of dosages before CBD becomes part of the treatment for COVID-19.

In the meantime, it’s important to note that CBD can still help people cope with the mental effects the coronavirus has brought onto our daily lives, and there is definitely evidence for using CBD for anxiety, PTSD and stress. The industry is seeing a consumer shift to using CBD more for these “side effects” of the coronavirus.

Patriot Supreme CBD Products

Every single one of our CBD products are 0.0% THC free and lab tested. They are triple certified and we are completely transparent with results. We share all our lab tests and certificates right on our website for you to see.

Our company is proudly owned and operated by an Air Force Veteran, and we strive to provide help to veterans and military members. CBD for veterans can give our everyday heroes the support they need to live a healthy and quality life.

Change your life today with a CBD product. Take the next step in your health and check out all our CBD products today.

CBD and COVID-19

THC Free CBD Oil for Veterans Helps Treat Skin Conditions

THC Free CBD Oil for Veterans Helps Treat Skin Conditions

Lately we’ve been getting lots of inquiries from the general public about the effectiveness of THC free CBD in helping to treat a variety of skin problems and disorders. 

If you ask people, “What is the largest organ in the human body?”, chances are they will not get the right answer.

As our body’s first line of defense against illness and infections, the skin often gets overlooked. Most people don’t know it even is an organ.

The skin is exposed to external danger more than any other part of the body, and skin conditions are therefore very common. Everyone in their life has had at least a rash or two! Sadly, some people battle lifelong autoimmune diseases such as dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, and veterans–our everyday heroes–are not exempt from these conditions.


How Does CBD Oil Help Skin Conditions?

The question is, can CBD products help with pesky or serious skin problems? Recent research from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests that it most certainly can. Encouragingly, THC free CBD oil products as part of your daily routine can alleviate many skin issues.

All skin conditions are exacerbated by inflammation. Inflammation is a vital process used by the body to protect against pathogens, disease and irritants. However, with some conditions, inflammation only makes things worse….and that is the case with skin disease.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps to regulate inflammation in the body. Since we know the positive effect cannabis has on the ECS, studies have been done to determine whether CBD oil can be used to treat and prevent skin conditions. More extensive research needs to be done, but the research to date shows results to be positive.

Skin disorders ranging from acne to dry and aging skin can be helped by CBD oil and CBD oil products. The best option for your needs depends on your particular skin condition.

Since CBD oil is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent, CBD oil for skin conditions is a great choice for both treatment and prevention.

Skin disorders ranging from acne to dry and aging skin can be helped by a THC free CBD oil and CBD oil products. The best option for your needs depends on your particular skin condition.

CBD Oil for Veterans: More Than Just Treating Inflammation

CBD’s properties are numerous. We know they are not only anti-inflammatory. Research has specifically connected the endocannabinoid system to the skin, where it regulates skin proliferation (rapid, excessive spread or increase of cells), growth, differentiation, hormone production, and more.

This means that CBD oil is useful in treating the root causes of skin conditions, not just the inflammation that comes along with the disorder. Instead of continually trying to mediate the symptoms, the condition can, ideally, finally be resolved.

CBD oil has shown to help stop the proliferation of keratinocytes, which are the types of cells that produce keratin. Overproduction of these types of cells result in psoriasis. CBD has been used for basal cell carcinoma and to kill cancer cells.

Veterans can have a wide range of skin conditions from years serving and can benefit from CBD oil that is THC free.

Using CBD for Prevention and Maintenance 

CBD oil that is THC free is gaining popularity as a preventative measure against skin disorders. It stops flare-ups (such as in eczema) from happening due to the ECS’s role in regulating functions affecting the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help prevent conditions caused by the inflammatory response.

New research is showing that CBD is surprisingly effective at killing bacteria (studies done in a petri dish), including those for many serious infections, such as staph infections and MRSA (which is very exciting news, as MRSA is drug-resistant). Studies have shown CBD to be just as effective as widely and commonly used antibiotics at killing bacteria.

Several lab studies support CBD as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant. The effect is supposed to take place through triggering of the cannabinoid receptors in our ECS. These studies are nothing new, as a study from 1998 by the National Institute of Medical Health and National Cancer Institute in Maryland, USA, started proving that CBD has neuroprotective and antioxidant effects. And again in 2000, the National Institute of Mental Health conducted a follow-up study on CBD. This study, titled “Neuroprotective Antioxidant From Marijuana”, demonstrated that CBD acts as an antioxidant.

Because of CBD’s strong antioxidants and antibacterial properties, CBD can be used to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can lead to skin cancer.

As CBD products are becoming increasingly mainstream, consumers are turning to THC free CBD products as an alternative to traditional medications.

Topical CBD Oil

The most effective way to use CBD oil for skin conditions is to apply it topically. It is absorbed easily and has no harmful side-effects. It can also be used for healthier and younger looking skin, due to its proven antioxidant properties.

If you suffer from any skin conditions, use a THC free CBD oil to relieve pain and itching, prevent further inflammation, and promote healing.

A Word Of Caution

With its increasing popularity, you need to make sure you know the level of quality of the product and from what supplier you are buying from.

If you are planning on using CBD oil for any skin problems, or even if in general, make sure you pay close attention to the product you are picking. Do extensive research into the supplier and their product before you commit to purchasing. For the past three years, the FDA has been issuing letters of warning to CBD companies for falsely advertising “CBD oil” products that contain nominal amounts of active cannabinoids, therefore duping customers.

Always talk to your doctor before purchasing and going down this relatively new path of treatment!

Types of Skin Disorders: a Short Guide

Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and in severity. They can be temporary (acute) or permanent (chronic), and the degree of pain associated with it can be from painless to extremely painful. Some cases can be minor and do not affect them, while others can be life-threatening. Some cases occur due to genetics, while others are situational.

Here is a non-all-inclusive list of some skin conditions you have most likely heard of:

Rosacea – A very common, chronic skin disease in people with fair skin. It goes through cycles of fading and relapses and may be triggered by spicy foods, alcohol, sun, or stress. Common symptoms are facial flushing, raised red bumps, facial redness, skin dryness and skin sensitivity.

Atopic Dermatitis – Also known as eczema. Typically, a rash that is on the arms and behind the knees yellow or white in appearance and scaly patches that flake off. Common symptoms in the affected areas may include redness and itchiness. Hair loss may also occur in the area of the rash.

Contact dermatitis – Refers to an allergic rash reaction caused by contact with an allergen; exposed to a foreign substance. The body releases inflammatory chemicals that can make the skin feel itchy and irritated.

Psoriasis – A Common, chronic skin condition that causes scales, and silvery, very sharply defined dry patches on the skin. It is thought to be an immune system problem. Psoriasis can be located on the scalp, elbows, knees and lower back. It can be itchy or completely asymptomatic.

Causes of Skin Disorders

A quick and simple list of commonly known causes of skin disorders include:

  • Bacteria trapped in skin pores and hair follicles
  • Fungus, parasites, or microorganisms living on the skin
  • Viruses
  • A weakened immune system
  • Contact with allergens and irritants
  • Contact with another person’s infected skin
  • Illnesses affecting the body’s systems (thyroid, immune system, kidneys)
  • Genetic factors

Lifestyle factors can also lead to the development of certain skin disorders. Some skin conditions have no known causes.


Stress has been highly researched and found to cause hormonal imbalances. Our bodies were not made to handle stress and do not cope well. Stress can trigger and aggravate skin disorders. 

Some stress-related skin problems include:

  • Acne
  • Hives
  • Vitiligo
  • Ichthyosis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea 


We all have been highly educated on the lasting damage the sun can have on our skin. But many people don’t know the damage the sun causes besides skin cancer. Many different disorders, some common and harmless while others rare or life-threatening, are caused by the sun. If you have a chronic skin condition (such as rosacea or psoriasis) it is important to know if the sun causes or worsens your skin disorder for treating it properly.

Sunlight exposure may cause or worsen these skin conditions:

  • Sunburn
  • Moles
  • Wrinkles
  • Photosensitivity
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Skin Cancers – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma

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CBD Oil for Skin COnditions