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Big Pharma and CBD/Entering the CBD Chain

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Big pharma and CBD are on a radical transformation’s verge. Because the evidence of multiple benefits of CBD particularly in the medical industry has increased the interest of Big Pharma, a global pharmaceutical industry in it. For the most part when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma, the company has watched CBD from the sidelines only because of regulatory concerns.

However, now this sleeping giant is taking over the CBD industry intensely as more partnerships, sponsored clinical trials and patents come to fruition.

How Big Pharma is Involved in CBD?

Big Pharma is a name given to some of the largest pharmaceutical industries around the world who are being considered as influential as a group.

However, when it is about association between the two, the allowance Medical CBD has made Big Pharma to enter the CBD chain and bring up the CBD products to provide benefits to people.

Big Pharma and CBD: would it affect the public interest in cannabis?

While the knowledge about CBD and its medical benefits and uses continues to grow, still, clinical evidence is important for the upward trajectory of CBD.

  • However, the entry of pharmaceutical companies like Big Pharma means that the companies will come carrying an essential pile of data, which is going to be their selling proposition.
  • It is because they can say that they have data behind their products.

However, when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma in the industry then the entry of Big Pharma in the space has the ability to accelerate the confidence and understanding of the public in cannabis.

Final thoughts:

So, it seems like the growing belief in the medical uses of cannabis and as a feasible medical managing option will mark it one of the major milestones in the industry.

Whenever it comes to medical CBD, it seems like there is no question about the medical benefits of CBD products anymore. Most of the people might have a question in their minds, whether big pharma panics over CBD or not? This is mainly because of the entry and growing interest of big pharma in the industry.

There are multiple factors which are leading to the concept of big pharma panics over CBD.

Big Pharma trying to take over the industry of CBD 

Human bodies are home to multiple CBD receptors, because of which various isolated cannabis compounds used to work miraculously just like keys that can turn the receptors on. Consequently, these CBD compounds are providing a wonderful solution for numerous health problems including chronic pain.

Due to proven effectiveness of CBD to manage various health problems and legality of CBD products in various parts of the world, Big pharma is now all-set to take over the CBD industry.

Does Big Pharma panic over CBD?

Big pharma panics over CBD has become the main and hitting headline of the present time, because of the various notable deals big pharma is making with CBD related businesses. Different big deals regarding development and distribution of CBD products are being closed currently.

Beyond these specific deals, few Big Pharma companies have also registered CBD related clinical trials across the United States and Canada. Not only this, these pharmaceutical industries are also coming in front for CBD related patents too. With all of these facts, it seems like Big Pharma is trying to monopolize the CBD industry.

Final words 

The growing confidence of people in the medical CBD is making it seem like big pharma panics over CBD. However, in fact, Big Pharma is just making various notable deals with CBD companies to grow their reach in the CBD industry.

Is CBD healthier than the drug industry?

Are Americans over medicated? Well, according to a 2017 study, about 55 percent of Americans regularly use prescription medications. More shocking is that 53 percent of those get their medications from multiple doctors, this increases risk of negative side effects. So, is CBD healthier than the drug industry?

The arrival of CBD as a type of medication, has people thinking it may be a good solution to the issues America has with pharmaceuticals. Could CBD be better than Big Pharma?

What patients are saying about CBD

There was an in-depth survey done by a research firm called Brightfield Group involving more than 2,300 patients. The research was to compare CBD to pharmaceuticals regarding the effectiveness. About 60 percent of the patients stated that CBD was more effective that the prescribed medications they had used on a regular basis. Another 75 percent of patients stated that CBD was more effective than the remedies they tried available over the counter.

Pharmaceutical side effects vs. CBD side effects

We all have seen commercials for pharmaceutical drugs for various different issues. What they all have in common are all the side effects related to them. Most of them actually seem worse than the condition itself.

Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry?

A good example of this is the drug Celebrex, which is prescribed to treat inflammation. Side effects such as stroke, heart attack (sometimes fatal), vomiting, bleeding from the intestines and stomach, shortness of breath, slurred speech, weakness to one side of the body, unusual sweating, abdominal pain and changes in vision.

CBD is frequently used to help manage issues and has no side effects. If you suffer from something, what option would you choose? At the worst level, CBD side effects may consist of fatigue, irritability and slight nausea, a small price for relieving what ails you; not heart attacks, strokes, slurred speech or bleeding.

Pharmaceutical cost vs. CBD cost

On average Americans spend $1,200 each year for prescribed medications, sometimes much more than that, that’s more than any other developed nation worldwide.

In comparison, a years’ worth of 1000mg CBD oil would cost about $950.00 while a year’s worth of Celebrex is $2,426. The difference in cost per year is $1476.00.

CBD does not claim to fix every condition, even though CBD benefits are numerous. Most likely there will always be a need for prescribed medications, and no one is saying that every prescribed medication is bad for you. However, comparing the medical benefits of pharmaceutical medications to the medical benefits of CBD, that claim to do the same thing, clearly, the victor is just about always CBD.

What Doctors Won’t Tell You About Opioids

As the war on drugs continues onward, several new fronts are being added where the battles commence. Our most severe operations now seem to come from the pharmaceutical companies where high-grade, legal opiates are used in the manufacture of prescribed medications and treatments. The problem is, and always has been, is that the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the health care industry in general, is that they are a for-profit business with only the bottom line and their shareholders to be concerned with.

It is with this vein of information under our belts that we can see the motivation behind developing such highly addictive and expensive drugs. The manufacturing, distribution and sales of these narcotics are a multi-billion dollar a year venture, with criminal cases now exposing how deep the deception and motivations run.

According to the Center for Disease Control, a federal office tasked with tracking, verifying and managing controlled substances on the US, the opioid distribution and consumption rate has kept pace with the skyrocketing increase of opioid abuse among the population. Developing a strategy that targets not only the addict but the source as well has adjusted how the public views addiction.

Though criminal in the very nature of being used, the laws are now shifting to not punish those afflicted, but rather those who supplied the drugs. In the case of opioid prescription, this most commonly is discovered to be pain-management physicians. Lately, the government has been taking legal action against the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors as well, revealing through investigation a careful and deceitfully deep conspiracy of marketing strategy to create even more addicts and therefore more sales.

Opioid Physical Afflictions

President Theodore Roosevelt once famously said, ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick,’ in response to how to accomplish your goals. His meaning was that when faced with a problem, don’t come at it with a solution that only solves the problem. Bring a solution large enough to over-power it. This is a perfect metaphor for opiate-based drugs. They are a nuclear option in most cases for the diagnosed issues at hand.

Pain can be managed in many holistic ways, but with an opioid-based medication, there was no need to worry. The issue that now arises is that the prescription invariably creates and addict of the patient, who then is prescribed further drugs to manage the addiction and wean them off. Unfortunately, this is all marketing hopefulness, and the dependence never leaves. Many can live without using opioids again, but some cannot and seek to gain it on their own when the prescriptions run out. If not in the form of pills, then in the form of other substation drugs such as heroin.

These drugs not only create a dependence in the patient, but also break down tissue and slowly degrade the heath of the patient. This calls for more medications and sales of pharmaceuticals, with an entire industry growing exponentially at the expense of the patient.

How To Break The Cycle

In response to the opioid epidemic currently grasping our communities, a wealth of social and health services has re-doubled their effort in educating the public before addiction can take hold, as well as establishing new methods of treatment. Even low-rate insurance policies now have addiction treatment as a standard coverage, allowing anyone access to a wide array of treatment centers, addiction counseling agencies and recovery facilities.

If you or a loved one are afflicted with the opioid crisis, contact your primary care physician for more information on addiction counseling and support. You can also call your insurance company directly to allow them to provide you with assistance in discovering what benefits and resources are at your disposal. The tragedy of the opioid rampage is that it lives in the shadows until it is too late, and often, this is aided by the very industry that is providing the drugs for consumption. If you need it, get help.


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