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Can CBD Be Taken With Levothyroxine?

CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical that comes from hemp and has been shown to have great benefits
in certain health conditions. However, studies are still being carried out on its effects and, above
all, the reaction it produces when combined with other medications. For example, can CBD be
taken with levothyroxine? This is a common question and below you will know the answer.

Can CBD be taken with levothyroxine?

If you don’t already know, CBD is a substance that comes from hemp, that is, a type of cannabis.
Does this mean it’s marijuana? Well it isn’t. Although they are biologically related, CBD does not
have a considerable amount of THC, the compound that produces the psychoactive reaction in
the body.

In this way, the person does not feel effects like those of marijuana, but the body is having an
interaction in its cannabinoid receptors, which benefits different health conditions such as
arthritis, pain, inflammation, decreased anxiety , among others.
It is important to keep in mind that CBD continues to be studied, so its interaction with other
medications that are being consumed is something that must be considered when starting to use

In the case of whether CBD can be taken with levothyroxine, which is a hormone replacement
for thyroid patients, studies so far show that CBD increases serum concentrations of this drug,
causing it to intensify and increase its effects.

That is why under no circumstances can both be consumed without the prior authorization of a
doctor or health specialist.

Effect of CBD with other medications

Medications used alongside CBD may or may not have effects on the body. In this way, some
medications can increase the concentrations of CBD in the blood, such as some for epilepsy,
those used to prevent rejection after an organ transplant, methadone, among others.
Studies have shown that, when combined with some sedatives, CBD can cause greater sleep in
the patient and excessive sleepiness. This must be taken into account when combining both

There are also cases in which the effect of another medication reduces the concentrations of CBD
in the body. Such is the case with Phenytoin, which is used for seizures and anxiety.

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