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Can CBD Edibles Make You Lose Your Appetite?

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The effects that CBD promotes in the human organism continue to be discovered. About these,  the benefits for epilepsy, the autistic spectrum, arthritis, sleep problems, among others, are  usually mentioned. However, little is said about can CBD edibles can make you lose your appetite, directly influencing weight loss. That is why you will know it below. 


CBD Edibles 

Before talking about how CBD edibles can make you lose your appetite, let’s start with why CBD edibles are. CBD -or cannabidiol as it is also known, as it is its scientific name- is one of the cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. 

You may already know this, but it is always important to repeat it: CBD is not like marijuana. This is because it does not contain THC, that is, the psychoactive element that ultimately causes other effects in the human body. However, it does have health benefits that allow treating different conditions. 

CBD is usually easily found in different formats such as: oils, pills and, of course, edibles. These are nothing more than a simpler way to ingest the substance, since in other presentations it has  a bitter taste that can be disliked by many. 

CBD edibles can also be referred to as CBD gummies. Basically, it is a gummy like the one we can find in the sweets and candy section of a supermarket, but with the substance inside. 

They are especially useful for those who find it difficult to take a pill or dislike the taste of the oil.  A clear case of this is children, and yes, if you did not know, CBD is totally safe for children and, in addition, highly recommended if your child has any condition on the autism spectrum, since multiple studies have shown that CBD helps to relax them and mitigate states of stress. 

Another clear case is the elderly. They have an easier time ingesting a CBD edible or gummy than a pill. These will help them with conditions such as those already mentioned above: epilepsy, arthritis, among others. 


Can CBD edibles make you lose your appetite? 

Now that you know what buying CBD gummies is all about, it’s time to talk about whether CBD edibles can curb your appetite and thereby help you lose weight. Firstly, it should be pointed out that this is not the main purpose of the substance, but this factor has been evidenced in some studies.

For example, research on animals—specifically on rats—suggested that CBD may help boost metabolism and reduce cravings. This occurs because the substance influences CB1 and CB2, receptors of the endocannabinoid system. These have an outstanding role in regulating metabolism and thus in the desire to eat. 

More reliable data on this latest study is still lacking, beginning with the basic fact that they are carried out in humans. However, they are still hopeful, since there is already a precedent of how CBD helps to lose appetite. 

But there is no doubt about something: there are testimonials from people who argue that, after starting a CBD treatment, they felt a decrease in their appetite. Others stated directly that, thanks to CBD edibles or any form of it, they not only began to eat less, but also managed to lose weight.  In this way it is possible, through these testimonials, to reach the conclusion that there is indeed a direct relationship between CBD and losing weight. 

Of course, all the edges must be mentioned, and it is important to mention that there were also contrary testimonies. That is, people who argued that after starting to ingest CBD in one of its formats they had gained weight. All this is not scientifically rigorous, but if after starting to consume CBD you increase your weight, you should consult your doctor to avoid any abnormality in your metabolism.


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