Can CBD Help with Migraines?

by | Sep 17, 2020

Migraine can pause your everyday actions in brutal ways; it gets depressing and anxious, and a person just wants to dig in a pillow and sleep for days. Nothing works to cure and help with migraines but can CBD help with migraines? Let’s know all about it. 

People who have migraines use several kinds of prescriptions, but did you know the type of side-effects they have? CBD or hemp is, for sure, a better r option than these drugs around.  Below are some points which will answer us how can CBD help with migraines. 


How can CBD help with migraines?

  • CBD is proven to calm your nerves, which would furthermore block the anxiety feelings, and no or less anxiety would lead to less or no migraine attacks.
  • They positively affect your cannabinoid receptors; this protein receptor is responsible for helping you deal with pain. CBD reacts with this receptor to make you feel less pain even if you are already suffering from migraines. So, can you have it even if your migraine attack has started? Yes!
  • But how does this receptor work happen? It happens through components that are present in CBD; we are talking about cannabinoids. These are active molecules that help your body in fighting with chronic pain like migraine.
  • CBD is excellent because it will also help you with other issues that come along the whole migraine package, including nausea or probably anxiety. The CBD or hemp is known to calm your receptors and nerves down.
  • It will overall relax you; you will be able to get some sleep despite the pain; if you are someone who suffers from migraine, you would know that it lasts up to 72 hours.
Can CBD Help with Migraines

What should you be careful about? 

When you are out there to buy some CBD or maybe research about it, you will come across the other side of CBD, which is TCH. Now, TCH does the same thing as CBD; the only difference is that it will make you” high” and will cause intoxication.  

THC is a component that would be found in marijuana and cannabis; this is something that would be illegal in several countries.  

If searching for something to help with your migraine and headache, then you should go for something that clearly states CBD, not THC.  

Final verdict

So, can CBD help with migraines? Plenty of research done all around the world says that it sure does! 


CBD For Migraines