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Can CBD Use Stop Nicotine Cravings?

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Tobacco is one of the main causes of lung cancer. In addition, according to WHO figures, smoking is responsible for 8 million deaths each year worldwide. It is also responsible for losses of close to half a trillion dollars. Can CBD Use Stop Nicotine Cravings?

On the other hand, a report by Global Tobacco Surveillance System, which collects data from 60% of the world’s population, indicates that:

In that fraction studied, there are a total of 1.3 billion active smokers, i.e., they smoke at least one cigarette a day. Moreover, of that number, 205 million had made some effort to quit smoking. 

However, the American Cancer Society claims that only about 4% of people who try to quit smoking are successful. Medications and other stimulants such as CBD are some of the alternatives to stop nicotine cravings. 

So, today we want to talk to you about CBD and how it can help you control your cravings for a cigarette. 

How does CBD help you quit smoking?

There are several advantages that cannabidiol can offer you to curb tobacco addiction. Among them we have:

  1. CBD could fight cigarette withdrawal symptoms

Like drugs, nicotine is a highly addictive substance, so quitting smoking is not so easy.

Once you decide to give up this bad habit, you will begin to feel discomfort for several days or weeks. It’s not just feeling the need to smoke another cigarette, this is accompanied by a series of symptoms that are difficult to overcome.

Such as headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, increased hunger, high and low blood pressure.

And that’s where CBD will work to your advantage.

As it can help you regulate sleep/wake period, mood, discomfort and satiety. It can also control blood pressure levels and some physical signs caused by withdrawal and promote restful sleep.

In short, it will help you to make abstinence from tobacco not so hard.

  1. Cigarettes with CBD may calm tobacco cravings

Replacing the regular cigarette for one with CBD is a good alternative to the desperate need to smoke.

First, if you choose the best, you will no longer consume nicotine. Secondly, with CBD you will avoid many of the common symptoms of quitting nicotine, such as a devastated mind and body.

So it is healthier to opt for CBD than to quit regular cigarettes abruptly.

  1. CBD can be used to relax you

CBD Use Stop Nicotine Cravings 

CBD contains anxiolytic properties that do what a regular sedative like diazepam can do.

In fact, it has been proven to reduce anxiety and is effective in combating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Meanwhile, cannabidiol will help you to be calmer and calm stress. Thus, you will be able to tolerate panic attacks, as well as depression caused by quitting smoking.

  1. CBD helps to reduce tobacco consumption

According to studies, if you consume CBD, let’s say inhaled, nicotine may not give you pleasure. The experiment was conducted with CBD and placebo inhalers in two groups.

During the experiment, smokers dependent on regular tobacco who took CBD at the same time, decreased their cigarette consumption by 40%. This is with the group that received cannabidiol. 

On the other hand, those who took the placebo did not show any difference with cigarette consumption.

 Can CBD Use Stop Nicotine Cravings? So, we can say that CBD is an adjuvant to stop those nicotine cravings. However, before using it, we recommend that you consult with a specialist. If you want to discover CBD products, you can check Patriot Supreme’s. 


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