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Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

by | Oct 6, 2020

With the growing trend of CBD consumption, questions are being asked regarding cannabidiol (CBD) and its proper usage, one of the most important of which is “Can I take CBD while Drinking?”. We shall explore whether CBD can or should be taken with alcohol.

How does it affect me when I consume CBD with alcohol?

Consumption of CBD with alcohol may have both the negatives and positives.

The Negatives

It is well understood that both CBD and alcohol have relaxing and calming properties. However, that is only the case when each of them is taken in moderation. It follows that if you mix CBD with alcohol, or consume it along with alcohol but separately, it will have a “cumulative effect”. In other words:

  • While alcohol makes you feel more relaxed, and CBD makes you calm. When taken together, their effects may add up and make you too sleepy (or drowsy).
  • There is speculation that alcohol and CBD, each may rather enhance the effects of the other, making the effects potentially problematic for others and irritating to the consumers.

The Positives

Can I take CBD while drinking? Yes, there are positives too. There are three main potential positives that can come with waking CBD with alcohol. They are as such:

  • CBD when consumed with alcohol, may help lower the levels of alcohol in blood. However, the study with this conclusion was done with higher than normally consumed levels of CBD.
  • It has been noted that CBD consumption helped control the usage of cigarettes. There is speculation that CBD may help in all kinds of managing control of addiction.
  • CBD, when taken in various forms may protect us by alcohol-causing damages, disorders and diseases.

It should be noted, however, that there is very little suggestive evidence, and the tests have mostly been performed on animals (mainly rats). So, we cannot be conclusive about them.

can I take CBD while drinking

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

Before deciding on CBD and alcohol, we should consider two important points:

  • People have taken CBD with alcohol before without any dangerous consequences.
  • There is very little that is known about CBD, let alone consuming CBD with alcohol.

If we consider these two points, we can say that while it is not that harmful in the short term, no study has been done to record and deduce its long-term effects. So, you definitely can. But if you should? That’s a different story.

Final Thoughts

You may take CBD while drinking if it is once a blue moon, but do not do it for long. Better safe than sorry! We hope this guide will help you get the answer of the question, “Can I take CBD while drinking?.


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