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Can You Become Immune to CBD?

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Have you been taking CBD or hemp for a long time, and it looks like that it has stopped working for you? So, can you become immune to CBD? Or has the CBD or hemp that you are getting low in quality.


How can you become immune to CBD? Can you? Or not?

To understand this, you would have to understand everything about what is being immune to anything.

CBD or hemp is like a vitamin that you would take on an everyday basis, but recently you have noticed that it has shown no recent benefits recently. Then maybe you are addicted or immune to it.

You start to use more doses of CBD and hemp every day to make it work, but soon enough, it will wear off.


You would be amazed by this!

You might have heard that THC, THC and CBD come from the same family tree. But THC causes tolerance, and you could get immune to THC, but CBD is different.


Why would you get addicted to THC?

Let’s talk more about can you become immune to CBD? THC and CBD both have cannabinoid components in them that bond with your receptors. THC would bond with your receptors. The receptor that THC would click with is CB1; it is a kind of receptor that causes you to feel intoxicated. That sensation would make you want more of THC, and sooner or later, you would get used to it.


Why does CBD not feel like you are immune to it?

CBD is different, and bonds differently from your receptors like THC does; it doesn’t react with CB1 to cause any kind of addiction to itself. The best part about CBD is that it reverses the immune effect.

This means that after using it for a fair amount of time, you would feel as if you don’t need the CBD or hemp anymore; this means the immune effect has reversed on you.

We can say that CBD wins over THC in all ways; this is why CBD or hemp is legal in several states for medicinal purposes, and marijuana or cannabis is not.


How much CBD should you start with?

Well, we should recommend you consult a fine doctor with your issue, they would recommend the dost accordingly.


Final verdict

Can you become immune to CBD? No, it will only make you feel better in all ways. So, what are you waiting for? Get your CBD now!


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