CBD Inflammation Covid / A Plausible Method?

CBD Inflammation Covid / A Plausible Method?

CBD Inflammation Covid

With the corona virus outbreak, researchers have been testing various drugs and methods that can help us cope with the virus and cure its symptoms. One such method is CBD, that is one of the extracts from cannabis. It has been determined that CBD may be beneficial in curing inflammation of the lungs caused by covid-19 (CBD inflammation covid). In this article we shall discuss it in detail.

How is CBD inflammation Covid a plausible method?

ARDS, which is “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome” is one of the severe symptoms of the covid-19. In this syndrome, the corona virus causes the inflammation of the lungs, which in turn may lead to severe difficulty in breathing, pain or perhaps even coughing.

What tests have been conducted?

The initial tests, as usual, were conducted on the mice. Acute respiratory distress syndrome was induced artificially in them. Afterwards, when their condition got worse and their lungs experienced damage, they were treated with cannabidiol. Surprisingly, almost all of the cases yielded favorable results. It was noted that with time the lungs were healed completely and their condition went back to normal.

What are our further prospects?

Using these results, the researchers hypothesized that similar results would yield when covid-19 patients displaying ARDS would be treated with CBD.

However, so far this no human subjects have been experimented upon. Although researchers are hopeful that the experiments of patients for covid-19 will yield positive results too, we need to wait for them to dig deeper into this matter and conduct their next phases of tests.

There are many factors that need to be considered, the scope of our reaction to CBD, the nature of inflammation by the virus, etc.

cbd inflammation covid

How is inflammation cured?

Talking about CBD inflammation Covid, Coronavirus causes cytokine production in the body which is an active agent for inflammation. CBD may play a role in reducing the rate of cytokine production, which will give the lungs of a patient enough time to recover, from the damages. As a result, the oxygen levels in the body will spike up again to ideal levels and the lung condition will get back to normal.

Less need for ventilators

With control over cytokine storms, lungs may heal at an exceptional rate and the number of people going into ventilators may also reduce significantly.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before CBD inflammation covid is not confirmed yet so people should not jump the gun to buy more CBD. Kindly wait for final, official, and approved results to use it.

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PTSD in Veterans During COVID-19

PTSD in Veterans During COVID-19

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, and the ongoing threat of continued change on every aspect of life, has had a major impact on how mental healthcare such as PTSD in Veterans needs can be sustained. 

At a time when most are being asked to socially isolate and avoid non-essential travel, it is difficult to determine when and how regular visits to therapy and doctor visits for mental health care can be done. 

The challenge of containing the spread of the viral infection has put a major demand and harsh restrictions on all health resources, but particularly general practices and psychiatrist offices, that are likely to further limit their capacity (if even seeing patients in person at all). This considerably hinders the accessibility of mental health care for veterans. 

In this article, we’ll discuss PTSD in veterans during this tumultuous coronavirus time and how CBD can help.


Anxiety and Its Debilitating Symptoms

It is natural to worry and feel anxious about certain situations – work, family, relationships, the never-ending to-do list….

Anxiety can motivate you and can help you take on the stresses of life. For most, the feeling of anxiety does not last long, but for some, it does, and persistent worries can start to affect your day-to-day activities. If anxiety negatively affects your work, sleep, or relationships, you may need some help to control it.

Anxiety problems, although common, are uncomfortable and can hinder normal life activities. Almost one-third of adults will experience some form of distressing anxiety at some point in their lifetime.

Symptoms can include:

  • Feeling restless, jumpy, or on edge
  • Excessive worrying about everyday decisions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A racing heart or cold, clammy hands
  • Trembling or twitching
  • Having trouble catching your breath
  • Feeling dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded
  • Difficulty sleeping

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder, sometimes known as shell shock or combat stress, and is common with veterans. It occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event. It is normal for the mind and body to be in shock after such an event, but this normal response becomes PTSD when your nervous system gets “stuck.”

Your nervous system has two automatic ways of responding to stressful events:

Mobilization, which is the “fight-or-flight” response. Once the danger has passed, your nervous system calms down your body and you return back to your normal state.

Immobilization occurs when you have experienced too much stress in a situation and even though the danger has passed, your nervous system cannot return your body back to its normal state and you are unable to move on from the event. This is PTSD.

The good news is that there are many effective treatment options for overcoming problems with PTSD.

PTSD in Veterans Are At A Higher Risk Level

The current situation with social distancing is that it limits the availability of face-to-face care and access to veteran’s mental health facilities due to the threat of spreading the COVID-19 infection.

However, the main concern is the impact of PTSD on the resistance to infection within veteran communities, given the known effects of traumatic stress on inflammatory responses. Evidence has indicated that anyone with PTSD, including veterans, may be more vulnerable to severe infection, in part due to the fact of medical comorbidity, which refers to the presence of one or more additional mental disorders often co-occurring with a primary condition in the same person.

CBD for Veterans Anxiety & PTSD: An Alternative

Thankfully, CBD oil for veteran’s anxiety offers a safe treatment option for people with PTSD without the side effects of traditional medication like opioids. These traditional medications can be highly addictive, and patients with PTSD may be at a higher risk of developing an addiction compared to patients without PTSD.

Although PTSD is not curable, it does NOT have to control your life. This is where CBD oil can help!

Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For PTSD

Researchers have discovered many encouraging benefits of CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms associated with the disorder — especially in people that haven’t responded well to conventional therapies. Sadly, PTSD is a common mental health issue many veterans suffer from. CBD oil for veteran’s anxiety and PTSD has shown favorable results:

  • It reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression – CBD oil has a range of calming effects that can reduce anxiety, panic attacks, compulsiveness, and the long-term effects of stress.
  • It helps with insomnia – CBD oil improves not only the quality of sleep, but also the quantity of sleep. It can also help to reduce night sweats.
  • It stops the nightmares – CBD oil has shown to stop or greatly reduce flashbacks, nightmares, and the persistent memories of PTSD.
  • It prevents the formation of fear memories – CBD oil disrupts the feelings of long term fear memory processing, which reduces stress.
ptsd in veterans

Anxiety and PTSD During COVID-19 

Veterans are extremely vulnerable, and as stated above, at a higher risk level currently. However, the significance of an increased risk it poses in the current pandemic is unclear. A dismal fact is that risk-taking behaviour is common in those with PTSD and could possibly develop a fatalistic attitude to the future. So, there may be particular challenges in encouraging those suffering from PTSD to self-isolate.

For many people, having to self-isolate may increase the risk of aggressive behavour towards others.

This is why reassuring veterans that their treatment will not be interrupted, and health practitioners will remain available, may be comforting and reduce risk to themselves and family disruption.

Conclusion About Choosing CBD for PTSD

Living with PTSD can be difficult. There is no cure but there is hope!

Used with additional therapies, CBD oil can help relieve many of the symptoms related to PTSD, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and prevent nightmares and flashbacks.

Patriot Supreme CBD Oil offers a safe and effective treatment to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Don’t wait to learn more about how CBD oil can help you.

ptsd in veterans

PTSD in Veterans Benefits of CBD

CBD and Covid-19 – Can CBD Help COVID-19 Lung Inflammation?

CBD and Covid-19 – Can CBD Help COVID-19 Lung Inflammation?

The coronavirus has continually been defined as a crisis for most countries, and even though crises can be overwhelming and life-altering, it also exposes vulnerabilities and gaps that can be seen as opportunities to adapt, innovate, learn, and most importantly, improve. As a result, there has been an increased interest in CBD and Covid-19 to treat lung problems and symptoms (mental or physical) associated with the coronavirus.

A disaster can be described as a crisis gone bad…therefore, the decisions and actions during the crisis may prevent disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact has been extensive across all aspects of society, including economy, education and, the most impacting, health.

Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has understood the seriousness and long-lasting effects of the pandemic and has recently announced a national four-year study on the impact of COVID-19 on veterans. The study will help to address critical questions about the disease.

Medicine Is Needed to Improve Lung Function and Inflammation

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise. Early on, researchers found a specific drug that was able to clear out the lungs of 90% of patients treated but produced some serious negative side effects to the pancreas, and also caused hypertriglyceridemia (high blood levels of triglycerides, the most abundant fatty molecule in most organisms). Because of this, researchers continued the search for anti-inflammatory strategies– preferably ones that are not as harsh on these already critically ill patients. 

CBD May Play a Role in Helping Lung Symptoms 

As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, and more research is being conducted, results have shown how it affects the lungs while people are sick and after recovery. Like other respiratory illnesses, COVID-19 can cause lasting lung damage.

Interestingly, researchers are starting to look for solutions in an unlikely place – the cannabis plant!

Cannabis contains several cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, CBD is the most likely possibility for treating COVID-19 related lung inflammation. 

CBD has been studied for years for its anti-inflammatory properties and it has continually shown amazing results. THC free CBD does not have the psychotropic effects typically associated with cannabis products. Previous research on CBD shows that it is safe to use and typically well-tolerated even with high doses.

Researchers are suggesting CBD for lung inflammation could quite possibly be a realistic solution, and if successful at reducing inflammation, it could be a safer alternative compared to other traditional anti-inflammation options.

More Research on CBD and COVID-19 Is Needed

No peer reviewed studies to date have been completed to show that CBD can help with COVID-19 specifically, but evidence from recent studies suggest that this is worth further investigation. Scientists are being urged to begin studies to investigate whether CBD can be used to reduce inflammation and anxiety in COVID-19 cases, as a stand-alone medicine and also as an aid with antiviral medications. But until more studies are done, we cannot say for certain that CBD reduces susceptibility to the coronavirus or may be used as antiviral medication. Direct experimentation is needed to bring us real answers.

Using CBD to Alleviate Inflammation

CBD is available without a prescription. It is already being used to treat serious medical problems such as seizures, as well as Parkinson’s, Crohn’s and other conditions where pain and/or inflammation are a major factor. This is why CBD has piqued the interest of the medical world as a significant aid to reduce inflammation for the COVID-19 lung inflammation.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a type of respiratory failure characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs, rapid breathing and the inability to sustain adequate oxygen levels to the body and brain. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing are some of the early signs of COVID-19, and ARDS is a major cause of death in patients who are critically ill for a variety of reasons, including common sepsis.

The good news is that there have been studies that have shown the calming effect of CBD and its ability to block IL-6 in other models of inflammatory disease.

CBD and Covid-19 / Why Do Researchers Believe CBD Can Help?

Firstly, the research performed to date has shown that CBD can reduce a number of pro-inflammatory cytokines (numerous different types of substances, such as interferon, interleukin, and growth factors, which are secreted by certain cells of the immune system and have an effect on other cells) including IL-6, the one reduced by other drugs being studied for COVID-19. CBD was also shown to reduce interleukin (IL)-2, IL-1α and β, interferon gamma, inducible protein-10, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, and tumor necrosis factor-α – all of which are associated with the pathology of severe cases of COVID-19. In addition to reducing these pro-inflammatory cytokines, CBD has also been shown to increase the production of interferons, a type of signaling protein that activates immune cells and prevents viruses from replicating.

Now, it’s very possible that the above information went in one ear and out the other… and that is a lot of some serious scientific information and lingo, but it is important to understand that the lung inflammation from COVID-19 is serious and urgently needs to be solved to save people’s lives. 

CBD Helps COVID-19 Anxiety

THC free CBD may be a real aid to help reduce the excessive lung inflammation that is killing many patients with COVID-19.

However, more work and more research has to be done. Clinical trials need to be completed to determine optimal dosages and timing of dosages before CBD becomes part of the treatment for COVID-19.

In the meantime, it’s important to note that CBD can still help people cope with the mental effects the coronavirus has brought onto our daily lives, and there is definitely evidence for using CBD for anxiety, PTSD and stress. The industry is seeing a consumer shift to using CBD more for these “side effects” of the coronavirus.

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Every single one of our CBD products are 0.0% THC free and lab tested. They are triple certified and we are completely transparent with results. We share all our lab tests and certificates right on our website for you to see.

Our company is proudly owned and operated by an Air Force Veteran, and we strive to provide help to veterans and military members. CBD for veterans can give our everyday heroes the support they need to live a healthy and quality life.

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CBD and COVID-19