Best THC Free CBD Oil Available

Best THC Free CBD Oil Available

THC and CBD are both drugs that originate from hemp, so naturally, most products that contain one of these probably contain the other. That being said, most people would want CBD oil without THC. In this article, we shall tell you about the best THC free CBD oil available in the market for your use.

What is 0.00% THC CBD Oil?

A CBD oil can be of two types, one that contains THC, and one that is THC free. Basically, people look for 0.00% THC CBD oils because those oils have no addictive properties, that are caused by THC. On the other hand, they have all the benefits of cannabidiol that one may look for. Benefits like relief from pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety.

Due to its growing demand, there are many companies currently manufacturing 0.00% THC CBD oils. However, deciding which is the best one can be a difficult task.

Which is the best 0.00%THC CBD Oil?

Currently, the best such type CBD oil in the market is provided by a company called Patriot Supreme. Their oils have been made from ingredients of the finest quality, yet their prices are extremely reasonable as compared to other companies providing CBD oils of even lower qualities. Their product has been sourced from GMO-free, certified organic hemp. Moreover, it has been crowned by Leafly for their content.

The strength of their THC free CBD oil is either 500mg of CBD per bottle or 1000mg CBD. They come in reasonable prices of 64.95 and $85 respectively and contain absolutely 0% of THC.

best thc free cbd oil

Additional Benefits of Patriot Supremes’ THC free CBD Oil

Patriot Supremes’ has several additional benefits that make it the best available CBD oil in the market. Some of the benefits are:

  • This organization uses some of its profits to serve war veterans and front line workers.
  • They provide a monthly subscription of 1000mg CBD oil of only $68 per month.
  • You can buy a gift bundle of 1000mg oil for just $99
  • Their CBD oils are lab tested and triple certified.

What other brands of THC free CBD oil lack?

Most other brands do have THC available in trace quantities, and the products are made using average ingredients. Despite this, their prices may skyrocket as compared to Patriot Supreme.

Final Thoughts

Patriot Supreme does not provide CBD oils in high dosages, because it has scientifically been proven that a high dose of CBD is ineffective. For the best effect, it should be taken in a medium amount.


THC Free CBD Oil

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

With the growing trend of CBD consumption, questions are being asked regarding cannabidiol (CBD) and its proper usage, one of the most important of which is “Can I take CBD while Drinking?”. We shall explore whether CBD can or should be taken with alcohol.

How does it affect me when I consume CBD with alcohol?

Consumption of CBD with alcohol may have both the negatives and positives.

The Negatives

It is well understood that both CBD and alcohol have relaxing and calming properties. However, that is only the case when each of them is taken in moderation. It follows that if you mix CBD with alcohol, or consume it along with alcohol but separately, it will have a “cumulative effect”. In other words:

  • While alcohol makes you feel more relaxed, and CBD makes you calm. When taken together, their effects may add up and make you too sleepy (or drowsy).
  • There is speculation that alcohol and CBD, each may rather enhance the effects of the other, making the effects potentially problematic for others and irritating to the consumers.

The Positives

Can I take CBD while drinking? Yes, there are positives too. There are three main potential positives that can come with waking CBD with alcohol. They are as such:

  • CBD when consumed with alcohol, may help lower the levels of alcohol in blood. However, the study with this conclusion was done with higher than normally consumed levels of CBD.
  • It has been noted that CBD consumption helped control the usage of cigarettes. There is speculation that CBD may help in all kinds of addiction control.
  • CBD, when taken in various forms may protect us by alcohol-causing damages, disorders and diseases.

It should be noted, however, that there is very little suggestive evidence, and the tests have mostly been performed on animals (mainly rats). So, we cannot be conclusive about them.

can I take cbd while drinking

Can I Take CBD While Drinking?

Before deciding on CBD and alcohol, we should consider two important points:

  • People have taken CBD with alcohol before without any dangerous consequences.
  • There is very little that is known about CBD, let alone consuming CBD with alcohol.

If we consider these two points, we can say that while it is not that harmful in the short-term, no study has been done to record and deduce its long-term effects. So, you definitely can. But if you should? That’s a different story.

Final Thoughts

You may take CBD while drinking if it is once a blue moon, but do not do it for long. Better safe than sorry! We hope this guide will help you get the answer of the question, “Can I take CBD while drinking?.


CBD and Alcohol

Big Pharma and CBD / Entering the CBD Chain

Big Pharma and CBD / Entering the CBD Chain

Big pharma and CBD are on a radical transformation’s verge. Because the evidence of multiple benefits of CBD particularly in the medical industry has increased the interest of Big Pharma, a global pharmaceutical industry in it. For the most part when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma, the company has watched CBD from the sidelines only because of regulatory concerns. 

However, now this sleeping giant is taking over the CBD industry intensely as more partnerships, sponsored clinical trials and patents come to fruition.

How Big Pharma is Involved in CBD?

Big Pharma is a name given to some of the largest pharmaceutical industries around the world who are being considered as influential as a group.

However, when it is about association between the two, the allowance Medical CBD has made Big Pharma to enter the CBD chain and bring up the CBD products to provide benefits to people. 

big pharma and cbd

Big Pharma and CBD: would it affect the public interest in cannabis?

While the knowledge about CBD and its medical benefits and uses continues to grow, still, clinical evidence is important for the upward trajectory of CBD.

  • However, the entry of pharmaceutical companies like Big Pharma means that the companies will come carrying an essential pile of data, which is going to be their selling proposition.
  • It is because they can say that they have data behind their products. 

However, when it comes to CBD and Big Pharma in the industry then the entry of Big Pharma in the space has the ability to accelerate the confidence and understanding of the public in cannabis.

Final thoughts:

So, it seems like the growing belief in the medical uses of cannabis and as a feasible medical treatment will mark it one of the major milestones in the industry. 

Big Pharma and CBD

Big Pharma Panics Over CBD

Big Pharma Panics Over CBD

Whenever it comes to medical CBD, it seems like there is no question about the medical benefits of CBD products anymore. Most of the people might have a question in their minds, whether Big pharma panics over CBD or not? This is mainly because of the entry and growing interest of Big pharma in the industry. 

There are multiple factors which are leading to the concept of Big pharma panics over CBD. 

Big Pharma trying to take over the industry of CBD 

Human bodies are home to multiple CBD receptors, because of which various isolated cannabis compounds used to work miraculously just like keys that can turn the receptors on. Consequently, these CBD compounds are providing a wonderful solution for numerous health problems including chronic pain. 

Due to proven effectiveness of CBD to heal various health problems and legality of CBD products in various parts of the world, Big pharma is now all-set to take over the CBD industry. 

Big pharma panics over CBD

Do Big Pharma panics over CBD?

Big pharma panics over CBD has become the main and hitting headline of the present time, because of the various notable deals Big pharma is making with CBD related businesses. Different big deals regarding development and distribution of CBD products are being closed currently. 

Beyond these specific deals, few Big Pharma companies have also registered CBD related clinical trials across the United States and Canada. Not only this, these pharmaceutical industries are also coming in front for CBD related patents too. With all of these facts, it seems like Big Pharma is trying to monopolize the CBD industry. 

Final words 

The growing confidence of people in the medical CBD is making it seem like Big pharma panics over CBD. However, in fact, Big Pharma is just making various notable deals with CBD companies to grow their reach in the CBD industry. 


CBD And Big Pharma

Can You Become Immune to CBD?

Can You Become Immune to CBD?

Have you been taking CBD or hemp for a long time, and it looks like that it has stopped working for you? So, can you become immune to CBD? Or has the CBD or hemp that you are getting low in quality. 

How can you become immune to CBD? Can you? Or not?

To understand this, you would have to understand everything about what is being immune to anything. 

CBD or hemp is like a vitamin that you would take on an everyday basis, but recently you have noticed that it has shown no recent benefits recently. Then maybe you are addicted or immune to it. 

You start to use more doses of CBD and hemp every day to make it work, but soon enough, it will wear off. 

You would be amazed by this!

You might have heard that THC, THC and CBD come from the same family tree. But THC causes tolerance, and you could get immune to THC, but CBD is different. 

Why would you get addicted to THC?

Let’s talk more about can you become immune to CBD? THC and CBD both have cannabinoid components in them that bond with your receptors. THC would bond with your receptors. The receptor that THC would click with is CB1; it is a kind of receptor that causes you to feel intoxicated. That sensation would make you want more of THC, and sooner or later, you would get used to it.

can you become immune to cbd

Why does CBD not feel like you are immune to it? 

CBD is different, and bonds differently from your receptors like THC does; it doesn’t react with CB1 to cause any kind of addiction to itself. The best part about CBD is that it reverses the immune effect. 

This means that after using it for a fair amount of time, you would feel as if you don’t need the CBD or hemp anymore; this means the immune effect has reversed on you.  

We can say that CBD wins over THC in all ways; this is why CBD or hemp is legal in several states for medicinal purposes, and marijuana or cannabis is not.  

How much CBD should you start with? 

Well, we should recommend you consult a fine doctor with your issue, they would recommend the dost accordingly.  

Final verdict. 

Can you become immune to CBD? No, it will only make you feel better in all ways. So, what are you waiting for? Get your CBD now! 

Can CBD Help with Migraines?

Can CBD Help with Migraines?

Migraine can pause your everyday actions in brutal ways; it gets depressing and anxious, and a person just wants to dig in a pillow and sleep for days. Nothing works to cure and help with migraines but can CBD help with migraines? Let’s know all about it. 

People who have migraines use several kinds of prescriptions, but did you know the type of side-effects they have? CBD or hemp is, for sure, a better r option than these drugs around.  Below are some points which will answer us how can CBD help with migraines. 


How can CBD help with migraines?

  • CBD is proven to calm your nerves, which would furthermore block the anxiety feelings, and no or less anxiety would lead to less or no migraine attacks.
  • They positively affect your cannabinoid receptors; this protein receptor is responsible for helping you deal with pain. CBD reacts with this receptor to make you feel less pain even if you are already suffering from migraines. So, can you have it even if your migraine attack has started? Yes!
  • But how does this receptor work happen? It happens through components that are present in CBD; we are talking about cannabinoids. These are active molecules that help your body in fighting with chronic pain like migraine.
  • CBD is excellent because it will also help you with other issues that come along the whole migraine package, including nausea or probably anxiety. The CBD or hemp is known to calm your receptors and nerves down.
  • It will overall relax you; you will be able to get some sleep despite the pain; if you are someone who suffers from migraine, you would know that it lasts up to 72 hours.
Can CBD Help with Migraines

What should you be careful about? 

When you are out there to buy some CBD or maybe research about it, you will come across the other side of CBD, which is TCH. Now, TCH does the same thing as CBD; the only difference is that it will make you” high” and will cause intoxication.  

THC is a component that would be found in marijuana and cannabis; this is something that would be illegal in several countries.  

If searching for something to help with your migraine and headache, then you should go for something that clearly states CBD, not THC.  

Final verdict

So, can CBD help with migraines? Plenty of research done all around the world says that it sure does! 


CBD For Migraines