Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy?

Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy?

As hemp oil is made from the hemp plant that is related to cannabis, many people ask, does hemp oil make you sleepy? Although the answer to this question is yes, we must assure that this is nothing because of the hemp plant. Being extracted from the seeds, hemp oil doses do not have a very large amount of cannabidiol that will make you high or sleepy. 

If you are also curious about hemp oil making you sleepy, here we will tell you all about the relation between hemp oil and being sleepy.

What are the chemicals present in the hemp oil?

So, the major contents of the hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, 8 Vitamin B’s, and 21 amino acids. There is also a great amount of linoleic acid and magnesium present in the hemp oil.

How does hemp oil make you sleep better with the help of these ingredients?

All of the ingredients in the body are essential for the proper functionality of our body. If any of these gets low, the body will have difficulties in performing its functionalities like normal sleep. One of the major reasons for hemp oil making you feel sleepy is that it has omega 6 and omega 3.

The low levels of these in our body cause difficulties in sleeping. Taking hemp oil removes the deficiency of these in our body so we can sleep efficiently.

Does Hemp Oil Make You Sleepy

How does hemp oil bring quality sleep with its anti-anxiety properties?

Can hemp oil benefit your sleep? Yes. But how is it related to anxiety? Hemp oil is known to remove anxiety. When the brain has an imbalance of chemicals, anxiety issues are faced by us. 

These issues also make it difficult to sleep. So, when you take hemp oil, its anxiety treating properties can also make you sleepy to help you in easily sleeping. 

Hemp oil and its benefits against insomnia.

As hemp oil helps in boosting the natural melatonin levels in our body and the magnesium helps in activating over 300 different enzyme reactions in our body, the chemical imbalance in our brain gets lower. As the imbalance in the brain is getting lower, the reasons that are causing insomnia are removed. This is how hemp oil helps you obtain better quality sleep.


If you are also searching about hemp oil helping you sleep, you can find the answer to all the related questions here. Additionally, you will be glad to know all the good factors about getting quality sleep because of the hemp oil that we discussed here.

Hemp Oil Benefits Insomnia

Is Hemp Oil Good for Anxiety and Pain?

Is Hemp Oil Good for Anxiety and Pain?

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and as the hemp plant is known for cannabis, hemp oil is often confused with this term. However, the cannabidiol contents of the hemp oil are extremely low. Although hemp oil has a lot of benefits for our health, most people ask, “is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain”. 

If you have similar queries then you are at the right place. It is because here we will discuss all about the hemp oil’s benefits for anxiety and pain.

The amazing benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil is being used for decades now and it is amazingly beneficial for our body. Its benefits for our skin are the reason why it is used in most of the beauty and skincare products. 

Apart from these benefits, it is also beneficial for many other internal health issues. One of them is anxiety and the other pain.

Is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain?

Although hemp oil is known for its numerous benefits for us, it is also very beneficial for our mental health, anxiety control, and pain relief. This is because of the chemical contents of the hemp oil.

Hemp oil for anxiety.

Anxiety is a state that is caused because of a chemical disorder in our brain or mental health issues. In the hemp oil, there are omega 6 and omega 3. Other than these there are 21 amino acids along with 8 Vitamin B’s. This altogether makes the hemp oil great for treating anxiety. 

It is because all of these play an important role in retaining the normal functionality of our brain.

Hemp oil for pain.

If you were looking to find out if hemp oil good for pain, you will be amazed to know how beneficial it is for treating pain. The best part is that it can be ingested or applied to the hurting areas and it will reduce pain efficiently in both the cases. 

This is because of the anti-inflammatory property of hemp oil that helps it reduce pain.

is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain

Some other benefits of hemp oil:

Looking to find out what else hemp oil is good for? You will love to know about some other benefits of consuming hemp oil. Some of them are listed below.

  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Provides hormonal balance.
  • Better for heart health.
  • Better digestion.

These were some benefits that you must know about hemp oil if you were looking to find is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain.


Most of the people are confused about whether they should use hemp oil for anxiety and pain or not. So, here we discussed some of the benefits of using hemp oil to resolve all your queries like “is hemp oil good for anxiety and pain”.

Hemp Oil for Anxiety & Pain

Hemp for Veterans / How Does It Help?

Hemp for Veterans / How Does It Help?

Hemp, CBD or CBD oil are all the names given to medical marijuana; they are most effective for people who suffer from PTSD and anxiety. Do you want to know more about hemp for veterans? Then dig in. 

What happens when soldiers come back from the battle ground? 

Even if the physical wounds are healed, the mental wouldn’t ever recover. They haunt veterans for all their life.  

More than 50% of veterans who come back start looking for help, sometimes not even profession at all, they start to find ways to relieve stress such as drugs which lead to them being homeless.  

Hemp or CBD oil has shown positive and significant results when it comes to the mental health of these fallen soldiers.  

Hemp for Veterans- What Does it Do? 

The disorders that veterans go through are much complicated to what we might feel. Hemp would help in the following ways,  

Hemp takes away chronic pain.:

Veterans get injured quite often because they are indulged in combat on the battleground after the fight is over and even after the wounds are healed. Hemp for veterans help them in a great way. 

The chronic pain that would be settled in muscles would appear after a long while after they arrive home, doctors prescribe opioids, but they have side effects. 

Hemp or CBD oil would relax your muscles and release the tension in them that would pull your pain away. 

hemp for veterans

Post traumatic stress disorder. 

The most common mental issue that veterans face is PTSD due to all the negative memories. CBD oil reacts with your receptors and increases the level in serotonin in your body.  

This would make you feel light and stress-free.  Hemp for veterans helps you with a great deal. 

Fights with fear:

It’s normal for a person to develop fear after seeing horrifying things happen in the battle area. CBD oil or hemp is useful when it comes to erasing negative memories  

After using hemp, veterans noticed that their fear of sudden noises such as fireworks get surprised and they start to feel better.  

Sleep problems:

Having so much pressure and PTSD on the mind, veterans are not able to sleep soundly or not sleep at all; hemp is said to help with sleep problems after relieving your mind from stress and negative thinking.  

Final words

Hemp is known to relieve veterans from all kinds of mental pressure. It would be safe to say that hemp or CBD oil is very crucial for every veteran.  If you are looking for hemp for veterans, you can visit  and it will provide you with best hemp available.


Hemp for Veterans

What is Hemp Oil Tincture Used For

What is Hemp Oil Tincture Used For

Did you realize there are many ways to take hemp oil? So many different methods are being talked about throughout the market, but what is hemp oil tincture used for and what makes it so special?

We can thank CBD compound (cannabidiol) for providing the many benefits of hemp oil. It actually didn’t come to the market until 2012 after being researched thoroughly when discovered in 1940.

Hemp oil tinctures were the first products available and have remained popular in spite of all the new choices.

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Why is hemp oil tincture so popular?

  • It is formulated to turn the thick extract of hemp’s pasty consistency into a much more pleasing liquid and they are very easy to use.
  • Adding ingredients such as terpenes to hemp oil tincture is easy and enhances the overall effect.
  • Serving sizes are totally in your control. The hemp tincture’s dropper top provides flexibility you can’t find anywhere else.

What is a Hemp Oil Tincture? 

A CBD tincture is a liquid supplement that contains CBD Oil along with other carrier oils. Tinctures help make hemp oil have a better taste better as hemp is pasty and very earthy and not everyone likes it.

Unfortunately, when adding other ingredients to tinctures it waters down the CBD content. Simply said, pure hemp extract contains more CBD than tinctures.

But wait…there is good news!

Hemp oil tinctures can still have effective levels of CBD as they come in larger containers with greater serving sizes, making the CBD amount per serving on the same level with pure extract.

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Hemp Oils in Tinctures

Hemp oil tinctures can be made with different kinds of hemp extract.

The two more common ones are full spectrum and isolate.

Full spectrum is known as the whole plant, pure hemp extract that has trace mineral or vitamins, terpenes and cannabinoids. It can contain 10-80% CBD and the rest is compounds from the plant.

Isolate is made by separating the CBD compound from all else, so what is left is all CBD. The crystalline format is crushed down to make a fine powder which is easier to work with and contains 95-99% CBD.

The more common one is isolate mainly because it is less expensive, but the demand for full spectrum is better received within the CBD community.

Consider the fact that for some isolate works well, however, others don’t find it as effective as full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum provides the entourage effect which is when the various terpenes and cannabinoids work together for a more enhanced effect.

That’s why we don’t offer tinctures as an option, but wanted to educate you on all the different CBD products available. Patriot Supreme’s CBD oil is pure and contains high levels of CBD to give you the most effectiveness with 0.0% THC.  

If your choice is to use a tincture, here’s how to use it effectively…

There is a strategy you need to follow when using a tincture to achieve the best result, it’s not as clear as you may think.

Hemp oil tinctures are used under the tongue and then waiting a minute or so before swallowing. Why place it under your tongue, and then have to wait?

Well, it’s not about a precaution but rather an approach so the CBD can be absorbed into the capillaries under your tongue. This is somewhat a faster way for the CBD to get into your bloodstream. Also by placing hemp oil tincture under your tongue, it masks the taste which most people find unpleasant.  

Benefits of Hemp Oil Tinctures

Hemp oil products interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system as does CBD. This supports important functions in the peripheral and central nervous system and the brain. The endocannabinoid system is assigned to maintain balance in the body by keeping inflammation, pain sensation and stress regulated.

 Where to Buy Hemp Oil Products

You can find CBD hemp oil products in gas stations, health food stores, massage studios and many more places as well.

You do not need a medical card to buy CBD products that are made from industrial hemp oil, so buying online is a great option and they will come right to your front door.

However, when choosing CBD oil products, it is extremely important to do some research to verify the quality of the product and where it is made. Be certain to ask for third party lab testing or a COA and make sure the company uses farms within the US to source their hemp extract.