Does Alcohol Affect CBD Oil/Good Idea or Not?

Does Alcohol Affect CBD Oil/Good Idea or Not?

If you haven’t already noticed, CBD is everywhere! So now the question…

“Does alcohol affect CBD oil”? Is one many are asking.

CBD has recently skyrocketed and people are now mixing CBD with just about anything, included alcohol. Some brewing companies are selling CBD infused beer and bars in LA are offering CBD cocktails. However, is it really a good plan to mix alcohol and CBD?

CBD products are sold as edibles, vape juice, and oil and now it seems alcohol as well. In case you don’t know, CBD or cannabidiol is a compound derived from the hemp plant which has relaxing effects but no psychoactive effects like marijuana that contains THC, so you will not experience that “high”.

Does Alcohol Affect CBD Oil?

According to James Giordano, professor of biochemistry and neurology at Georgetown University Medical Center, even if you do not combine CBD with alcohol in a drink, it can intermingle if you are taking them within four to eight hours of each other. So a drink with dinner and then CBD prior to bed can have a harsher effect than it would minus the alcohol.

Both CBD and alcohol can lower your inhibitions and relax you. When mixing the two the effects could last longer and be much stronger. CBD alone makes you mellow, chill and lighthearted, adding alcohol will make that even more intense. Some people will even become highly sedated. It is for that reason it is not recommended.

Patriot Supreme Pure CBD Oil

As does anything else, the more you increase doses, the more problematic it can become. You could have much more loss of motor coordination, control and inhibition. When combining the two, the more you drink you also increase your intake of CBD. The effect will be greater than just taking one or the other.

On the flip side of things, there could also be benefits to combining alcohol with CBD. Studies show that people who drank alcohol and added a capsule of CBD had lower blood alcohol levels than those that did not add CBD. However they did experience the same motor and cognitive impairments.

Also, further research showed that rodents ingested with CBD a half hour before given alcohol were less likely to have damage to the liver than those that did not take CBD; quite telling even though they were just rodents. CBD spurs damaged cells to be reduced, which in turn can counter alcohol effects.

So, in conclusion, the jury is still out regarding the effects of taking CBD along with alcohol. It is suggested that if you are going to combine the two start off with low doses of each and try each on their own to see the effects they have on you as an individual.

CBD and Alcohol

Can CBD Oil Help Me With My Migraines?

Can CBD Oil Help Me With My Migraines?

CBD Oil and Migraines

David Farrell: 

My name is David Farrell and I’m from Dallas, Texas.


David Farrell:

Really, it wasn’t necessarily directly for me, but it was more for my wife. She had been struggling with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I mean, even before I met her, and she had been on doctor medication for months and years, and it was really causing some stressful times in our lives. And just being new married after five, six years, it was kind of tough.

And so, she decided to look into some stuff, found some CBD oil online and started taking it and she saw amazing results with it. And then I kind of knew with some of my back history with some medical issues, I knew it might work for me so I started taking it.


David Farrell:

It helped her to just kind of relax and just not worry about the small stuff. She can just operate a little bit easier. It helps us in our conversations because we kind of understand what each other has been through. She’s been through a lot of anxiety and depression. I had brain surgery back in 2010. I dealt with migraine headaches from the age of three all the way to 26.

Not just any old migraine headache, but every four days, I’d have a major one for two weeks at a time. And so finally had surgery for that and dealt with all kinds of nerve issues and spine issues and things like that, and just a lot of neck pain. And so, when I started taking it, I started kind of realizing that my neck was moving… I wasn’t having so much, I guess kind of anxiety from having headaches as much and then I started having fewer and fewer headaches to where they’re fewer between them. 


David Farrell:

Yeah, we’ve tried at least five, six different brands of CBD, we’ve tried anywhere from $150, $80 bottles down to $30 $40 bottles, you know and everything in between. So, we’ve been trying quite a bit for quite some time.


David Farrell:

It really just kind of varies, some of the really inexpensive cheap ones just kind of have this dark brown, earthy taste to it, it’s not really enjoyable. Even if they advertise it as peppermint or some crazy cinnamon flavour it never really tastes like it. And then you try some that are touted like the best in the world, $180 a bottle for 30 millilitres or just like a one-ounce little bottle.



David Farrell:

It really just kind of depended on how it worked for my wife, really. I dealt with headaches for so long, from 3 to 25 that I just got used to it with time so I’m not necessarily concerned directly with me, but it’s more or less with her and how that affects her.

So, we tried one brand for a long time and it worked for a little bit then we tried a different brand and I could tell that she was kind of struggling a little bit just sleeping more and not really wanting to go out as much. And just, you can kind of tell that her behaviour changes a little bit. So, we really kind of gauge the effectiveness on how she reacts.

Patriot Supreme Pure CBD


David Farrell:

Obviously, every bottle pretty much says what the normal thing to take is. So some will say, take half the dropper, or the full dropper. And from what we’ve discovered, it really kind of depends on the person. You know, I’m not a huge person, but I’m a little bit bigger than her. So, I could probably take a little bit more, but it’s kind of a trial and error kind of thing for us.

We start with what the suggested amount is, and then we kind of see if we’re feeling kind of weird, we have weird dreams and that’s what some of the other stuff we found with some of the other brands that you take it for a couple of weeks, and all sudden you wake up in the middle of the night and you don’t know what’s going on, or you’re having some really weird dreams. And so that was some other things that just kind of let us figure out how much we need to take and what brand we really wanted to try. 


David Farrell:

For us no, not at all. I mean, I’ve had two since I started taking the CBD and I’ve never had any issues.


David Farrell:

We had a couple of CBD brands that we had tried that we really liked. And it was kind of hard to shift around. But when you kind of hear some different stories about one person getting a bottle and it’s great, and then the next bottle they get the consistency is just not there.

So, we really just kind of wanted to look around and got online and started reading a bunch of stories about other people and what they’ve taken. And Patriot Supreme screen popped up and we started looking at it.

Now I don’t have to worry about the headaches. When I get one, I don’t have to immediately go take medication, I know that I can just kind of relax for a few minutes and let the Patriot Supreme CBD oil kind of do what it’s supposed to do. And, you know, help with those kinds of situations.



David Farrell: 

Reall, anybody. You know my parents haven’t really taken it; my mom is going to start taking it. She dealt with fibromyalgia her whole life. I think it’s hard for me to remember but I was six years old so nobody really can remember their six-year-old age. But she almost died when I was six, she was really sick. And so, she’s dealt with a lot of stuff over her lifetime.

She has taken CBD oil before. And just when I spoke earlier, like the dream, she was one of those that kind of got some really kind of weird dreams… when she tried, and so if it’s good for me, and I feel comfortable recommending it to her, which I do, then that should speak pretty voluminous of the confidence in the product, because she’s dealt with a lot and I don’t want her to have any kind of issues that she would have again.

And so, if I’m willing to recommend it to my own parents, you know, my wife takes it. My wife works for a family that has a little girl that has a lot of disabilities and a lot of issues. And when she gets a little bit older, they’ll probably put her on it too because we’ve spoken so highly of it. And so, if it’s good for us, and it’s good for all medical stuff that I’ve had to deal with, my wife had to deal with and my mother has had to deal with. I think I’d recommend it to anybody. 

Our CBD was built by Veterans. For everyday heroes like you.

CBD Oil and Migraines

Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

It is common today for companies or employers to require a drug test either prior to getting hired or randomly throughout your employment or both, along with others such as law enforcement officials and pain management doctors. For some, failing a drug test can be disastrous.

That brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions regarding CBD oil; will CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

This question deserves nothing more than an honest answer given the possible consequences.

 To be completely honest, if you are not willing to accept some possibility of a positive drug test, then you shouldn’t use any CBD oil product.

With that being said, let’s clarify that and say in most instances the risk is very low. More people pass a drug test than not, even after using CBD oil for a extended period of time. But don’t we accept some risk with many other things we do daily, such as driving our car?

Why would you fail a drug test using CBD oil?

Drug tests are usually looking for the existence of THC which is the ingredient found in marijuana causing psychoactive effects along with other controlled substances. Local stores and online CBD oil products are required by law to contain less than 0.3% THC. So such small traces of THC are unlikely to be detected with a drug test.

How could I test positive with a CBD oil product with 0% THC?

Even though the product contains 0% THC there can be trace amounts remaining. This simply means the levels of THC were following the guidelines and were below the third party lab and manufacturer’s internal detection limit.

Does everyone taking the same product test the same?

This is not always the case. Everyone is different and will metabolize CBD differently, along with other factors such as duration of use, dosage and the type of drug test given.

 Are there brands that guarantee I won’t test positive?

No trustworthy CBD company will make that guarantee. If they do, ask for that guarantee in a legal binding document making them liable for any damages if you do fail. You will definitely be met with silence with that request for a reason.

Patriot Supreme CBD Oil

What happens if I test positive on an employer drug test?

It is not uncommon for positive drugs test to be misinterpreted. Things such as poppy seed pastries can cause a positive drug test, especially in those that gave never used opiates before. Such is the case for CBD oil; it can cause a positive for THC for someone that has never used marijuana before.

If this happens, you can ask for a retest. You can also explain that you are a CBD oil user and that is why you tested positive. If your healthcare provider is aware of your CBD oil use, you can ask for a doctor’s note to validate that fact.

Bringing up the fact you are a CBD oil user prior to the drug test may help the interpretation of a positive result.

Summary of Will CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Not all CBD oil users will fail a drug test. However, it does and can happen even with products containing 0% THC. If you take a CBD oil product be aware of the risks involved and make the right decision for you.

Remember, your risk level depends on numerous factors such as body chemistry, duration, dosage, drug test type and the type of product.

If you are concerned about a positive drug test but are willing to assume some risk, CBD isolate and broad  spectrum products are the better choices as they do not contain detectable levels of THC and carry a much lower risk.

CBD Oil and Drug Test

Does CBD Oil Work for Back Pain?

Larry Brooke, Phoenix Arizona

 Does CBD Oil Work for Back Pain?

What Made You Want to Try CBD?


Actually I’ve been on CBD for well over a year because of body pains, joint aches, and it actually helped me with the ability to get around.



I’ve tried several products in the last year, and I’m always looking for a better one. And I believe I found one. I’ve had back issues for 60 years and it’s definitely helped me with that, which is the nerves transported to my legs. It’s actually helped with that. I’m getting some good benefit out of it.

Patriot Supreme CBD



I originally bought some online and it was very poor quality. It was from Kentucky and had point three whatever of THC in it, which didn’t work out too well. I can tell you I was taking it when I went back to work for a company I worked for, for 40 years.

Doing a drug test it showed up on my drug test and they called me up said what are you to doing old man, I said well, using CBD oil and he said well you got a problem

So you have to be very careful what you buy there’s too many different brands of this stuff on the market and not all of them are good enough to be a product.



It makes me feel a whole lot better, that’s one issue I don’t have to worry about. You know, if you’re driving down the road you get stopped and you got THC in your system, you could have a real issue. 



I like the clarity of it, I also like the taste of it. Some of this stuff is horrible tasting. This isn’t. And in all honesty, I think it’s 1000 milligrams, seems to be a little slower than the 1500 milligrams I’m taking which makes sense. And then it will last a little bit longer than the other stuff.

I think it’s a good product, I’m using it and I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t a good product.




Our CBD was built by veterans. For everyday heroes like you.

Does CBD Oil Work for Back Pain?

Hemp Market Report Says: “I definitely recommend this product”

Hemp Market Report Says: “I definitely recommend this product”

Hemp Market Report is a website that does product reviews, news and marketplace. Recently, Hemp Market Report says: “I definitely recommend this product”.

What product are they talking about? Patriot Supreme of course, which is an American made company that is dedicated to preserving the rights and freedoms that is precious to the USA. This company was designed to help heroes, both veterans and everyday heroes, by supplying free CBD oil through their Hero Program.

Patriot Supreme Hero Program is one of a kind, as it is not limited to just one kind of hero. Rather, it honors anyone viewed as a hero by a friend or loved one. It can be anyone who has helped to improve the lives of those around them.

In the review of Patriot Supreme, Hemp Market Report talks about packaging, how simple and clean it is and how it fits perfectly within the military vibe of this company. They also make reference to Patriot Supreme’s labeling which states the contents contain 0.0% THC.

Patriot Supreme Pure CBD

Hemp Market Report Says: “I definitely recommend this product”

Hemp Market Report also goes on to talk about the texture of Patriot Supreme CBD oil and how the texture is just right and has a citrusy aftertaste. They describe the smell as musky with an orange elegance. The taste of Patriot Supreme CBD oil according to Hemp Market’s report is citrusy and an overall nice experience.

With all that being said, most important would be, is Patriot Supreme CBD oil efficient? Their user experience concluded, yes it is highly effective for many different issues.

The bottom line from Hemp Market Report…: “I definitely recommend this product”

You can read the Hemp Market Report on Patriot Supreme CBD oil in full at Hemp Market Report

"I definitely recommend this product"

Can You Live a Normal Life with Scleroderma?

Can You Live a Normal Life with Scleroderma?


My name is Alesa Gaus, I’m from Mesa, Arizona. So, I was originally given the CBD to help with a headache that I had. I wasn’t expecting anything because I’ve had headaches before. And you just kind of ride them out, but within 30 minutes, I noticed my headache had been reduced. And that was pretty shocking to me since I wasn’t expecting anything from this product as something just to try.

So, after that I continued to take it every day after that, and I have an autoimmune disorder called linear scleroderma that affects my right hand and arm. It’s an autoimmune disorder that eats away at my muscle tissue. So, part of that is, I have a lot of pain in my wrist that I deal with every single day. My doctor told me there was nothing they’d be able to do for that.


So I started taking the CBD and within two or three days I noticed…

And that was pretty shocking to me, I looked it up, I didn’t realize that, that was a benefit that you could get from the CBD. And so I realized that, that’s what was happening. And that was pretty shocking to me since I’ve been kind of given this bleak outlook at 20. That, you know, I’m going to be having all this pain for the rest of my life.

So, it’s been really amazing to not have the pain that I deal with every single day and to be able to live a pain free life again, where that’s not something I’m constantly dealing with. So, it’s been pretty amazing I have a monthly infusion that I get and the headaches are a side effect of that. And they often go into migraines that day it wasn’t a migraine, just a regular headache so I’m excited to try it for the migraines as well.

Can You Live a Normal Life with Scleroderma?


Yeah, I did the CBD, my headache, I noticed…which was pretty amazing since I wasn’t, my expectations for the CBD oil were absolutely zero.

Well, one thing I read on their website was that it’s triple certified, which to me, knowing that the product that you’re taking has actually been certified by people who can say, you know, what they are advertising that’s in it is actually in it and it’s going to do what it advertises itself to do. That’s really amazing to me, because when you’re buying a product, you want to make sure it’s at the quality they are advertising it, so knowing its triple certified definitely makes a difference.


I think it’s really amazing that Patriot Supreme gives back to veterans and those in the local community because it shows that the product isn’t just out there to make money. They also want to help those and give back to people who are experiencing pain as well in their lives from those serving in our country.



So, one of the other benefits of Patriots Supreme is that I know that if I’m drug tested, no THC is going to come up, I was hired for my job back in May, and I did have to get drug tested. And it’s nice to know that if I was taking Patriot Supreme back then I still would have passed my drug test. And I know other people are going to feel that safety and security as well knowing that if their job did drug test them, nothing’s going to come up.


So, my uncle gave me the CBD oil and my uncle and I are very close. So, I would probably trust him with anything he gave me to take. And he said, you know, try this out for your headache and I said, okay, I’ll try it, I’ll try anything once, I had zero expectations when he gave it to me.

Our CBD was built by veterans for everyday heroes like you.    


Living with Scleroderma