CBD and Veterans: How It's Making a Difference

CBD and veterans, is it making a difference in their lives? So many of our veterans suffer with PTSD, difficulty sleeping and chronic pain due to combat related situations. Typically, doctors prescribe different medications that can cause disturbing side effects and be highly addictive.

Veterans are now looking for more natural options that do not have such adverse side effects but with scientific and medical endorsement. Clinical trials along with subjective evidence regarding the effectiveness of CBD for helping veterans relieve their symptoms.

CBD began as a trendy substitute health product but now has launched into a mainstream marvel. Industry stats and clinical studies are on the rise that are supportive regarding CBD growth, in this article we are going to discover the most prevalent reasons that CBD and veterans is now making a difference in their lives.

Many veterans are struggling to adjust and acclimate upon returning from combat and stressful experiences. Typically, they relive traumatic situations, begin to experience negative changes in their moods, and thoughts and/or become irritable. Their sleep patterns and concentration could be affected. CBD helps to improve sleep patterns, manage stress, anxiety and many other benefits. This is possible because of our endocannabinoid system or ECS which is present in our bodies.

The Connection Between Veterans and CBD


PTSD and its prevalence among veterans

If you are in the military, it is quite possible that you will see combat. A mission may have exposed you to life threatening and horrific involvements. Maybe you have experienced an accident while training. These kinds of events may cause PTSD.

Veterans are more likely to experience PTSD than civilians. At some time un their life, 7% of veterans will suffer from PTSD. In the other population 6% of adults will suffer from PTSD.

When veterans are deployed, it increases the chance of PTSD. It is three times more likely among veterans that have deployed from those that have not. There are factors that come into play such as the military specialty or occupation, the war itself, the kind of enemy faced and where the war is actually fought that may contribute to PTSD.

 How CBD can potentially help alleviate PTSD symptoms

CBD and veterans, how it’s making a difference. CBD is helping to manage symptoms of PTSD. CBD with no THC helps by disrupting fear of memories, helps REM sleep and reduces anxiety. It works by indirectly interacting with CB2, serotonin receptors and dopamine.

CBD does not increase dopamine or serotonin. It is a controller that helps the body make use of chemicals that are there more proficiently or to break down chemicals slower. Scientists believe that through interaction with specific pleasure centres in the brain, particularly the area that arouses anandamide, CBD helps with dopamine and serotonin regulation and production.

Pain Management

Common physical ailments veterans suffer from

AL Amyloidosis

When amyloid proteins get deposited in organs or tissues, this condition will occur. It can affect the liver, kidneys, heart, joints and lungs. It affects veterans that have been unprotected from herbicides.


This is common for Gulf war veterans. It is a bacterial disease that can be chronic and last for several years.

Hodgkin’s Disease

Hodgkin’s is a lymphatic cancer. It can affect veterans that were subjected to herbicides.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s happens when exposed to herbicides. It is a deteriorating brain disorder that can cause stiffness, problems walking, maintaining balance and shaking.

Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI is common in veterans particularly of New Dawn, Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqui Freedom. It is usually caused by close contact to explosions.


Depression is highly treatable, yet typically goes undiagnosed. It is common for most veterans regardless of where or when they served. Symptoms can be irritability, sadness, feelings of guilt, hopelessness, difficulty concentrating and sadness.

Respiratory Cancers

There is a connection between veterans who were unprotected to herbicides and those who develop respiratory cancer. Many veterans suffer from chronic lung disease and asthma from being exposed to chemicals, dusts, and particulates. This has become very concerning as it affects military from more recent conflicts.

Studies and anecdotes about CBD’s role in pain relief


CBD is developing as a hopeful pharmaceutical agent for managing seizures, pain, anxiety and inflammation without the effects of THC. The understanding of CBD’s role in pain management is evolving. Animal studies have shown that CBD applies its pain-relieving effects by its numerous interactions and variation of the endocannabinoid, pain sensing and inflammatory systems. The endocannabinoid system interacts with our natural occurring cannabinoids. It regulates several functions in our body such as appetite, anxiety, pain perception and metabolism.

cbd and veterans

Mental Health and CBD


Other mental health challenges faced by veterans

Veterans may experience thoughts of suicide or death, have problems concentrating or revisit traumatic events. They might also drink too much, use drugs or have problems sleeping. These feelings, behaviors and thoughts are responses to problematic experiences that diminish as they change to civilian life.

CBD and Veterans:The calming effects of CBD and its potential benefits

Circumstantial reports often suggest that using CBD may provide a sense of relaxation and calmness, especially if used on a regular basis.

CBD typically focused on specific health issues and ailments and not so much on that feeling of calmness. There is however evidence available to provide a sense of how CBD does help to calm you down.

The explanation is not straight forward, it is not that simple. But here is how it is best explained. CBD balances the endocannabinoid disruptions that are causing your restlessness and upset. It fortifies the body to better handle stress moving forward.

Veterans’ Personal Stories

Mike Donnelly began hearing stories about many veterans who had many issues from 20 years of war that were taking CBD with amazing results.

So, he and his wife spent a good year doing research on CBD, how it would interact with the body and whether or not it could help veterans resolve or manage the issues they experienced.

All the veterans they spoke to that were consistently taking CBD said it greatly improved their quality of life. One veteran that lost his leg was in a really bad place mentally and he swears once he started CBD it actually saved his life.

Another veteran, Livingston, was presented with CBD, but had waited until after evacuation from Hurricane Florence to give it a try.

He was hit hard with depression and it was scary. He also endured symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and ADHD along with his depression.

Five to ten minutes after taking CBD for the first time, he realized all of those issues were just simply gone. He felt completely normal. He described it as a calm, peaceful feeling that over took him completely.

He now takes it at the start and end of his day. It says it completely changed his life. Within four months he has not had any bouts of anxiety, PTSD or anxiety and also says his ADHD has subsided significantly.

“I took it. And about 5-10 minutes later, we’re talking, and we’re looking at each other. And we just stop talking, and I say, ‘It’s gone.’ And she said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘It’s gone. I feel completely normal.’ The best way I can describe it is a peace, just a peace. Calm,” Livingston explained.

Justin’s Story

Because Justin found out his mom was taking CBD for her fibromyalgia and how much it helped her, he decided to give it a try himself for his anxiety, pain and depression from his military career. It worked so well for him…

Patriot Supreme was born out of hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow

Our story started with our founder, Justin Elenburg, a disabled veteran who held a strong belief in the seemingly impossible: that every veteran could feel free to live the life they desire. Following Justin’s vision, we have helped thousands of Everyday Heroes find hope, let go of pain, and discover inner strength on their journeys to a better, healthier future.



CBD could possibly help veterans that are experiencing difficulties trying to adjust living with stressful events. It also shows great potential to improve sleep patterns, reducing anxiety, stress and symptoms of PTSD.

Before VA clinicians can recommend a treatment, it is required to prove it is effective through controlled, randomized trials. More and more studies are underway such as two that are funded Colorado. The state health board held back to legalize marijuana for PTSD due to the lack of key studies.

Right now, there is not sufficient scientific evidence to state that marijuana can help PTSD. However, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania is leading the Colorado funded studies. He states that they will get much closer to knowing the answer within a couple of years.