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Post: CBD Dosage for Children with Autism

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Recent studies continue to give good results on the positive effect that CBD has on the autistic condition in children, dolescents and adults. In such a case, one of the first queries that parents ask is what is the CBD dosage for children with autism that they should give their little ones.

CBD for Children with Autism

As scientific studies continue, more families are learning about CBD oil and how it can reduce stress for people on the autism spectrum, decrease aggression, self-injurious behaviors, and anxiety surrounding their social interactions.
Since CBD oil is derived from hemp and contains only trace amounts of psychoactive THC, the child will not feel any “stoned” effects after using the oil, unlike patients using THC-containing medical marijuana.

Some children with autism benefit from the use of CBD oil to stop anxiety, relieving not only stress but also aggression, self-injurious behaviors, and problems with social interactions.

Second, CBD oil can help children with concurrent seizures. Of course, each child’s experience is unique, but parents report positive benefits of CBD oil for autism and epilepsy. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it is the option that most parents prefer for their children.

Many children with epilepsy find the same relief from their symptoms as traditional anti-anxiety and anti-seizure medications with the added bonus of fewer side effects. Researchers are still working to identify how CBD oil can help with anxiety in autism, but for many families, anecdotal
evidence is enough for now.

What is the Dosage of CBD for Children with Autism?

Before mentioning the recommended dose for children with autism, it is important to answer the question that many parents ask: is it even legal to give a substance that comes from cannabis to their children? The answer is that as long as the CBD has less than 0.3 THC, it is legal. This of course could vary according to each country.

The correct dose of CBD for children with autism must be provided by the professional doctor who assigns their treatment to the child. However, this is usually 5 to 10 mg when ingested in gummies infused with the substance.

However, the most used format even in children is CBD oil. In this case, a dose of less than 500 mg should be taken into account and a good way to supply it is in drops that are diluted in juice.

The benefits for autism and epilepsy

Scientists believe that autism shares a strong link with epilepsy. According to recent studies reported by the American Epilepsy Society (AES), 30% of children diagnosed with autism also have epilepsy.

According to scientists, these seizures may be the result of differences in brain development, which can cause cells and neurons to act abnormally.
The anti-seizure properties of CBD oil are believed to help people with seizures and epilepsy.

Can CBD Oil Help With Aggression Caused By Autism?

Ever since parents began using CBD oil to help alleviate aggression in their children caused by autism, the anecdotal evidence has been overwhelmingly positive. Some parents report that their children, who used to be unattainable during fits of rage, have shown great improvement;
other parents report a decrease in cases of physical violence.

In 2010, psychiatrist Lester Grinspoo urged doctors to take this anecdotal evidence seriously and onduct more medical research into the effects of CBD oil on aggression.

Many researchers focus on the question of what causes autism aggression instead of directing research efforts toward finding ways to manage the aggression that many children with autism and their families face on a daily basis.

CBD oil for anger and aggression is an option for many families who have previously tried medications traditionally used to help children with autism deal with strong emotions. As more research on medical marijuana, CBD oil, and autism is completed, scientists will have a better idea of how CBD interacts with the brain of a child with autism and why it is so effective.


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