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CBD for Arthritis Pain​


CBD for arthritis pain? But what exactly is CBD and how would it help arthritis pain? CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. CBD typically is extracted from hemp, a variation of cannabis containing only up to 0.0% of THC.

Will CBD Work for Arthritis?

Studies in animals have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, however, the studies haven’t been completely confirmed in humans. By means of personal accounts, some people have reported an obvious relief from their arthritis pain, reduction of anxiety and better sleep.

 Is it Safe to Use CBD?

Although research continues, so far it appears that CBD is safe and no adverse side effects have been reported with moderate doses. It is important to check with your health care provider or pharmacist, as CBD may interact with certain medications.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD products that are a derivative of hemp are not any longer under federal controlled substances act considered a Scheduled 1 drug. Changes continue on both state and federal levels that will eventually make it clear regarding the regulations and laws about CBD products and sales. Right now, they are commonly available online and in pretty much every state.

Should you Try CBD?

There are not enough clinical studies on CBD for arthritis, therefore doctors are not clearly able to determine who would benefit from it, what the proper dosage would be and what form would be most effective. However, they do agree on many points:

  • Not a substitute for disease altering treatment for inflammatory arthritis.
  • If you are contemplating using CBD speak to your health care provider that treats you for arthritis prior to trying CBD products. They will be able to review what has and has not worked in the past, how to give it a trial run, what the other options may be, what to look out for and when to return to evaluate the results.
  • Higher quality, pure CBD can cost more than cheaper CBD products, particularly if used for a longer period of time. Before wasting your money, be certain that the CBD product has a positive effect on relieving your symptoms.

 What Kind of CBD Products Works Best?

There are good points and bad points for each form of CBD. You can use CBD topically, orally or inhale it.

CBD orally: CBD capsules, liquid or food form gets absorbed through your digestive tract. This is slow and getting the right dose can be tricky because of the delay of digesting the product.

Once you determine the right dose, capsules can be a good choice. Experts feel that the dosage for CBD edibles such as cookies and gummies are less reliable.

CBD oil under the tongue can work in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

CBD topicals: such as balms and lotions that are applied directly to the skin in the affected area are uncertain if the CBD penetrates below the skin surface.

Inhaling CBD: You can inhale CBD by vaping using a pen, vape or vaporizing. These methods may have risks that are currently unknown, especially for those with inflammatory arthritis.

cbd for arthritis pain

What is the Correct Dosage for CBD?

As of now, there are not any recognized clinical guidelines. Experts in the medical field in consult with the Arthritis Foundation do suggest the following:

If decided to take a liquid form of CBD, it’s important to know that there are two measures of dosage to consider. Frist, the amount of the liquid, meaning the dosage, and second, how much CBD is in each dose.

Start low and take it slow. Begin with the lowest dose and increase slowly from there until you reach the desired effect. You can safely do that a couple times a day as needed. Increase after a week by small measures if the relieve is inadequate. To maintain the desired relief, continue that same dose a couple times a day to keep the level stable in the blood.

If taking CBD by itself does not work for you, consider taking a low dose of a THC product if it is legal in your state. Just know that even small doses of THC can give you that high feeling, possibly giving you motor, cognitive and balance issues.

After a few weeks, if the combination of CBD and THC doesn’t work for you, or CBD alone, you may want to reconsider taking it.

Buying CBD Online

You may have good reason to be careful when buying CBD online. Not all CBD is created equal. Typically, CBD is not regulated in the US market. Tests have shown that mislabeling and low-quality CBD products have been discovered. Also, you should definitely buy from a reputable company, such as Patriot Supreme, whose products have been tested in their purity and is as they claim, true in their labeling, triple tested, pure CBD with no THC. A reputable company will provide COAs on all their products and list the ingredients as well. Be aware of false claims such as cures for illnesses and diseases.

CBD products do show promising benefits for the relieve of arthritis pain. Researchers believe that CBD affects receptors in the immune system and the brain, therefore it may reduce pain and inflammation.

Right now, there are still some restrictions regarding research and the use of cannabis, so the evidence in humans is limited. It is however, becoming legalized in many more states and regions and gaining momentum, giving way to promising results.


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