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CBD for Gut Health: How This Influential Oil Affects Your GI Tract

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Is CBD good for gut health? Good question! By now many of us have read about all the benefits to using CBD. Not so sure about it being good for your gut? Do you even realize everything that happens in your GI system? It’s more than just digesting food, which is why it is vitally important to take care of it to remain healthy. CBD for the gut could be a great way to achieve that.

One of the most common problems around the world today are people having digestive problems. If the problems are severe, they can cause other substantial health problems. Maintaining a healthy digestive system increases the likelihood of having a healthier life.

There is a collection of fungi, trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are balanced inside your body, referred to as the microbiome. Part of its job is the absorption of nutrients and the digestion of food. It has additional jobs as well such as regulating physiological and cognitive processes, which includes the immune system and to produce the huge majority of neurotransmitters that are used by the body.

Everything will work as it’s supposed to as long as this collection of microbes remains in balance. If there is an imbalance it may lead to substantial health issues. That’s why CBD for gut health undertakes an important role.

Poor gut health can cause heart disease. This can happen because the heart won’t be able to increase levels of HDL cholesterol. Arteries can harden from the result, which puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease.

The bad bacteria can also lead to obesity. Which can then lead to stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. There is one study that showed that a healthy gut did in fact prevent coronary heart disease.

Did you know that gut health has an influence over your mental health? The vagus nerve communicates information from your brain to your gut and the other way around. As long as the bacteria in your gut stays balanced, your gut can then decrease anxiety and depression.

Again, you can see how CBD for gut health can be effective.

ECS System

We all have an endocannabinoid system which regulates and has influence to several functions of the body such as pain, memory, digestion, brain function, immunity, sleep and pain. It works by adhering to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptors are found mostly in the nervous system and the brain, whereas CB2 receptors are found in the small and large intestine and your immune system.

Thoroughly, your ECS system sustains balance in your body, resulting in ideal health. Just another reason CBD for gut health is so important.

Benefits of CBD for Gut Health

The existence of cannabinoid receptors comes to mind when we think about all the benefits of CBD for gut health. The existence of these receptors is beneficial to your health because they keep everything balanced. When they are imbalanced it can affect every part of your body from your mood to your immune system. CBD could fix the imbalances in your gut, providing you better overall health.

cbd for gut health

There are two influences that cause CBD for gut health to come about:


Regardless of what negatives things are happening in your gut, make no mistake that inflammation has a role. If any part of your digestive system has inflammation, there are several things that can happen. You will not absorb nutrients and that could result in malnutrition, and diarrhea could result in fatigue and dehydration.

Research and studies have shown that CBD can help reduce inflammation anywhere in your body. As for your gut, CBD can help decrease the capsaicin receptor from being to sensitive.

Improving the Immune Process

CBD for gut health may improve the immune processes that start in the gut. Through research, it proves that there is a major interaction regarding the immune system and the gut. A large part of your immune system exists in your gut.

Your immune system can become hyperactive, causing large amounts of inflammation when your gut is imbalanced. CBD reduces the hyperactive immune response. Not only does that reduce inflammation but will also improve how your immune system handles allergens and toxins.

Reduces Stress

Another great benefit of CBD for gut health is reducing stress. Remember the communication between the brain and the gut that goes both ways? Because of that constant communication it makes CBD an amazing benefit. When you’re stressed, it can alter contraction and movement of the gut. That is what causes inflammation and puts you at a higher risk for a decreased immune system and infections.

CBD for Gut Health Conclusion

So many benefits from CBD for better gut health and your entire GI system. It helps digestion and improves absorption of essential nutrients. Also, it strengthens the wall of your gut and helps boost the function of your immune system and lower levels of inflammation.

It helps to lessen mental health problems and balances all the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi found in your GI system. CBD provides decreased stress, helping those suffering from allergic fungal sinusitis in a major way.

Those that suffer from Chron’s disease can also be helped using CBD as it may reduce the symptoms associated with it. By reducing the stress in the gut, CBD may lower levels of inflammation, relieving pain and inflammation typically related to IBS.

Your naturally occurring endocannabinoid system can affect every aspect of your health. CBD works to balance the functioning of it.


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