CBD Inflammation Covid / A Plausible Method?

by | Sep 10, 2020

CBD Inflammation Covid

With the corona virus outbreak, researchers have been testing various drugs and methods that can help us cope with the virus and cure its symptoms. One such method is CBD, that is one of the extracts from cannabis. It has been determined that CBD may be beneficial in curing inflammation of the lungs caused by covid-19 (CBD inflammation covid). In this article we shall discuss it in detail.

How is CBD inflammation Covid a plausible method?

ARDS, which is “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome” is one of the severe symptoms of the covid-19. In this syndrome, the corona virus causes the inflammation of the lungs, which in turn may lead to severe difficulty in breathing, pain or perhaps even coughing.

What tests have been conducted?

The initial tests, as usual, were conducted on the mice. Acute respiratory distress syndrome was induced artificially in them. Afterwards, when their condition got worse and their lungs experienced damage, they were treated with cannabidiol. Surprisingly, almost all of the cases yielded favorable results. It was noted that with time the lungs were healed completely and their condition went back to normal.

What are our further prospects?

Using these results, the researchers hypothesized that similar results would yield when covid-19 patients displaying ARDS would be treated with CBD.

However, so far this no human subjects have been experimented upon. Although researchers are hopeful that the experiments of patients for covid-19 will yield positive results too, we need to wait for them to dig deeper into this matter and conduct their next phases of tests.

There are many factors that need to be considered, the scope of our reaction to CBD, the nature of inflammation by the virus, etc.

cbd inflammation covid

How is inflammation cured?

Talking about CBD inflammation Covid, Coronavirus causes cytokine production in the body which is an active agent for inflammation. CBD may play a role in reducing the rate of cytokine production, which will give the lungs of a patient enough time to recover, from the damages. As a result, the oxygen levels in the body will spike up again to ideal levels and the lung condition will get back to normal.

Less need for ventilators

With control over cytokine storms, lungs may heal at an exceptional rate and the number of people going into ventilators may also reduce significantly.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before CBD inflammation covid is not confirmed yet so people should not jump the gun to buy more CBD. Kindly wait for final, official, and approved results to use it.

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