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CBD Journey – A Guide to Get Started

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If your CBD journey is just beginning, it can be somewhat confusing on how to get started. The choices alone can be overwhelming, not to mention the terminology. We hope that after reading this article, it will help you get an easier start to your CBD journey.

There are no guarantees that CBD oil will work for you, and finding the correct dosage and brand could take some experimenting. However, educated yourself increases the chances of success in less amount of time.

First Step: Deciding on the Type of CBD oil

For those that need CBD oil for conditions such as chronic pain or cancer, you will likely need CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant as it contains higher levels of THC. For this you will need a certification for medical marijuana.

If you are going to try CBD oil from CBD derived CBD your next decision is whether to use broad spectrum, full spectrum or CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD contains small amounts of THC, up to the legal limit of 0.3 percent. Broad spectrum CBD contain other terpenes and cannabinoids along with CBD but have no traces of THC. CBD isolate are derived from pure CBD which means they do not contain any other terpenes or cannabinoids

Second Step: CBD oil consumption

There are several options regarding types of products. The most popular being sublingual drops which are placed under the tongue. The next popular type especially for managing anxiety and migraines is vapor oil as it reaches the blood stream much faster.

Some other product types are topical salves and creams, gummies and capsules. Consumption choice is different for everyone, it is really personal preference.

Third Step: Choosing a company online

If you are going to ask ten people to give their opinion about the better brand of CBD oil, you are most likely going to get ten different responses. CBD products online are available from thousands of companies. But, are do they all have high quality products and good customer service? Clearly, NO!

Buying CBD online; some do’s and don’ts

  • Do buy only from companies able to provide third party lab reports.
  • Do not purchase from companies simply based on social media recommendations
  • Do read reviews and do your own research prior to selecting a CBD brand
  • Do think about purchasing a sample size of CBD oil prior to committing to a bigger purchase.
  • Do see if there are coupons for the brand you want to try

Fourth Step: Finding your right dosage

So you finally made your product type decision, now it is time to begin taking it. Finding the right dosage for you individually cannot be expressed enough. Taking too little will provide no results and taking too much can cause side effects.

The basic rule on dosage is start out with less. Start with a low dose and increase slowly from there until you get the results you were looking for.



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