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CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans 


A tragic reality is that alcohol abuse is a common issue for veterans. Alcohol use is strongly connected with the many hardships that veterans face, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, combat exposure, and many physical health problems. Furthermore, in times like the COVID-19 pandemic, susceptibility to alcohol abuse and mental health issues can increase. Lately, we’ve been seeing an interest in the use of CBD oil for alcohol abuse in Veterans along with substance abuse skyrocket due to the pandemic.

If you watch the news, or at least try to keep up with current news and trends…you have probably noticed that more and more media attention has been focused on a substance called cannabidiol (CBD). 

There are claims that CBD can do miraculous things and that it can be used for almost every single medical issue, ranging from sore muscles to skin rashes…to the unexplained of controlling the spread of cancer. 

CBD is undergoing scrutiny that any new, different, alternative type of medicine or treatment goes under. CBD may offer amazing potential benefits, and the research available that has been done to date shows positive results.

So let’s dive in and take a closer look at the relationship between CBD and alcohol abuse.

What Is CBD?

CBD is one of the many compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. 

For many people, when cannabis is mentioned, they think of marijuana, but CBD is extracted from marijuana’s cousin plant, CBD, and contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This means it is possible to receive all the health benefits from the plant, without the marijuana “high”.

CBD directly affects our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is made up of millions and millions of receptors called CB1 and CB2. These receptors help in regulating mood, inflammation, pain, and sleep. CBD stimulates the body to better use the cannabinoid receptors providing the many different health benefits. 


What Forms of CBD Can Be Taken? 

Many types of products containing CBD are available today, so there are a number of ways people can take CBD. Some of these forms include:

  • Oral – CBD is available in a growing number of pills, capsules, and gummies. 
  • Oils – This is a highly concentrated form of CBD that is designed to be used with a dropper.
  • Topical – CBD designed to be placed directly on the skin for fast acting management.

CBD, Alcohol Use and Combat Exposure

Numerous studies have found a connection between alcohol use and PTSD in military members. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, among 48,481 active-duty United States service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, service members who were exposed to combat situations were at a higher risk for binge drinking. Additionally, those with PTSD were more likely to develop alcohol-related issues. Some veterans use alcohol as an escape from the frightening thoughts and feelings that come from PTSD, depression, or disturbing events from combat.

Identifying Alcohol Abuse In Veterans

Alcohol abuse is no respecter of persons. It can affect veterans of any age, gender or military ranking. It is important to remember that just because someone might have a drinking problem, it does not make them a bad person! Many veterans with substance abuse problems realize they have an issue and need help, finally getting the guidance, help and support they need.

It is helpful to know several different signs of drinking behaviors that veterans can exhibit:

  • Displaying physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (notably insomnia, nausea and shakiness)
  • Showing aggression, irritability and hostility towards others
  • Hiding alcoholic beverages and bottles
  • Drinking in private
  • Losing interest in hobbies or personal and professional goals
  • Putting themselves or others in harm’s way after drinking heavily

It is important to get help as soon as possible if you notice any of these types of warning signs for someone you know. A common way to approach the person is by involving family and friends, stage an intervention to show concern, talk about the worries and possible treatment options.

Around half of the men and women who return home from deployments are in need of treatment for mental health conditions. Returning to normal society after serving in combat has always been a tough hurdle for military members to overcome, and only about 50 percent of those actually seek treatment. Sadly, far too few veterans get the help they deserve.

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans

How CBD Can Help Alcoholism, Abuse & Withdrawal

CBD naturally replenishes the body’s supply of endocannabinoids, which may be depleted over the course of long-term alcohol abuse and reliance. The therapeutic effects of CBD helps keep you focused, manages tension and can also help manage tendencies of paranoia. 

CBD also works as an excellent neuroprotectant for an alternative management for recovering alcoholics. Frequent alcohol consumption can make your brain register and label alcohol as a need, and that’s how the cravings and addiction start. CBD works to calm down your brain activity, manage anxiety, stress and PTSD symptoms, and make it easier for the person to resist the temptation of drinking alcohol to relieve the symptoms. 

Consulting your family healthcare provider is always recommended. Organizing a plan for CBD use including correct dosage and timing of consuming dosages under the correct guidance is needed.

In many cases of alcoholism, therapy or support groups are needed to build a complete support system for a complete treatment plan. CBD may also help manage symptoms that are associated with alcohol withdrawal, such as body pain, headaches, nausea, body shakes, and anxiety.

CBD Oil for Alcohol Abuse in Veterans Who Are Struggling 

CBD is becoming a popular choice for many veterans, as more are becoming aware of the effectiveness that CBD has on their medical problems. The broad spectrum of all the natural remedies CBD offers.

Choose a Better Future

Choosing to seek help for alcoholism is a noble and life changing decision and should not be taken lightly. Getting help for a drinking problem is an investment in yourself and your future.

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