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CBD Oil – How Long Does it Take to Work?

by | Nov 19, 2019

We’ve talked about CBD oil benefits, side effects and the science behind it. So, today we are turning our attention to some commonly asked questions: How long does CBD oil take to work? How long does it remain in your system?

Recommended Dosage of CBD

Actually, there is not any suggested dosage for using CBD oil.

It is recommended however to start by taking about 25mg of CBD a couple times a day; one time in the morning and then again at night. You can then start to increase your dosage by 25mg increments every few weeks until you obtain the best effects.

We also recommend speaking to your health care provider prior to using CBD to be certain of the correct dosage for your personal needs and health.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

From the time you consume CBD and then begin to feel its initial effects depend on a variety of factors which include, but are not restricted to:

  • The potency, quality and content of CBD
  • The method in which you consume it
  • The dosage in which you consume
  • The symptoms intended to relieve and the results you are trying to attain
  • Factors such as weight, have you eaten and medications you are taking

The factors above play a part in how fast CBD will take to work; however, the most prevailing reason is the method of consumption.

Typically, you should begin to feel the healing effects of CBD within a few hours. It can take a bit shorter or longer depending on how you consume it.


Any excess or unused CBD is typically accumulated in the fat cells as it cannot be dissolved in water. The excess or unused CBD is then gradually released into the blood stream where it will first be taken to the endocannabinoid system then to other parts of the body.

How long CBD will remain in your system depends on how much fat you have, whereas how fast CBD works depends on how you absorb it. If you have a lot of fat cells you will store more CBD and it will remain longer in your system.

If you consume a higher oral dose such as 150mg to 1500mg each day, CBD will be in your system and the results will last much longer than taking a lesser dose.

It is typically viewed that it takes about one week for CBD to fully metabolize in the body. However, that is just a broadly accurate principle and it can take longer especially for those that carry more fat.

All things considered, being tested for CBD after one week or afterward, it is very likely that the drug test will bring a negative result.

However, it is important to keep in mind that small amounts of CBD can still remain longer and may not show up on a drug test.

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