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CBD Oil Not Effective? 5 Possible Reasons Why

by | Dec 4, 2019 | CBD Oil

When people start taking CBD oil they expect results instantly. However that is more the exception than the norm. Not getting results immediately can make some give up too quickly and believe that CBD oil just doesn’t work. CBD oil not effective? Here are 5 possible reasons why.

Approaching this in a different way by not having unrealistic expectations can be most helpful. Typically, results from using CBD oil can take several weeks. So persistence is key along with a better understanding of the many variables that can conclude effectiveness for both short term and long term for you. CBD oil not effective? Here are 5 possible reasons why.

 Select a Product and Brand Cautiously

After making the decision to try CBD oil, you now have to think about where you are going to buy from. You need to find high quality CBD oil from a company that is reputable and able to provide third party lab reports.

 Most Advantageous Dosage

The number one reason that affects effectiveness and discourages newbie’s from using CBD oil is the dosage; taking too little or too much. Finding the correct dosage is extremely individualized. How severe is your condition? Your body’s chemistry and weight. Those are just a few variables to finding the correct dosage for your individual needs.

Ultimately, you want to find the most advantageous dose specifically for you. The dose is determined on a continuous foundation. So even if you find that right dose, you still may need to experiment with lower or higher doses if you experience any negative side effects or loss of effectiveness over time.

 Amounts f CBD

How much CBD is actually reaching your blood stream? There are many different ways to take CBD and they all have different levels of getting into your blood stream. So it depends on how you are taking CBD, you may be getting too little into your blood stream.

  Genetics Could Be a factor

Some people are set out genetically to produce higher levels of natural endocannabinoids. Overall, this is good news. However, if you are in that 15-20 percentile of having higher levels of natural endocannabinoids, it could mean that you may benefit less from CBD oil.

  Tolerance Buildup

It is natural to build up a tolerance to CBD after taking it for some time. You may experience less effectiveness and need to increase your dosage in order to maintain the results you were getting from a lower dose. Even still you may level off from its effectiveness or taking higher doses may not be affordable.

If that happens, you can take a tolerance break to allow your receptors to rest themselves. After just a few weeks, start taking CBD again and you should once again experience the same results you did in the past but with a lower dose that what you peaked at.

In Conclusion

Don’t expect instant results when taking CBD oil even when following the above mentioned tips.

Your chances of success will improve by remaining patient, knowing it is a process with some experimentation and do your research. Remember, CBD oil is not a miracle cure or even a quick fix for that matter.

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