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CBD Oils for Veterans

In the US there are over 20 million veterans that represent 10% of the country’s population. So many of them suffer with health issues such as PTSD, pain, anxiety and depression. How can CBD oils for veterans benefit them?

CBD oils for veterans is so promising to provide help managing those health issues to better cope with their daily symptoms. CBD has a high potential therapeutically, especially for veterans. Many companies offer veteran discounts and even free product to make it more affordable and accessible.

How CBD Oils for Veterans Can Help

There has been many studies and research done on the benefits of CBD and it just keeps growing each day.


One of the most widespread issues that the veteran population faces is PTSD. The rate of PTSD is six times higher for veterans than the civilian population.

PTSD comes with many upsetting symptoms such as raised stress or fear, flashbacks, sleep issues, anxiety, depression and nightmares which can make a person avoid places or people that are triggers.

Treatment typically consists of antidepressants and therapy. These types of medications can come with harmful side effects such as decreased sex drive and nausea, while at the same time making other symptoms worse. Even worse, only a small percentage attain full recovery.

Through research, CBD has been found as effective as these antidepressants, supporting successful recoveries from PTSD also coming with no adverse side effects.

Rendering a review of eleven studies which examined the effects of CBD on veterans suffering from PTSD, CBD was found to modify the processing of memory while at the same time minimizing adverse emotions that come from a traumatic memory. This blocking of the brain reduces the probability of a flashback. CBD also can help create the absence of depression and in turn magnify a more pleasant response when experiencing a flashback.

When using CBD oils for veterans as a constant regimen, the feedback was that it could possibly cause the person to be able to remember traumatic experiences less often and also with less intense emotion. CBD marks both  cognitive and emotional symptoms regarding PTSD.

The Veteran’s Administration is now funding the first study which will focus on CBD oils for veterans as a possible treatment for PTSD among veterans. Research is being conducted on how CBD can help veterans stop the negative thoughts and behaviors they have established in answer to their trauma, with the theory that CBD could fast track recovery with prolonged use.


Depression and anxiety are two most common reasons people use CBD. They find it help to manage their anxiety and depression.

cbd oils for veterans


In the veteran communities, insomnia is one of the most widespread symptoms of PTSD.

Veterans that do not suffer from PTSD are still suffering from sleeplessness. Lack of sleep causes so many health issues effecting overall health, quality of life, emotional outlook, cognitive performance and immune function. Also, many veterans suffer from chronic pain and lack of sleep can worsen that pain, making it harder to manage.

Lack of sleep can be the result of stress and CBD’s effectiveness in managing stress makes it as effective at addressing sleep issues. It can steady patterns of sleep, reduce symptoms of PTSD and anxiety.


Non veterans don’t experience as much pain or severe pain as veterans do. Severe, chronic pain is more predominant with middle aged and younger veterans.

Despite the high risk from opioids, veterans are still being prescribed this drug even though the addiction is extremely high in the United States, with over 125 people dying every day from overdose.

With research showing the effectiveness of CBD to help manage chronic pain and to be much more effective than opioids, it is still not be given as another alternative.

What makes CBD so effective is that it changes the brain’s response to pain, a lot like the emotional response to the distressing memories. Over time it helps relieve inflammation that contributes to the pain and the person observes less intense pain, making it easier to cope.

Recovery from Addiction

Addiction and substance abuse is widespread in America, especially among veterans. Veteran suicides precede drug abuse and alcohol abuse. More than 10% of veterans that use VA health care are identified with SUD or substance use disorder. This is greatly linked to PTSD amongst veterans, with approximately one third having a substance disorder also surf from PTSD.

More veterans than non-veterans die from an opioid overdose. CBD not only can help manage pain or PTSD, but can also help in addiction recovery.

 Can CBD be Prescribed by the VA

Regrettably, the VA cannot prescribe CBD as it is not FDA approved. They can only prescribe medications that have been approved such as highly addictive opioids. It is also not covered under Social Security or Medicare benefits.

You can find pure CBD oils for veterans that are affordable, but high quality, pure CBD isn’t exactly cheap. The good news is there are companies that provide discounts to veteran such as

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