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Do You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD?

by | Nov 27, 2019

If you are using CBD regularly, do you build up a tolerance to CBD and need more in order for it to provide the same benefits? That’s a great question! Because CBD has many powerful benefits, some are concerned that they can become tolerant and need to use more. It’s a good question being that THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana, is known for building tolerance. However, CBD is nothing like using THC, therefore the simple answer is absolutely not!

Fact is, CBD can sometimes have a reverse tolerance. It is important to gather all the facts regarding CBD so you can take it with assurance and confidence. Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Do You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD?

Reverse Tolerance

When you become tolerant to something, you will experience less benefit from the previous amounts that were effective. Once you develop a tolerance you will need more of it in order to achieve the same effects.

Reverse tolerance, also known as drug sensitization implies that using less is required to get to an equal end point. It is the exact opposite of tolerance. A lesser dose is required and sometimes, will gradually decrease.

THC Causes Tolerance

THC causes tolerance for regular, long time users because it directly binds to the endocannabinoids receptors. These receptors control the nervous system, mood and immune system. THC strongly binds to the CB1 receptor and constant users of THC over time have less cannabinoid receptors, resulting in needing more THC to achieve the same effect.

Do You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD

Do You Build Up a Tolerance to CBD?

CBD Doesn’t Cause Tolerance

THC and CBD come from the same cannabis plant, and yet CBD doesn’t cause tolerance because it does not bind to the cannabinoid receptors like THC does. Unlike THC, CBD keeps away from the issue of tolerance as it actually encourages receptor activity to increase rather than decrease. It has been reported that some people using CBD for a few months find they do not need as much as they did when they started and can lower their dose without sacrificing the effects.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

Everyone is different, so you need to figure out what dosage is right for you by experimenting, starting with the lowest dose. Keep in mind that using a high quality CBD product will make all the difference.

Being well informed about reverse tolerance and tolerance regarding CBD is an important aspect to your journey of better health. Learning what’s true and what is not about CBD and finding out how your body responds will help you gain insight to lead a healthier and more peaceful life.

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