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Does the VA Prescribe CBD Oil?

by | Nov 21, 2019

What if there was a way to provide Veterans cannabinoids legally right now? Could there be a simple solution for the question, Does the VA prescribe CBD oil?

Does the VA Prescribe CBD Oil?

We recently acknowledged another Veterans Day which brought even more news articles regarding different organizations supporting prescriptions of marijuana to be provided and paid for by the VA. This topic seems to be an object of controversy stirring up strong emotions. It is certainly not because it isn’t working, but rather because marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug and federally illegal.

The key factor that should be focused on is not all cannabinoids are classified as marijuana. What makes the determination by the DEA whether or not a plant is classified as a Schedule I drug is the levels of THC or if it is considered industrial CBD which indicates the levels of THC are less than 0.3%. CBD is federally legal if it is derived from industrial CBD, and its foundation is under the Federal Farm Act of 2014. So all the controversy about the VA being able to provide marijuana to veterans, they should start with providing them federally legal CBD.    

CBD oil includes a vast range of terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the same beneficial properties you would receive from marijuana but without any psychoactive effects; you will not experience a “high”. The benefits of CBD oil are extensive. They are but not limited to reducing PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

The need exists and the research is there. The side effects and risks of drugs that are approved for our Vets are far more dangerous than any type of medical marijuana plan of action. THC which contains psychoactive properties has shown through research to increase anxiety. However, this is not the case for CBD oil. Here is the current situation:

  1. The VA is never going to provide veterans with marijuana unless and until it becomes federally legal. Not going to happen! Let’s continue to increase awareness and support for this issue, but for right now it is not helping our Veterans.
  2. It is federally legal when CBD is extracted from CBD that originates under the Federal Farm Act of 2014.
  3. It is not vitally important and most time not wanted to have THC as a component. Also it is the only cannabinoid that can cause possible side effects.
  4. There needs to be more attention brought to the benefits of cannabinoids in which THC is actually one of the less beneficial.
  5. The VA should provide CBD supplements to any veteran that needs it right now.
Does the VA Prescribe CBD Oil

Does the VA Prescribe CBD Oil?

Even though veterans are receiving prescriptions now, research has shown that self medication via opioids and alcohol are on the rise with the VA providing accepted versions of Adderall, Vicodin, Xanax, Ambien, etc. Not only are these prescribed, approved drugs addictive, but also have serious side effects including death.

There have been articles written regarding the problems with opioids being prescribed to veterans and yet no solution to the real issue. It is not about the reduction of scripts being written by doctors, but rather treating the symptoms. Let’s not forget the reason vets came for help in the first place. Medical marijuana and CBD are not going to solve all the issues. More research is needed on the benefits of CBD. Let’s also not forget than fifteen years ago research warranted the government and scientists to ask for and received a patent on it.

Our hope is to bring more awareness regarding CBD and all its benefits and that things change for the better.

Is Patriot Supreme prejudice because we are a Veteran owned company? Well, yes, of course!

Does that in any way change facts that CBD benefits and should be given to our veterans at little or no cost…well we’ll give you three guesses on that one.

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