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Full Spectrum CBD / Can it Make You Feel Tired?


Overall, CBD is safe having just a few slight side effects. However, when using full spectrum CBD, it could cause you to feel tired.

It does however depend on several factors regarding CBD making you feel tired. For example, with higher doses of CBD your chances of feeling tired will increase. Research has shown that high doses of pure CBD caused sleepiness and tiredness as some likely side effects.

Below is a more comprehensive explanation about whether full spectrum CBD can cause you to feel tired.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD is very safe, but studies reported the following possible side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Weight or appetite changes
  • Dry mouth
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness

Those studies did use unreasonable doses of all types of pure CBD. Those doses are a far cry from what is typically used for the average person. Typically, the dose would be about 20-100mg of pure CBD daily, which is significantly lower.

Also, those studies stated above used CBD isolate, which is not the same as full spectrum CBD.

Isolate vs. Full Spectrum: Side Effects

Because of the entourage effect, full spectrum CBD isn’t as likely to cause side effects as pure CBD. The entourage effect is the interaction between terpenes, cannabinoids and the other active ingredients found in cannabis.

People that suffer from epilepsy were involved in a study using full spectrum CBD and they had less side effects and needed smaller doses to get relief than those that took pure CBD isolate.

More precisely, over 70% of patients using pure CBD had only slight side effects, which included feeling tired, compared to just over 30% of those that used full spectrum CBD.

Also, over 25% of those that participated using CBD isolate stated much harsher side effects when compared to just 7% for those that used full spectrum.

Not only that, but the patients using full spectrum CBD needed doses that were over four times smaller on average than those using pure CBD.

In conclusion the study showed that any type of CBD could possibly cause tiredness, it is less likely that full spectrum CBD would do so.

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How You Take CBD Can Be a Factor

Swallowing CBD like you would for gummies or capsules, doesn’t absorb as well as it has to go through the liver and your digestive system prior to reaching your bloodstream.

Taking CBD gummies or capsules are weaker than taking CBD tinctures. For example, if you took a high dose of CBD oil, you would more likely feel tired than taking the same dose of CBD gummies or capsules.

The highest method of absorption is vaping CBD. Therefore, if you used equal amounts with vaping, you’re more likely to feel more tired than other methods of CBD.

 Start with Lower Doses if You’re Just Starting CBD

Even though it is not expected to feel tired using broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD, it does not mean you shouldn’t be mindful. As we all respond differently to CBD for several reasons like genetics and weight.

That is why it is recommended that new users start with smaller doses and increase it slowly as a dose for one person may have no effect and another could feel tired.

Maybe starting with 10mg for example, wait a bit and see how it affects you, then increase the dose if you felt nothing.

Typically, this works well as you will discover the right dose for you which could be minimal therefore it will last longer. You’ll also have less chance of feeling tired as a higher dose would be more likely to cause tiredness.


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