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Hemp Plant Compound for Treating COVID-19

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A university in Oregon has been doing new research and has found two hemp plant compounds have the capability to avoid the virus that roots COVID-19 from ever going into the human body. Those two compounds are CBDa and CBGa.

Using a chemical screening technique which was invented by OSU researchers, have findings from their study and published those findings in the Journal of Natural Products.

Along with fellow researchers, Richard van Breeman directed the study that found cannabinoid acids CBGa and CBDa adhere to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein which blocks the important step in the process that is used by the virus to infect people.

According to researchers, the spike protein is similar to the drug goal used in COVID-19 anti body therapy and vaccines. This is perilous to the process in which the disease shadows. This means that unsettling it can prevent disease progression or infection.


Natural treatment for COVID-19

Research also showed that CBGa and CBDa were likewise effective against the COVID-19 beta and alpha variants.

The acids from hemp which are cell entry inhibitors, could not only be used to avoid the infection of SARS-CoV-2 but to also cut down infections by stopping particles of the virus from human cells being infected.

These hemp plant compounds have been used to help patients that have viral infections such as hepatitis and HIV by blocking the interaction of the receptor of the virus.

You can take CBGa and CBDa orally. They have the possibility to both treat and avoid infection from SARS-CoV-2. Breeman did state that these acids are formed by the hemp plant as forerunners to CBGa and CBDa which differ from the acids that aren’t contained in hemp products taken by consumers.

Right now, data shows that CBGa and CBDa are effective against both variants that were studied and it is hopeful that will be the same for other variants as well as those in the future.

The mixture of CBGa and CBDa and COVID-19 vaccines should become a more thought-provoking environment for COVID-19.


Protein that helps COVID-19

There is a hemp plant compound called licochalcone that adheres to the spike protein but has not been thoroughly examined for activity against the live virus.

This type of cannabinoid will adhere quite substantially to that spike protein. When that happens, it will stop it from going through the receptor and then the cell.

This spike protein is the same aim being used in anti-body treatments and vaccines. When it is approved, the hemp plant compound could become an alternative for those that do not want the vaccine. Unlike the vaccine, this would be simply onboard in your body.


Pros and cons of Hemp Plant Compound

One disadvantage would be that the hemp would have to be on board in your body at all times in order to stop infection. If you did become infected, the process then is different.

Why wouldn’t we want something other than just a vaccine to help fight COVID, as it will be here for quite some time.

Studies are still in the early stages, so it may take some time before hemp plant compounds are approved for the fight against COVID-19.

Unless of course it is expedited like the vaccines were.


Source: Hemp Industry Daily:


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