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How CBD Can Help With Stress?

Let’s look at how CBD can help with stress and how people have been using CBD to fight stress.CBD has taken off in the last few years, and its popularity is closely linked to its potential benefits in the medical circle. Its anxiety, stress, or cancer, therapeutic benefits of CBD are countless. After CBD’s legalization in the United States, medical research is in full bloom.

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How Does CBD Work In Human Body?

The human body has protein-based chemical structures attached to our cells. These structures are called receptors. CBD works with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are part of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system and are responsible for many functions.

CBD interacts with these receptors and controls the serotonin signals, a key player in determining your mental health. People with low serotonin levels may suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. Smooth serotonin levels in our body help calm down anxiety, stress and may also cure depression.

CBD for Stress and Clinical Trials

A study carried out in 2020 in New Zealand had around 400 adult participants suffering from stress and anxiety. The group was given a controlled dosage of CBD for three weeks. After the prescribed period, the group reported a visible improvement in their health. Patients previously suffering from stress claimed improvement in their day-to-day lives, and stress-related symptoms also improved.

Most of the participants labeled their experience as something between good and excellent. A handful of participants with a previous medical record experienced minor side effects such as sedation and vivid dreams.

Another research aimed to find out CBD’s effectiveness for stress comprised of about 70 adults, all suffering from stress. Generally, all the patients were given a dosage of 25 mg of CBD per day. For a few worst cases, a daily dosage of 175mg was chosen.

The trials continued for two months, after which 80% of the participants reported clear improvements in their stress levels.

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CBD for Stress

The research is still in progress as to exactly how CBD works and how much you should take to ease your stress, but our store offers a range of CBD stress relief products for veterans and first responders, to help you relax..

CBD Sleep Aid

Adequate sleep is vital to deal with any stressful situation, so you must fulfill your sleep requirements for health. However, when a person feels stressed out, hormones rush all over the body, and getting comfortable in bed becomes challenging. Hemp oil sleep aids can help.

Our CBD stress relief products for veterans contain ingredients like melatonin that generates signals causing the body to relax and making it easier to get your eyes shut.

CBD Capsules

Using capsules is the oldest and most simple way of introducing CBD into your body. Consistency is the key here because CBD builds up in the body over time. A capsule or two per day is more than enough to help you ease out. Dosage may be increased if your stress levels are too high.

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