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How to Heal Your Anxiety Without Drugs​


Most of us experience anxiety at some point, it’s just part of busy lifestyles. But how to heal your anxiety without drugs is a question asked by many.

Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing, though. It can allow you to be mindful of danger, inspires you to remain prepared and organized and helps you estimate risks. However, if anxiety is an everyday occurrence, it may be time to act so it doesn’t become a bigger issue.

Many of us experience anxiety in stressful or new situations, such as public speaking, interviews, first dates, etc., but those anxious situations can fade fast. It’s when those feelings of dread, worry or fear don’t fade quickly, or become worse with time, you may fall into the diagnosis of an anxiety disorder along with 40 million other American adults.

There is good news, however. There is no need for you to continue feeling that way. Anxiety disorders are extremely common and they are also very remediable. More good news; many of those that do suffer from anxiety disorders can heal your anxiety without drugs. They’ve discovered that their anxiety can be managed, in part or even entirely, with more natural remedies.

Heal Your Anxiety Without Drugs

There are many ways to manage your anxiety. A common one is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This provides other coping tools when their anxiety flares up.

Of course, there is also the medication option such as sedatives and antidepressants which balance the chemistry of the brain to stop occurrences of anxiety. This isn’t the best choice as these types of medication can be addictive and harmful, especially over longer periods of time.

 Looking for a more natural option to heal your anxiety without drugs? There are big and small ways that you can manage your anxiety naturally. Diet, exercise and sleep are at the top of the list. Sleep is vitally important to your overall health. But what if your anxiety is keeping you from getting quality sleep?

Below are some natural strategies that you can do on your own…

Maintain your blood sugar level

Whether or not you have diabetes, eating junk food or missing meals can cause blood sugar levels to drop making you feel anxious, irritable and jittery. Keep to three well balanced meals and a couple of snacks low in sugar every day. Seek high fiber foods, nuts, fruits, vegetables, low fat cheese or milk and lean meat, keeping the serving size small.

 Stay away from stimulants

 You can be tempted to grab another cup of coffee when you’re feeling anxious. Instead grab an herbal tea, a much better choice for those suffering from anxiety. Stimulants such as nicotine, coffee, certain illegal or prescription drugs and even some options over the counter can trigger symptoms of anxiety.

Enough quality sleep

There is a connection between quality sleep and anxiety. Lack of or poor-quality sleep can make your anxiety worse and your anxiety can be preventing you from getting enough good quality sleep. Vicious cycle? You bet! You could take the option of medication to help you sleep which would in turn help your anxiety; but at what risk?

Patriot Supreme pure, THC Free CBD gummies with or without melatonin can help you naturally, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed ready to start your day.

You can also take our CBD gummies without melatonin throughout your day as needed to keep your anxiety at bay. Problem solved!

heal anxiety without drugs


Relax your mind and body by doing deep breathing exercises. This will lower your blood pressure and heart rate, relax your muscles, letting your brain know to not release flight or fight hormones. You can practice breathing during meditation or yoga classes or just find exercises to do whenever you are feeling anxious.

 Focus on the present

Having mindfulness allows you to focus on the present. Typically experienced through meditation, your focus is in the present rather than thinking of fears in the future or past worries and regrets, allowing you to deal with the present and how you feel presently. You can reduce levels of stress in just a few minutes each day by staying focused in the present.


Exercising on a regular basis has been known to reduce anxiety and stress. Relax by taking a walk along the beach or on the woods rather than on a treadmill. Spend your time around nature, it is actually very soothing.


Unplug from technology, being busy with everyday stuff and work to make time to do things you really enjoy. What makes you feel relaxed? Fishing, a massage, reading, napping, gardening? Whatever it is, do it more frequently.

Get Help

These tips may do the trick if you suffer from mild, moderate or even chronic anxiety. It’s still a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider to talk about your efforts and possibly suggest other natural ways to heal your anxiety without drugs.

 Always know that you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are treatable and very common. Don’t suffer in silence, there isn’t any disgrace in getting help.


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