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How to Help Veterans with Patriot Supreme

Veterans are discovering CBD as a way to not only balance their lives but also to… 

Their service was exceptional, and now that they have returned to a civilian life, their care and recognition shouldn’t be put aside. More often than not, sadly, the VA and civilian doctors tend to prescribe caustic medications for suppressing stress and anxiety, leading to further complications and even addiction of the more powerful narcotic medications. It never had to be that way, and now, there is a simple and highly effective therapy veterans can administer themselves without a prescription. Patriot Supreme may have the solution.

How to Help Veterans with Patriot Supreme

The Power of Healing


ounded by Justin Elenburg, a disabled vet himself, Patriot Supreme was devised as a way to provide legal CBD solutions to veterans and their families. After experiencing the same rigamarole of old-fashioned therapies and medications prescribed by the VA and getting nowhere, Justin learned of CBD oil.  After his first dose, he was convinced. CBD provided the solution he needed, without the potentially dangerous side-effects to traditional medications. 

He became driven to share this revolutionary treatment with his fellow brothers and sisters leaving an honorable service in the military behind them. From this drive, Patriot Supreme was born.

How to Help Veterans with Patriot Supreme


he CBD revolution is firmly underway, but many have yet to experience it. This is no snake-oil charm, no opiate-based formula or even one with THC. CBD oil is 100% pure cannabidiol with no narcotic elements what-so-ever. It targets the receptors in the body to provide comfort without the hazy narcotic effect of prescribe medications.

CBD is available direct to you and your loved ones through Patriot Supreme, with no prescription or medical marijuana card required. CBD is the foundation of a revolution, replacing the harmful treatments of the past. 

Veterans, first responders and civilians all can discover Patriot Supreme CBD tincture with a one-time purchase or by signing up for a monthly renewal subscription where the solution arrives on time, every time.

To learn more, visit our website and read our stories. Try our veteran-made CBD tincture and discover if it is the right solution for you.


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