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Improve Your Mental Health​


May was mental health awareness month. Did you read up on any new strategies, coping mechanisms and skills to improve your mental health? Sometimes finding different ways to cope with anxiety and stress can be harder than you think, but the good news is, it’s possible.

Below is a list of strategies and activities to help strengthen not only your mental health, but your emotional and physical health as well.

  • Take time for self care
  • Try to keep stress from building
  • Use CBD to help lessen anxiety and stress
  • Improve your resilience for better responses to mental health

Put Yourself First

It’s important to know that putting yourself first is not being selfish. If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you capable to care for others? If you want to improve your mental health, there are some strategies you can focus on prior to taking on some bigger ones.

Rest your Mind

Your mind needs rest just as your body does. Possibly even more. Our minds are at the best rest when we are sleeping and your brain can then process both your mental and emotional health.

When you are deprived of sleep, it affects your over all health. So, if you are already struggling with poor mental health, not having proper, quality sleep, rapid eye movement or REM sleep, your stress and anxiety levels will increase.

Have Some Fun

Probably at the top of the short list to improve your mental health is to laugh and have some fun. This can mean different things for different people, such as getting a new hobby, seeing a movie, dancing, going to a comedy show or as simple as spending time with those that make you laugh. Everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of where you are in your journey to better mental health.

Organize and Clean your Space

A disorderly space may worsen your state of mind. When your environment is organized and clean it can lead to a calmer state of mind. If you find it a struggle to declutter your space, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Cry, Cry Baby

Stop holding back tears! Research has shown that when you allow yourself to cry, it actually is better for you. Studies show that even though crying can lower your mood in the moment, soon afterward, you can find that your attitude is less harmful.

So, if you feel the need for a good cry, then by all means, cry, cry, baby.

Don’t Sit There and Allow your Feelings to Brew

Allowing your feelings to brew can add to the problems. So, rather than let them take over, find different ways to let your feelings out, work through it and hopefully let them go. Talk to someone or go do something you enjoy to help you get through it.

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Put Your Thoughts on Paper

A creative outlet such as writing or other forms of crafting can be helpful in finding time to get your mind clear. It can quiet racing thoughts or be more focused on an individual issue to improve your mental health.

Grant it, there are other methods of creativity other than writing, but writing can allow you to put your thoughts on paper. Putting all your thoughts down on paper will eventually lead to feeling like there are no more left.

Talk About Your Feelings

That could be a family member, friend or better yet, a therapist. Research has shown that talking about your feelings can interrupt negative incentive responses. In other words, putting your feeling into words can help you take a step back, remove yourself from the situation and see things in a different light; calmer, more rational.

CBD Can Accomplish Improved Mental Health

CBD is not necessarily a direct treatment for certain mental health problems, however, CBD products have shown to help you find the feeling of relaxation and calmness that you require at any time of the day or night.

People express their stress and anxiety in different ways. People are all different as is their need for relieving anxiety and stress.

That’s way Patriot Supreme has a variety of CBD products that can help whenever you feel the need the most, regardless whether it’s daytime, nighttime, weekdays or weekends.

Pure CBD No THC Gummies Help you to Feel the Absence of Stress and Anxiety

 One of our most popular CBD products, are our no THC CBD gummies.

  • Delicious, calming multi-fruit flavor.
  • Easy to use, consistent CBD servings.
  • 0.00% THC & Zero worry of a positive drug test.
  • Non-intoxicating & non-addictive.
  • No Artificial sweeteners.
  • All-Natural coloring & flavoring.

CBD Can Help You Achieve Quality Sleep

Whether you use our CBD gummies or our CBD Sleep Gummies with Melatonin, you will feel relaxed, calm and be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed to start your day.


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