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Is CBD a placebo?

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Some people are asking… Is CBD a placebo?

In the wellness and health world, CBD oil is the latest rave. But is CBD a placebo? It is being sold online by thousands of companies and most likely you have even seen it at the mall or a store in your town. So many people are questioning if there is really just a CBD placebo effect.

CBD has been referred to as a miracle treatment for many conditions both physically and mentally, while other refer to it as snake oil. So for some it works and for others not so much. As CBD grows in popularity, many are questioning…Does CBD have many benefits or is CBD a placebo?


CBD Oil a Placebo or Beneficial?

According to research, CBD is definitely not a placebo. After numerous studies of CBD, it revealed it actually has therapeutic benefits and is not just a placebo.

We all have an endocannabinoids system, as we all have a nervous system. The endocannabinoids system regulates a number of things throughout our body. CBD interacts with it, so it does serve a purpose otherwise why would we have this system in our bodies if it wasn’t needed.


CBD Oil …Too Good to be True?

CBD oil should be viewed as a tool inside a toolbox, not as a cure all, miracle supplement. CBD is sometimes combined with more conventional treatments but it also has proven to work well all on its own. That typically depends upon the individual using it. It is the same for traditional drugs, as they can work for some and others, not so much.


We Are All Different

We are all different and depending on the method of CBD you use could be another possibility why some may experience the benefits of CBD while others have the placebo effect. Different methods, doses and even diverse cannabis strains can affect us all differently. CBD is the key player in CBD oil, however, CBD full spectrum products have other slight terpenes and cannabinoids along with CBD.

Occasionally, you have to find the right CBD product along with the correct ratios of cannabinoids and terpene to get results. This trial and error process can become costly and frustrating which leads newbie’s to be done after just one try.


No Immediate Effects

THC, the other cannabinoid has more immediate effects as it is apparently intoxicating in its effects. You will experience immediate effects using THC and those deep, very psychoactive effects have a long lasting impression.

Because CBD is more subtle and will not have those deep, psychoactive effects, users assume it’s just not working and give up thinking it’s a CBD placebo. You have to realize that the benefits of CBD take some time to realize.


In Conclusion

It is reasonable that some may be doubtful and unconvinced about the benefits of CBD oil. As like so many other supplement and even prescribed medications, it doesn’t work for everyone. However, based on experience, many of the disbelievers were either using the product wrong, opted for a lower quality product or were not willing or able to experiment to get it right for them in order to reap the benefits. Thousands of people using CBD oil claim it to be highly effective when added to their daily routine. However, CBD is not a cure all miracle supplement.


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