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Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry? Patients Think So

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Are Americans over medicated? Well, according to a 2017 study, about 55 percent of Americans regularly use prescription medications. More shocking is that 53 percent of those get their medications from multiple doctors, this increases risk of negative side effects. So, is CBD healthier than the drug industry?

The arrival of CBD as a type of medication, has people thinking it may be a good solution to the issues America has with pharmaceuticals. Could CBD be better than Big Pharma?

What patients are saying about CBD

There was an in-depth survey done by a research firm called Brightfield Group involving more than 2,300 patients. The research was to compare CBD to pharmaceuticals regarding the effectiveness. About 60 percent of the patients stated that CBD was more effective that the prescribed medications they had used on a regular basis. Another 75 percent of patients stated that CBD was more effective than the remedies they tried available over the counter.


Pharmaceutical side effects vs. CBD side effects

We all have seen commercials for pharmaceutical drugs for various different issues. What they all have in common are all the side effects related to them. Most of them actually seem worse than the condition itself.


Is CBD Healthier Than the Drug Industry?

A good example of this is the drug Celebrex, which is prescribed to treat inflammation. Side effects such as stroke, heart attack (sometimes fatal), vomiting, bleeding from the intestines and stomach, shortness of breath, slurred speech, weakness to one side of the body, unusual sweating, abdominal pain and changes in vision.

CBD is frequently used to treat issues and has no side effects. If you suffer from something, what option would you choose? At the worst level, CBD side effects may consist of fatigue, irritability and slight nausea, a small price for relieving what ails you; not heart attacks, strokes, slurred speech or bleeding.


Pharmaceutical cost vs. CBD cost

On average Americans spend $1,200 each year for prescribed medications, sometimes much more than that, that’s more than any other developed nation worldwide.

In comparison, a years’ worth of 1000mg CBD oil would cost about $950.00 while a year’s worth of Celebrex is $2,426. The difference in cost per year is $1476.00.

CBD does not claim to fix every condition, even though CBD benefits are numerous. Most likely there will always be a need for prescribed medications, and no one is saying that every prescribed medication is bad for you. However, comparing the medical benefits of pharmaceutical medications to the medical benefits of CBD, that claim to do the same thing, clearly, the victor is just about always CBD.


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