Is PTSD Curable?

by | Nov 26, 2019 | PTSD

PTSD is an undetectable fiend. It masks reality. It doesn’t allow you to determine what is real and what isn’t. You may think you are going crazy. But is PTSD curable?

It can tell you, you are not safe and you never will be. Thoughts of being dead rather than living one more minute of one more day like that would be better. The message becomes clear; just give up.

The feeling of helplessness and hopelessness are merely a part of mental illness. At some point, those that struggle begin to believe that it will never be better.

Diagnosing PTSD

Being diagnosed with PTSD can actually help get you going in the right direction for help. PTSD is very treatable, it may never be actually cured but it can be treated and the symptoms can fade becoming less and less invasive. A good way to start is to follow treatments that are effective based on evidence and backed up with scientific research. One option could be PE or prolonged exposure therapy.

In the process of recovery, you may fall down and get back up many times, just realize through all of it, PTSD does not have to be a life sentence. There will come a time that you will no longer become startled, nightmares will be gone and you will fall in love with life once again. You will also realize that the world is not coming for you and you can finally feel safe. Start to live in the present and no longer be trapped in the past. You will always know you suffered trauma, but the PSTD will fade.

PTSD therapy groups can help you realize different perspectives of those who also have struggled and got better. The traumas may have been different but the symptoms of struggling are shared.

Prolonged exposure therapy is just one of many options to treat PTSD. There are new inventive techniques coming to light and being researched for effectiveness such as CBD. You just have to seek them out. Feelings of fear and shame are often associated with PTSD and can make it hard to commence seeking help. So many of those that suffer from PTSD feel isolated and hope that their symptoms will go away on their own.

Gradually, step by step you can get better. There’s no denying PTSD is a fiend that wants desperately to ruin your life. At some point you will discover that you are more powerful than PTSD and will survive. From the unbearable struggle and pain, an enriching, authentic and meaningful new life can come into sight.

It’s your turn now; go do the impossible. Trust yourself, get the help you deserve and never, ever give up.