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Melatonin CBD for Veterans for Better Quality Sleep

More service members and veteran, than not, are affected by poor quality sleep, PTSD, chronic pain and many other physical and devastating mental issues. An estimate of 50% of veterans will not seek any help. According to research, the existing sleep aids, pain and PTSD treatments just do not work effectively as they were intended to and come with many adverse side effects. Melatonin CBD for veterans could provide better quality sleep.

Veterans deserve better, more effective, natural solutions!

CBD does not cause intoxicating effects. It has been proven with over 15,000 studies that were published CBD has no adverse side effects and is not addictive. Benefits of CBD have a wide range such as mental clarity, better quality sleep, managing pain, recovery, depression and anxiety, just to name a few.

With that being said, the VA still wants to prescribe harmful, highly addictive opioids instead. Typically, veterans are given a variety of different medications that have adverse reactions to other medications. The effects of these prescribed medication will eventually wear off causing them to increase the dosage in order to feel any of the effects.

Different ways CBD could help veterans; a healthier, safer alternative:

Benefits with no side effects

There aren’t any adverse side effects using CBD. Can you say the same about prescribed meds? No intoxicating effects, not addictive and has a high tolerance profile and typically will not interact negatively with other medications. CBD is derived from a natural herb, unlike other synthetic medications.

Better Quality Sleep

CBD will address the reasons why you aren’t sleeping well. You will feel relaxed, clear headed and calm in order to get that good night’s sleep. There are studies that prove CBD also can help obtain a more relaxed and deeper sleep. So, why not Melatonin CBD for veterans?

Chronic Pain

All kinds of pain can be helped with CBD as it gets to the root of the pain while preventing further damage and pain.

Melatonin CBD for Veterans

PTSD and Anxiety

CBD is well known to help manage stress and anxiety. Those that suffer from PTSD may also benefit from its assuring, calming and mental balance effects.

It Can help the brain take traumatic memories and put them deeper into our memories and store them long term.  That will make those thoughts not stay in the forefront of your brain. You will see less of a response to those triggers as CBD helps the brain release fear resulting in less response when those memories rise.


CBD can help depression by increasing your mood levels from sad to happier along with any negative effects.

CBD is not a cure for depression; however, it can help battle imbalances of mood and feelings that are depressive. It helps to stabilize your mood and feeling of wellbeing. CBD also helps with other factors that can contribute to depression such as hormones, gut health, sleep cycles and brain function.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Many people experience brain fog which can be caused by not enough sleep, stress, anxiety, unhealth gut, intoxication and dehydration. Fortunately, CBD helps with all of it along with managing your brain function to remain balanced and function at its best.

Harmful drugs such as Adderall are being replaced with CBD as it helps you to stay focused and remain calm in order to complete your task.


For athletes, CBD helps you recover mush faster. When your overall health is not up to par, it can affect your recovery time. It helps to regulate the healing process in your body.


After some studies, CBD showed that it helps fight addictive behaviors and addiction with no harmful side effects.

It also showed that it can be helpful with withdrawal, along with stopping cravings and avoiding relapse. Anxiety and stress can be triggers for those with addiction. CBD has been known to be helpful to manage both anxiety and stress.

CBD also contains protective and preventative properties that are helpful to your gut recover, brain, and liver which can be affective with substance abuse.

To sum things up…

After thousands of clinical studies, it has proven the health benefits and safety of CBD. So, the question remains…Why are our service members and veterans continuously being prescribed harmful drugs such as opioids? Why not provide Melatonin CBD for veterans and other CBD products that can help naturally?

Why does shame remain regarding this harmless, natural plant that has been proven to be effective and safe? We have left our veterans suffering, when we know CBD can clearly help with so many issues they struggle with every day and improve their quality of life.

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