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Our Story: Patriot Supreme – Veteran-Owned, THC-Free CBD Products for Everyday Heroes

Story - Patriot Supreme - Veteran-Owned, THC-Free CBD Brand

Patriot Supreme was born out of hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow

Patriot Supreme was born out of hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow

Our story started with our founder, Justin Elenburg, a disabled veteran who held a strong belief in the seemingly impossible: that every veteran could feel free to live the life they desire. Following Justin’s vision, we have helped thousands of Everyday Heroes find hope, let go of pain, and discover inner strength on their journeys to a better, healthier future.

Who is an Everyday Hero?

Everyday Heroes are those who serve, constantly putting others before themselves. They are veterans, first responders, teachers, healthcare workers, mothers, fathers. They are caregivers, essential workers and loved ones. They are those who make sacrifices, of whatever scale, so that others can live better lives. They are you.

Redefining the Way Heroes Feel

Thousands of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice but struggle to find meaning in their lives, limited by emotional and physical pain. In a world filled with shame, emotional baggage, and substance abuse, we believe a better tomorrow for anyone is possible. Our natural products and CBD oil veteran’s discounts exist to help heroes find self-love instead of self-harm. Instead of addiction and turmoil, we created a means to help heroes be the best versions of themselves every day.

Our Purpose at Patriot Supreme

Our Purpose

Our Purpose at Patriot Supreme

Patriot Supreme was built on the promise to help our nation’s Everyday Heroes find hope, live well, and free themselves from suffering. The wellness of Everyday Heroes drives everything we do and is the heart of our company and the reason for our CBD oil discount for veterans. We believe in achieving a positive, healthy future for all–without depression, physical pain, prescription drugs, shame and addiction. We are committed to fighting for every hero on their journey to fulfillment in everything we do.

Our Vision

Handicapped young woman with USA flag in autumn park

We envision a world in which no individual or family should suffer from the aftermaths of physical or psychological trauma. A world in which no one suffers in silence and shame, and where hopes and dreams are a reality. Finally, we envision a thriving community of Everyday Heroes grounded in warmness, kindness and support.

Handicapped young woman with USA flag in autumn park

Our Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by a disabled veteran who has walked in the shoes of millions struggling, and the wellness he promotes:

We value building the best CBD tinctures and topicals for veterans.

This means using pure, natural and healthy ingredients that Mother Nature gave us. We value third-party laboratory testing and quality control to ensure clean, non-addicting products that Everyday Heroes can feel confident in.

We value using our business to serve and protect.

We want every Hero to feel our gratitude for them, by offering them CBD oil veteran’s discounts and natural products that are easily accessible, effective, and safe. We work to serve our Heroes and act to protect and restore their emotional and physical wellbeing.

We value education.

In an industry plagued by misinformation and lack of transparency, we strive to educate and provide leadership to help overcome barriers and establish integrity. We are soldiers on a mission to learn, teach, inspire and comfort.

We value our relationship with customers.

In every interaction with our customers, we strive to make a positive impact on their lives. We communicate and act with integrity, providing unsurpassed service to those who support us.

We value teamwork and community.

We are good citizens in the communities in which we work and live, and as a team, we work together to meet the needs of everyone we do business with.

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