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Patriot Supreme by Veterans in Support of Heroes

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The Journey Continues

Ryan: That’s right. You guys get the phone number 866 472 5788. If you have any questions for Justin, you want to talk about entrepreneurship or maybe get a little piece of advice from him. Feel free to call him. We’d love to take your call on the air and of course if you’re listening on your favorite pod catching service whether it be Apple I-tune, Spotify, I-Heart Radio tune and Stitcher Google Play or the other umpteen number of places that the show is.

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We’re here right here on Finding Your Frequency Fridays on The Voice America variety channel. We’re talking to Justin Elenberg serial entrepreneur about 4 businesses that he’s been building. He’s built a 5th one that’s on its way to be kind of started alluding to the new company called Patriot Supreme just before the commercial break. So Justin why don’t you tell us what is Patriot Supreme?

Justin: It’s a CBD brand and so just to kind of back up the story to talk about I guess how it came about. But we sell CBD products and first we’re selling the CBD tincture and what I found was that it is beneficial and you know being a business owner there’s no possible way you could have financial anxiety. Nobody knows what that’s like. But I kind of found out about CBD through friends of friends and old like an ex business partner actually told me about it too and I was kind of like intrigued and for me it was like Ahh and or something. And I was kind of like well what are people selling this for?

Well when I found out, my mom was taking it that was like wait a second. My mom’s taking something like some marijuana drops or something like that. And so it was kind of like I started learning so I was like okay, I started doing research about what it does and how it works and who’s taking it. I started asking my employees and they were like yeah, I asked my mom about it and she and seven friends all take it.

And so at that point I was like wow, there’s really something to this. And so I got some and I was like this really works you know, you take a couple drops  on your tongue and it’s not like you smoked a joint or something not that I would ever do that. But if you did, it doesn’t give you that kind of like paranoia. It kind of gives you that relaxation without the paranoia. And so I went on the hunt for finding what the different types were and the different brands and all the different stuff out there and what I wanted to do was bring CBD to veterans and to the heroes that support veterans. And so I made Patriot Supreme. That’s really what it’s about is it’s by veterans in support of heroes.

Ryan: That’s awesome. So you obviously knew that like you know the Mom and the friends and everybody was using it, you tried it for yourself but you know as you know with the business and you start to create value, what are you doing now to position yourself in the space because it seems like there’s a CBD something or other popping up you know every day? I go to Circle K to buy a polar pop and you know or whatever and get an ice tea and they sell CBD at Circle K.



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