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Patriot Supreme-Leafly Names it Most Accurate Labeled

by | Dec 9, 2019

Leafly recently named Patriot Supreme the most accurate labeled tincture on the market. When it comes to CBD, not all products are created equal. With all the excitement around the benefits of CBD, consumers are starting to have trust issues.

Which CBD products have too much CBD? Which ones have too little? Which ones have none at all?

While the CBD companies are full steam ahead, so are the deceivers and scammers.

So, how do you know which are legitimate CBD products and which ones are rubbish?

Most consumers don’t know which companies or brands are trustworthy, as the CBD industry is so new and not highly regulated. After all, there is no Pepsi, Allstate, Apple or Schick for backup. When it comes to CBD, the earth is flat. All the CBD brands are valued equally in most of the consumer’s minds.

This dilemma also concerned Leafly. However, they did something about it.

Leafly Took it to the Lab  

Over the last several months, Leafly worked alongside Confidence Analytics which is a state licensed cannabis lab to test a variety of CBD products to see how they measured up. You know, which brands delivered what they claimed and well, which did not.

Here’s what they tested and why:

After some Google searches such as, “cheap CBD” and “best CBD products” they bought 47 products from various sources along with products sold at drug stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid.

So the test results for 47 products are in…

Here’s what they found…

Fortunately, most of the products tested actually contained CBD. Unfortunately, most of the products fell short on the delivery of dosages promised. A lot of them were in the hitting range, others came close and some simply cheated the consumer.

The Breakdown:

  • 24 of 47 (51%) were within 20% of the promised labeled CBD dosage
  • 11 of 47 (23%) were less than 80% of the promised labeled CBD dosage
  • 7 of the 47 (15%) had 120% more promised labeled CBD
  • 5 of 47 (11%) had no CBD at all
Patriot Supreme, a veteran based company of CBD products ranked 98% of what was promised to what it actually delivered in its tincture CBD. You can clearly see from the chart below Patriot Supreme fell right into the sweet spot.
patriot supreme
Fact…not too many manufacturers of CBD products today are able to deliver the exact dosage promised on the label.

Always room for improvement for the CBD industry

For 2019 Leafly feels it is a fair standard for CBD products to be within the 20% of advertised to be correctly labeled. Anything below that would be considered mislabeled.

Moving forward with the CBD industry, consumers need to insist on closing the gap even more as that 20% will most likely not be good enough for federal rules. 2020 brings the FDA regulation of CBD to light and will most definitely want 100% delivery of what is label promised or shut your doors.

Chart reference:

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