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Patriot Supreme Providing Education on CBD

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Patriot Supreme Providing Education on CBD


The Journey Continues…


Justin: Well, I have a disabled veteran certified business but I don’t do any construction. But I’d love to help build to give me some of that billions of dollars. Not to speak bad about California, but I left there because it was one part of the decision when I decided to not grow up in California.

Well one was traffic but two was they make a law for everything and you’re not allowed to do anything but they did legalize marijuana. So that was kind of a good… They seemed to be the leaders in that whole marijuana thing.

Colorado seems to be the leaders in that whole making marijuana right and kind of like trying to figure out ways to give it to the people without making it bad kind of like you know liquor is 21 and older. Right. And so it kind of like has to, it’s going to have to fester and they’re going to have to figure it out and keep working towards that.

Ryan: Yeah they definitely do. I know that coming up on the next election cycle here in Arizona, it’ll be on the ballot again. It almost passed the last time that it was on the ballot here in Arizona. It didn’t pass. Thank God it didn’t because the bill was written so badly. It would have been the worst like regulated you know you can’t polish a turd right. Kind of a problem. And so hopefully they’re rewriting it properly because I actually voted against it and I’m a full on marijuana advocate but I voted against it just because it was poorly written and I hope that Arizona gets to a point where they can do that in the right way because California screwed a few things up like they usually do.

Justin: Yeah that’s the government.

Ryan: So as you’re getting ready to launch Patriot Supreme. How are you leveraging some knowledge from your other Internet businesses and things that you’ve done to help springboard the new brand for Patriot Supreme?

Justin: So one thing is I’m trying to provide education. That’s a piece of it. You know educate the consumer because it is a sea of like lost information out there for CBD. There are some great websites. There is some great information out there that can be obtained.

Using my history, what I know is internet marketing so I’m trying to take the brand Internet marketing and didn’t really become an e-commerce expert, increasing the conversion rates and looking at who the people are that are using it, what they’re using it for, writing to that you know without actually crossing the line. I can’t say it’s going to cure your anxiety right but I could say that it helped with my anxiety and tell my story.

So that’s my pieces. If I share my story, maybe my mom’s story and some of these stories that other people are giving me and get this in people’s hands which is why one of the reasons you know I want to give back but the Hero Program is not just I mean I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve got to make money at some point right. And so the Hero Program is also giving this and getting this in the people’s hands that actually could use it and can help their lives. And then getting that feedback.

Ryan: Sounds like a great marketing.

Justin: Yeah. And it’s great marketing. I mean that’s kind of the point right. And so right now we’re kind of putting together a subscription program to where we’re going to give a big discount upfront if you subscribe to it and I want to provide great customer service. So looking at other brands, looking at what’s happening and really positioning myself the company as here. Here’s this product, here’s the information about it, here’s how it helps or here’s how we think it might help and you know make your own decision on that. And that’s really what the Internet is about is like people go out there and want to find information. Right. You type in the Google machine is what we call it at work like…

That’s a Google machine. I don’t know how to do that, that’s the Google machine. So you go to the Google machine and you figure out. How does CBD work? And so we’re trying to get to that point where we can answer those questions for people and then also social media. I mean like being on radio is a piece of this being out there in the community talking about my story putting pictures out there. I’m using my race team as a piece of it. I do a TV  so we’re going to stick the stickers on the side of the car and hopefully go win some races and get it out there through that also. Patriots for pain power race machine.

Ryan: For sure.

Ryan: Well I know. When are you launching this company? When does everything go live?

Justin: So officially October 1st is our launch date. You can actually place an order right now.

Ryan: So like Tuesday.

Justin: Tuesday. I know it’s like so close to mike. Hey, we got everything ready? And as an entrepreneur I’m like OK, this isn’t ready, that isn’t ready, this isn’t ready but sometimes you just got to go and you just have to keep pushing forward. It’s not perfect. I’ll admit.

Ryan: So on the websites available now right Patriot’s, you can go there to find out some information from all that.

Justin: Yep. We’ve got a couple of articles up there, we’ve got the COA’s up there for you know doing the research. We’ve got the order card there so you could place an order. And you know we’re ready for launch and we’ve got lots of inventory sitting on the shelf. So we’re kind of putting together promotions and so keep an eye on Facebook because we’re going to give some away too.Ryan: And there’s that just

Justin: That’s it. Yeah.

Ryan: I looked it up.

Justin: Cheater.

Ryan: That’s what I do. I’m going to do a little research before you do an interview right.

Justin: Yeah.

Ryan: Well man Justin. It’s been a whirlwind. We’ve already been yapping for like an hour.

Justin: It doesn’t seem like an hour.

Ryan: No it doesn’t. Does it seem like an hour to you Harry?

Harry: No no.

Ryan: Harry always sits in the shows and listens and helps share some notes so that way we can provide all the I-tunes subscribers a proper description of what we talked about so kudos to you shout out to Harry. You like it.

Justin: Shout out to Harry.

Patriot Supreme Providing Education on CBD


Ryan: So guys I really appreciate everybody tuning in. Go check out the website patriot Justin, thank you for coming into the studio and telling your story man. I absolutely appreciate it. This is undoubtedly exactly what it’s like when we talk about finding your frequency. Starting at point A and moving to the next phase of your life and then moving on to several other phases and now here you are, you’ve had successful businesses and now you’re moving on to another one in a new and emerging industry that’s brand new that’s only probably been around for like a year.

Justin: It’s been around for a while, surprisingly.

Ryan: Wow. I mean commercially…

Justin: Yeah. Exactly. It’s only been legal for a little while.

Ryan: Right. I’ve been using CBD for a long time. As like I told you I am a huge proponent of medical marijuana. So as soon as the medical marijuana program kicked in here in Arizona I was right there in line to go get my card. I had some debilitating injuries from some military stuff as well. So I easily got my card and all that and so I’ve been using CBD.

So I’m definitely a testament to know that CBD does work. Definitely helps. I probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning without having a little CBD. So I appreciate the CBD and all that it does for me.

You guys make sure that you go check us out on i-Tunes, Tune-in, Stitcher, Spotify and all of your favorite places like, subscribe, share, social media all that stuff. I have a new video from this up on YouTube for those of you who like to consume podcasts on YouTube that still blows my mind. Watch a video of audio. Anyways if you do listen to on YouTube . Thank you, I appreciate all the listeners and of course make sure you give us five stars instead of four because we like that. And then on Sunday VFW day again make sure you go to your local VFW. They are all over the place here in Arizona. There’s all kinds of people that go to VFW as in you know you don’t have to be a veteran to go to a VFW. You can walk in there, you can say hello, thank a veteran for their service, buy him a beer. They would much appreciate that.Justin: Can I tell a story about that?

Ryan: Do it. We got two minutes.

Justin: So I have veteran license place on my truck and they’re disabled veteran. I had a motorcycle guy pulled up next to me. I’m at a light. He taps on my window and I’m thinking, what the hell is going on. I roll down the window like part of the way. And he goes, thank you for your service. I roll down my window the rest away shakes my hand and he takes off and I was like wow that was awesome. Like that’s a feeling.

Ryan: That’s almost like #randomALKinitiative like a random act of kindness. So definitely this weekend when you guys are out and about. I’m going to be at the Cardinals game on Sunday during VFW day. They’re inducting Carson Palmer into the ring of honor. I’m a big Cardinals fan so it’ll be a great day. There will be a lot of veterans there. It’s a veteran themed game this week so it’ll be fantastic. So go out and think of that today for sure. You’re tuned into Finding Your Frequency right here on Voice America the leader in live Internet talk radio. We’ll talk to you guys next week right here on Finding Your Frequency.

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