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Pure Cannabidiol Oil/Why Buy Pure?​


Pure cannabidiol oil is available in three different forms: the purest type of cannabidiol is CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. These also have other terpenes and cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. The third form is Broad spectrum CBD which doesn’t have any THC in it.

Pure cannabidiol oil or CBD has been used to help manage a variety of issues such as pain, anxiety, depression and inflammation. Detailed evidence does state that pure cannabidiol products may help manage multiple ailments.

What is Pure Cannabidiol Oil?

Pure cannabidiol oil is part of the molecule that doesn’t have any THC. The purist type is CBD isolate as it doesn’t have any added cannabis plant parts. Another great source of CBD isolates are hemp plants as they are high in CBD and low in THC.

It is extracted from the cannabis plant with no added cannabinoids or chemicals. When heated during extraction, additional components of marijuana are excluded. This leaves only pure cannabidiol. People use this pure form of CBD to help manage anxiety and pain.

 Pure Cannabidiol Oil

It’s pretty well known that cannabidiol is extracted from the marijuana plant. CBD is available in several shapes and forms, like many other cannabis extracts. CBD oil is easy to use therefore users of CBD tend to lean toward the oil.

You have probably seen that CBD is available just about everywhere. You can buy it online as well. It is most important to do some research and find a reputable CBD company such as Patriot Supreme that provides a certificate of authenticity (COA), is grown in the USA and has been triple tested. All CBD products are not created equal!

Different Types of Cannabidiol Oil Products

As CBD becomes more popular and the market grows larger, there are new products being offered online or in health food stores. They all have their own purpose. Below are the most used types of CBD oil that are available.

CBD Oils

The most unprocessed and purest form of Cannabidiol are CBD oils. They are taken from the hemp plant’s stalks, seeds and flowers right away when the extraction procedure begins. There is no added processing that takes place.

Full spectrum is the most effective of the oils as they provide all components that are naturally in the plant as well as cannabinoids, traces of THC, essential oils and terpenes. They typically come in a bottle with a dropper provided.


The most common way to use CBD are tinctures. Like CBD oil, you can rapidly tell the amount of cannabidiol that they contain. This type is usually taken with a dropper under the tongue.


Just like CBD tinctures, concentrates are taken using drops under your tongue. However, the dosage of CBD is typically a lot higher. This is not recommended for those just starting out using CBD oil, as a newbie should start with low doses and increase slowly as needed.

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Capsules are taken with water as you would with any other pill form supplement. It makes it convenient and you have less control with the dosage. They usually contain 10-25mg of CBD.


Topical CBD products such as balms, salves and lotions were formulated to improve muscular health, joints and skin. They are applied topically and get absorbed into the skin. There are also CBD patches for use which deliver the CBD right into your circulation through the skin.


Edibles such as baked goods, gummies, coffees and chocolates have become rather popular. The effects vary, tracking how much you take may be a bit of a challenge, but it is a very tasty way to consume CBD.


Powders are taken internally mixed with tea, juice, water or even in a smoothie. When a lower quality of CBD is being used for powder form, fillers are used sometimes to have them seem more appealing.

Vape Oil

This one is quite obvious. As you would vape the CBD. You would need a vape pen or an e-cigarette in order to use this form of CBD oil. When this form is heated to higher degrees, it has the possibility to yield side effects. Again, this form is not recommended for newbies as the concentration of CBD is much higher.


Sprays is just another way to ingest CBD. The concentration tends to be lower than other CBD products. The exact dose is different for each product. Typically, you would use 2-3 sprays into your mouth.

Pros of Pure Cannabidiol Oil

There is so much more to learn about CBD. So far, it loos very promising in providing so many amazing benefits.

There have been many studies and research that have shown pure cannabidiol oil to contain anti-anxiety properties which seem to help manage anxiety and improve quality of sleep.

Cons of Cannabidiol Oil

As it is missing the entourage effect and used in isolation, studies say it works well by itself. When combined with other components of cannabis, like other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, its effect therapeutically is enhanced.

What’s the Takeaway?

 The effects of full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils are enhanced by the entourage effect. There is still more research and studies needed on all the forms of CBD oils regarding side effects and health benefits.

You may want to choose the CBD isolate if you have reactions to THC. However, keep in mind even though if a company claims no THC, it could have traces of THC, but the amount would be so minimal, it shouldn’t have any affect.

Full spectrum and isolates each have their own benefits. If you are thinking of buying cannabidiol oil pay attention to the label prior to buying and discuss the dosage with your healthcare provider.


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