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Stop Migraines from Recurring Naturally​


If you’re looking for a natural way to manage discomfort and pain including migraines and chronic headaches and stop migraines from recurring naturally, CBD has become a rather popular alternative. If you decide to use CBD oil to manage migraines, take a look at the following steps:

Using CBD for Migraines

  • Choose CBD tincture or CBD topical
  • Decide on the dosage
  • Rest and then evaluate

CBD is a compound taken from the hemp plant that contains very little THC or in some CBD products, no THC at all! CBD work in your body by protecting and keeping your endocannabinoid system regulated. This amazing system, which all humans have, can influence sleep, pain, inflammation and much more.

Many studies have shown that there are many benefits of CBD, helping migraines is one of them. At this point, more studies have shown it could actually more beneficial than originally thought. It can help reduce pain caused by migraines and headaches. Recent medical studies showed that users of CBD stated a substantial reduction in the occurrence of pain from migraines than those not using CBD.

Can CBD Stop Migraines from Recurring Naturally?

Migraines are relatively common as well as incapacitating, that’s why there have been several clinical trials and studies done in order to find a treatment that is effective for lessening the frequency and pain of a migraine headache. CBD has become very popular for this treatment.

How is CBD Oil Helpful with Migraines?

A common condition that can cause debilitating pain to the back of the head, behind the eyes or around the temples, is considered a tension headache. It can come on by occurrences such as not enough sleep, stress, menstruation or sinus issues. The pain level can vary and at times you can’t figure out where it even came from. CBD may decrease nerve pain by  

How Does CBD Oil Help with Headaches?

A tension headache is a common condition that causes severe pain behind the eyes, around the temples, or in the back of the head. It can be triggered by anything from stress and lack of sleep to sinus problems and menstruation. The pain can vary from mild to severe, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s causing it in the first place. CBD is thought to lessen the nerve pain by assigning to receptors in the brain, which regulate how fast nerve signals move between nerve cells.

You can experience many benefits from CBD and they can be long term or mild relief. CBD is not addictive; therefore, it is a great, safe alternative for those that have addiction issues and don’t want to take prescription medication.

CBD may dull the pain by disturbing messages from the brain to the body. You will not feel pain as a severe migraine. Approximately, four out of 10 people who have used CBD products, state they take it for relief from migraines.

For those that experience migraine pain regularly often have a sharper sense of anxiety which can be serious to their mental health.

Another benefit of CBD is it helps with anxiety. It can help to balance the brain’s endocannabinoid system, naturally producing chemicals such as anandamide.

Using CBD for Migraines

Decide on oral or topical CBD

These are the two most popular ways in which CBD is used. People can take CBD by edible products such as CBD gummies, capsules or tinctures. Also available in topical form such as lotions, balms and salves, applying directly to the painful area.

Topical CBD

Your body will absorb the CBD through the skin, making it one of the more popular forms of CBD. It absorbs it two ways:

  1. Blocks out pain signals as the cannabinoids adhere to the receptors close to the pain pathways.
  2. Works on many levels, including reducing inflammation and swelling.

When used topically, ingredients that interact with CB2 receptors help relieve pain due to soreness or arthritis. It can also help reduce migraine symptoms related to inflammation and swelling.

Oral use of CBD


This means taking CBD tincture under the tongue by placing a few drops, waiting several seconds then swallow. It will be absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth, eventually reaching the endocannabinoid system receptors.



Swallowing CBD in the form of soft gel, candy, pill or other edible ways is considered ingesting. The CBD needs to go through your digestive system and make its way to the liver, where it will be broken down.

From there it will reach your bloodstream after the lover has metabolized it. This form of CBD when consumed has a bit lower bio-availability. By the time it reaches your bloodstream, digestive enzymes have been broken down to unusable components. On the other hand, ingested CBD seems to have a longer lasting effect than other methods.

It’s alright to try both ways and see which method works best for you.

CBD Dosage

There are several factors involved to determine the right dosage such as metabolism and weight. It is recommended to always start on the low end then gradually increase until you find the best result. Everyone is different, that’s why dosage can vary from one person to another.

Commonly, the starting dose is 25 -50mg each day. The amount may be determined by the harshness of your migraine and how long you have been in pain. It does need to be taken consistently in order to be effective for migraine pain.

Evaluate and Rest

At this point, it is time to rest and evaluate.

When the CBD is effective you will feel the pain subside and you’ll become more relaxed. Perfect time to sleep, or just take a nap and relax. Allow your brain to rest.

After a few hours if you don’t feel much better, you can try a different method or higher dose. Also, using CBD topicals may help relieve the pain and relax muscles giving you some relief.

Buying CBD for Migraines

There have been more and more users of CBD to help manage migraines, headaches and chronic pain. It is highly effective because of its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it is natural, making it a perfect alternative to medications.

When you’re ready to purchase CBD, Patriot Supreme CBD products are pure, no THC, triple tested and come with a COA. They provide only the highest quality CBD products.

Check out what one of their customers had to say about CBD and migraines.

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