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THC-Free CBD Oil: What’s the Best Way to Take It?

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THC-Free CBD Oil


The buzz in health and wellness remains to be around THC free CBD oil and CBD products. It sometimes seems as though it grew up overnight, going from being barely relevant to being on everyone’s radar in a very short span.

Its surging popularity could undoubtedly be attributed to its wide variety of uses. CBD has been associated with pain management, as a manager for certain types of epilepsy, and even cancer. The only unfortunate aspect of the CBD popularity is that it is being used faster than scientific research can confirm its usefulness. 

Despite the high demand, there are questions around its success, its use, and even what it entails. Perhaps the most common question around CBD is, what is the best way to use it? There are several ways to use CBD, and it depends on your diagnosis and preference as to which you choose. 

With Patriot Supreme, a provider CBD for military members, you will be able to make your choice and be sure that you have the best quality product that will help manage your illness and pain. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of 60 active chemical compounds from the cannabis sativa plant, which is more commonly known as a marijuana plant. 

CBD is a naturally occurring substance and one of many extracts from the marijuana plant. A cousin of CBD is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary active ingredient in marijuana. THC, of course, is psychoactive. CBD is not. 

The takeaway from this is that CBD will not get you “high” like its cousin THC, or the stereotypical and historical marijuana usage. Instead, research suggests that it could help manage anxiety and depression, manage sleep patterns, manage seizures in epilepsy, soothe pain and inflammation, manage heart health, and  symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

As mentioned above, CBD has a variety of methods for use. Let’s explore those in detail. How to Take CBD

As we’ve already noted, CBD has several health benefits, and research continues, many more. For those that are new to CBD, the number of methods for taking CBD can be overwhelming. Each method delivers CBD to your body in a different way, which affects what it can be used for and how often you’ll want to take it.  Adding to the confusion is the fact that each of our bodies responds differently to CBD. 

Fortunately, Patriot Supreme, a veteran owned CBD company, has a wide variety of THC-free CBD oil products available and will work with you, as part of their community, to find the right product for you. The following are some of the CBD products that are available: 

THC-Free CBD Oil: What’s the Best Way to Take It?


 1. Edibles

Edibles are perhaps the most popular of the orally ingested CBD products. They are sometimes taken as gummies that look like candy or certain types of vitamins. Edibles can also come in the form of capsules, much like regular pills or medications. That is one of the benefits of using CBD edibles — they are discreet in case you are worried about being seen using CBD products. 

When ingested, CBD passes through the digestive tract, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream and travels throughout your body. This is the slowest route for CBD to reach its targets, but it also lasts the longest, reported as anywhere between one and six hours. 

When eating CBD edibles, you should be aware of something called the “first-pass effect.” During the “first-pass effect,” CBD is partially broken down by the liver and digestive tract. As such, it can take up to two hours to kick in, and you’ll absorb about 20 to 30% of the CBD you consume. 2. Sublingual and Buccal Products

CBD oil has become increasingly popular among first-time users. CBD oil is a sublingual product and works best when it is applied to the capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, along the gums and the cheek. When placed there, CBD oil will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, avoiding the problem of first-pass metabolism. 

This method allows the CBD oil to get into your bloodstream faster than oral ingestion. It has also been discovered that sublingual (under the tongue) is generally quicker than buccal (against the cheek).  

It is often suggested to keep CBD oil in your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing the remainder. In some cases, you can increase absorption by vigorously swishing oil around your mouth. 

Perhaps an unrecognized benefit of CBD oil, is that it doesn’t have any extra additives in contrast to the possible sugar and preservatives that are often found in edibles. 

 3. Topicals

CBD topicals applied directly to the skin. From here, it will diffuse across your skin and reach its local targets, like muscles, inflammatory cells, and pain-perceiving nerves. Topicals are a great choice when it comes to managing localized pain or skin conditions, like eczema, discreetly. 

Topical CBD does not enter the bloodstream unless it is designed for transdermal activity. The permeability of your skin is not as effective as your mucous membranes, such as your sublingual tissue. 

This type of CBD product is excellent for on-the-spot treatment and arousal. However, it is not generally considered beneficial in the long term. If topical CBD is something you are interested in exploring, it is advisable to pair it with another CBD product for the best results.

4. Inhalation

CBD inhalation can be done through the use of vape pens, dabs, and high-CBD cannabis. When CBD is inhaled, it passes to the lungs, where it can go directly into your bloodstream. Like sublingual and buccal application, inhaling CBD avoids the “first-pass effect.” 

As CBD inhalation directs the CBD into the bloodstream, it is the quickest way to get it circulating through your system. You’ll feel the effects much faster than other methods, but the CBD will also absorb faster and be effective for the shortest time. 

It is essential that if you choose this method, you should avoid cheap, disposable vape pens. You should look for high-quality vape pens, particularly with ceramic heating elements. This is to ensure a cleaner inhalation with a greater probability of CBD absorption. 

With all these options in mind, another question you may be asking is how much CBD do I need to take for it to be effective? The Right Amount of CBD

There is a range of factors that should be considered when you first start CBD to discover what the right amount is for you. Some of these factors include your body weight, the condition you’re treating, your body chemistry and the concentration of CBD in the product you have chosen to use. 

To best decide what works, you should talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage and any potential risks. If your doctor recommends a dosage, it is vital to stay as close to this dosage as possible. This is especially important if you’re taking prescription medication. 

In most cases, you will be recommended to start at a smaller dosage and gradually increase it.  Once this is initiated, you can continue until you feel that it’s effectively treating your symptoms. As you do this, ensure that you track your progress, so you know what dosage works best for you. 

Multiple reviews and research on the safety and side effects of CBD have found that continuous use of CBD is well-tolerated. There was a recent study where mice given CBD were observed to have some liver complications, but nothing has been confirmed for humans. 

While it doesn’t seem likely that you can take too much CBD, there are some possible common side effects associated with CBD use. These side effects include fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite and changes in weight.  Now What?

Now that you have been introduced to the many THC-free CBD oil products, it is time to get started. 

Patriot Supreme provides CBD for veterans. It is a veteran-owned company made with veterans’ needs in mind. Its mission is to deliver high-quality CBD products to everyday heroes and provide safe products to new and regular CBD consumers. 

All Patriot Supreme’s CBD products are produced by using American-grown CBD that is all-natural and GMO-free. U.S.-grown cannabis is subject to agricultural regulations and can’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Organic ingredients mean you’re less likely to consume pesticides or other chemicals. Patriot Supreme ensures that its final products are lab-tested for CBD and THC content, pesticides and other unwanted substances. All its products are triple certified for the best quality and full customer safety. 

Contact Patriot Supreme today and ease your pain and suffering.

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