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The Patriot Supreme Journey Continues…Giving Back

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Patriot Supreme

Justin: You know I created a product called Mobile Money Bandit. I’m in lead generation, one of my companies is a lead generation company and I could go out there and charge and I did go out there and charge to teach people how to make money or teach people how to do lead generation. But what I realized is, this day and age information is like so out there and it’s easy to get right. And so if you can provide that service on a digital aspect over and over again, now you can sell whatever it is your goods or whatever the product is and so it’s kind of a challenge because just this morning, I did a screen share with a client who sells me traffic for lead generation but I did it for free. I didn’t charge him anything; I probably could charge him a thousand dollars for the service.

But when you help people, they see that you want to help them without actually just saying give me money and they are willing to do a lot more for you long term where do you draw the line and not just give away all of your hours.

Well eventually you have to look at your days or your weeks or your next year and you have to say, how am I going to provide value to many people and not just give away all my time or just charge for my time. Because really if you’re charging for time, it’s a glorified job is really all it is.

Ryan: Yeah that’s why I’ve always been excited about an idea or a thought around what’s called value based pricing because value based pricing isn’t about the hour right. I’ll give you an example. If you’re a CPA or a lawyer, you generally charge by the hour and you say hey I’m going to do your taxes; it’s going to take me three hours to do your taxes. My billable hours are a $100 dollars an hour whatever it is. So now that’s $300 dollars.

Well I mean if you really think about it, to me, I don’t really care how much time it takes you to do my taxes. I’d really just want the end result. So why do we have to talk about time. Just tell me what your value is and tell me you charge 300 bucks to do my taxes and let’s call it a day. And so I love that concept behind pricing for professional services because you know it gives your customer the ability to say, hey look, this is what you want to get done here. I can give you three options for pricing. We’re not talking about hours, I’m talking about… I’m providing this service to you for what is the end result of what you’re requesting as a customer. So here’s option A option B and option C. You choose one.

Justin: Yeah… And that’s if you like our block when you’re talking about taxes. Now they say you know bring your taxes and we’ll do it for free. And they do, as long as it’s a simple form. They’ll just do your taxes for free. They’re probably making money on the refund that you’re going to get, and charging interest on that…

Ryan: Or they turn around and say Oh look, I know you’re going to get a $2000 refund. So check it out. I’ll give you $1893 dollars right now and you don’t have to wait for your refund and then they take the whole refund. So they make their money on the backside by giving a loan or whatever it is upfront so then you as a consumer don’t have to wait for your tax refund.

Justin: Absolutely. And so they’re Lead Generation funnel is that it literally is coming here, it’s free and it is free. They do free service but they’ve got so many upgrades. Oh, you have deductions that I can apply here but you’re going to have to move into this other category. It’s going to cost you $20 dollars you know $50 dollars or $100 for this other tax category.

Ryan: Yeah. You own a house. So we got to go to the other form. We’ve got to itemize.

Justin: But they do it in a way it’s OK, we could save you $3000 but it’s going to cost you $100 dollars for us to do this other form. Is that OK? Well, who’s going to say no to that right.

Ryan: I mean a hundred to three thousand, yes.

Justin: Yeah.

Ryan: So I know getting out of the military and getting back into civilian life, it’s kind of challenging sometimes. You know, you have you know 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning wake up times on a 7 day a week period for the most part and not a whole lot of time off and then you get out of the military and standard life isn’t as structured as that. Do you think that being in the military has helped you with your entrepreneurship to keep things more structured?

Justin: I would say hell yeah. In the military you know when you go in, you kind of have this concept of how the world works and then they kind of beat you down and they rebuild you up. And I’m like so on time that I kind of like yell at my wife for not getting on time to the movies and seeing the previews it’s like there’s previous for 20 minutes, why do we have to be there early. I’m like hurry up the movie… and then we sit there in the previews and wait and she’s looking at me like why do we have to be on time for this. I don’t know what it is. It’s like an internal drive from the military but you know going from being in and getting out, like when I went and slept on somebody’s couch. I think that you know having a routine in the military caused me to really get off that couch every morning and do something because I knew that like…

Ryan: Yeah. You’re like way less complacent.

Justin: Right. You can’t. It’s hard to sit still like anybody that knows me knows that I can’t sit still for very long. And so I think that…Yeah. I mean it might be ADD, it might be whatever it is but it’s like I don’t sit, I can’t. I’ve actually tried to retire at 33 I think it was. I was making like 30-50 thousand dollars a month and I couldn’t really move much more money than that at the time. And so I sat at home I think for like two months I tried to take off, I tried to swim by the pool. I was so bored like I was amazingly bored, I ended up starting another business because it’s just that I needed something more to do than what it was that I was just doing which is kind of where the mobile money bandit thing came in as I wanted to help people do what I was doing.

But getting out the military to answer your question; Getting out of the military, I think the military created that structure and even because I was disabled it took me a year to actually go through the whole disability and get that approved and stuff, it was a lot of work. And most people won’t go through 400 pages of forms and to fill all that out to get that disability. But I’m kind of glad that I did. And I think the military taught me you know like to be persistent. Well my mom also taught me a lot of that too. But it’s like the squeak she told me. Squeaky wheel gets the grease right. And so like I kept going and going and going. I got that then I got into chapter 31 vocational rehab which is for people who have a disability. I got retrained so when I left Intel, they were like oh well you want to be retrained. So I got to go back to school and continue all my schooling and they paid for everything.

It was definitely a big benefit of being in the military. But I think what really the military taught me was to go and keep going and keep pushing and you’ve got to do things every day, you can’t just be lazy, you can’t just sit behind your computer plus you have to be social, you got to get out and meet people and kind of like share whatever it is that you’re doing.

Ryan: Yeah. That’s called marketing.

Justin: That is.

Ryan: You know it’s funny you’re talking about the time. I was at my mom’s house this weekend and we go over there every weekend. She has a pool, I do not. So we go over there to see Mom.

That’s funny you brought that up as my mom’s so driven, she can’t sit still. She’s almost 70 years old and she’s retired. She has to go to work every day. She owns her own business. She does hair still and it’s funny, I’ll sit on her patio and I look up at the clock. I’m like why is the clock fast. It’s 15 minutes fast and I’m like Mom why? I was like, this is messed up. This is throwing me off.

Threw my whole day off because your clock is 15 minutes fast. And she’s like well I don’t want to be late and I’m like well don’t be late. And I’m like it really threw me off because I’m so on time. I also work in radio which everything is timed out and so yeah it was just an odd thing for me like I could not literally handle that clock being 15 minutes fast because it drove me nuts because I don’t want to be 15 minutes early either.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah you know depending on the time, I don’t want to be early either because you’re just sitting there staring at walls and then it plays into just sitting there again.

Ryan: Yeah. So that’s funny that you brought up the timing because I’m definitely the same way when it comes to that and that just made me laugh at that clock. Looking at it, asking my mom…

Justin: It sounds like our moms are very similar because mine can’t sit still either.

Ryan: And she’s always got 25 projects going on at any one given time. Speaking of family; how have you leveraged your family for your businesses, like you have aunts and uncles and cousins and stuff like working in your business? How do you involve your family in what you do?

Justin: It’s, they kind of got involved after the fact like I didn’t force them to do it you know. But it was kind of like an invite you know like I needed help and my mom’s always been there for me and she was just kind of like well if you need help that’s cool. You know I got this other stuff going on but… And she’s retired, so she gets a paycheck but she’s like I’ll help you with that.


Ryan: Can’t sit still.

Justin: And so you know she’s become like this website administrator and she does all this technical stuff for me. So she got involved early and then my stepdad. He retired from the county of Riverside and he’s very structured and you know he worked for the government too, so it’s kind of hurry up and wait when you work for the government.

Ryan: My wife’s family lives in Norco.

Justin: Oh yeah. That’s right there. Yeah. And so he came out and I needed help with running one of my companies because I can’t sit still and I can’t do repetitive tasks either I really suck at doing repetitive tasks. And we talked about knowing what you’re not good at. I am not good at doing repetitive tasks. I’m not good at like taking my employees and doing monthly reviews because I hate doing the same thing over and over again and hate having the same conversation over and over again. So he stepped into the company and the company is doing fantastic right now and he’s just really done well with that. So he works for me, my mom works for me, my wife works for me and so pretty much anybody that’s in the Phoenix metropolitan area that’s part of my family, they all work for me.

Ryan: I need to go work for him too. Sounds like fun. Well that’s cool man. I always love it when people get their family involved in their ventures and it’s also one of the reasons why I have been at Voice America for so long. My wife is the accounting controller here. I’m the V.P. of Operations.

I work with a guy who I knew before this business even started we worked in radio together here locally at an AM station and then for a time he had his family working here, our CFO’s son is the helper for the radio show, an intern Harry does that. So that’s another one of the reasons why Voice America has been kind of the best kept secret in Internet and digital media. We don’t really go out there and you know hit the streets like you know a big company would do marketing. We kind of do marketing by way of word of mouth and osmosis and because it helps us to always work with the right people rather than forcing marketing to get customers that may not be the right fit for your business if you know what I mean.

Justin: Yeah absolutely. I know what you mean. It’s kind of odd that you said your wife works here as an accountant. Now I know why you worked here longer is there money flowing there?

Ryan: No.

Justin: I’m just kidding with you.

The Patriot Supreme Journey Continues…

A New Adventure

Ryan: So as you’re working on your business as you said you had 2 that were good and 2 that were not so good. Is that correct?

Justin: Yeah. So 2 of them, one of them went bankrupt quite a while ago you know I did that a long time ago. The computer repair company, I think I sold it for like a thousand dollars. It wasn’t like a big venture but I could just say I sold it. So it sounds much better but I didn’t sell it for a lot of money. It was kind of like I knew that I was selling my time and I looked at it and I said this isn’t going anywhere. It had served its perfect purpose. So I was kind of like I’m going to get out of this because I don’t want to fix computers plus computers were becoming so cheap. It was cheaper to replace it than it was to actually fix it.

Ryan: So which business are you operating right now? Is it the one you said your stepdad was running?

Justin: So my step dad runs  It’s a pay per call CPA network which means that we get a commission for producing calls for companies as we do Google search. People look for a product or service on Google and they help focus those calls to provide all the accounting, they provide the kind of services for the affiliates. I also own which is actually a publishing company, and so that one does pay per call in the health insurance space.

Ryan: OK cool.

Justin: And one, it’s not growing; it’s kind of sitting stagnant. So that’s what led me to create this new adventure Patriot Supreme.

Ryan: Nice. So Patriot Supreme, we’ll get into that a little bit more. We’re going to take a quick commercial break but before I go to commercial break, I want to talk about two things. Number one, there’s a really cool initiative that I want everybody to follow online.

It’s called the random act of kindness. Our audio engineer Aaron who kind of started it a couple of years ago. It’s been really cool. I’m seeing pictures online of you know random people pulling over and helping a stranger change a tire you know push a car out of the intersection, you know some of these kinds of things that may seem might be new to you but I can tell you the woman who was 80 years old who couldn’t push her own car was extremely happy that somebody got out of their car and helped her to get it out of the intersection.

So I want to implore all of you guys to capture all of your random acts of kindness, put them on social media with the hash tag #RandomAOKInitiative. Again that’s, #RandomAOKInitiative and show your random acts of kindness. And then number two and I know this is a big one for you Veterans of Foreign Wars Day is coming up on Sunday the 29th. So I implore all of you guys to go visit your local VFW, buy a beer and tell a guy thank you, right?

Justin: Absolutely. Thank you for your service. And you know even the family members too because there’s a lot of people that you know were killed in action and their families you know they’re part of that and they made the ultimate sacrifice, So definitely giving back to them. Thanks for those people that had maybe one of their spouses or parents give the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for their service.

Ryan: Yeah absolutely. On that note we’re going to take a quick commercial break and when we come back we’ll talk about Patriot supreme right here on finding your frequency.

The Patriot Supreme Journey Continues…

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