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Using Cannabidiol as a Natural Nightcap for Better Quality Sleep

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The flexibility of CBD is a great thing. What really makes it so special it its probability to improve the quality of life overall. With so many benefits to be offered, and because well-being can incorporate a wealth of various things, let’s focus on how Cannabidiol as a Natural Nightcap can help improve sleep patterns and as a result, our mood.

Mood ties in closely to our quality of sleep. Actually, sleep is responsible in a large part for how we feel, respond and function. Therefore, establishing a good sleep cycle can greatly improve our overall mental health.

Sleep Hygiene

There is an abundant of research that states good sleep cycles are the first step to have a better quality of life. The following are just a few things a good night’s sleep can do for us:

  • Your brain will retain more information
  • Nerve cells will be organized
  • Cells, organs, tissues and muscles are repaired
  • Energy is conserved
  • Healthier heart
  • Immunity boost
  • Emotions are regulated
  • Helps weight loss

Even though a lot of us know this, so many still struggle to get quality sleep. It’s not your fault. Most people live with day-to-day stress, add mental health issues, and it can be difficult to get 7-9 hours of sleep which is what we need. It’s easy to fight our own instincts. Some can end up with insomnia or other similar issues causing difficulty to sleep, resulting in difficulty to function.

The Connection Between Good Sleep and Good Mood

Research shows that health and restful night’s sleep can be extremely vital in many ways; particularly, good quality sleep can help to manage anxiety and depression. It is indicated that those who suffer from insomnia are four times more likely to suffer from depression or some type of panic disorder.

Depression can happen because without enough sleep, our cognitive developments can become haywire. Sleep allows our body to have recovery time and more importantly to shut down so we become unconscious. Our brain can then let go of all it doesn’t need, emotional and physical healing will occur, improving mental health, allowing our synapses to rest. The final point shows best how sleep can help keep depression at bay.

Our Synapses, Sleep and Serotonin

When we are awake, our brain constantly sends signals or messages that cross our neurons through small gaps that are called synapses. When we are sleep deprived, those synapses become tired with so many signals going out and not enough recovery time we would get with a good night’s sleep. Simply, lack of sleep decreases synaptic strength resulting in cognitive impairment. Unfortunately, this can also increase the chance of anxiety and/or depression or even make it worse for those that already suffer from it.

We hear enough about getting the proper amount of sleep, but actually doing it is something else. That’s where Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Natural Nightcap comes in!

Benefits of CBD for Sleep

People have turned to CBD for hundreds of years as an aid to better sleep. According to research, CBD oil is capable to lower levels of cortisol, which are usually high in those that have insomnia. It also activates 5-HT receptors which helps improve how the brain observes serotonin, helps lower perception of pain and raises feelings of happiness and relaxation in the brain. CBD can help manage anxiety levels and as a result calm those that suffer from insomnia in order to sleep better.

A cannabidiol study regarding sleep and anxiety shows how CBD can act as an aid to sleep. Basically, CBD calms our central nervous system which is responsible for fight or flight then triggers the feel-good serotonergic pathway to encourage well-being and wellness. So many cases of insomnia are closely related to anxiety, trauma and stress, so the power of CBD to help decrease those issues might help to encourage better quality sleep.

In conclusion

Sleeping soundly regularly is easier said than done. Most of us at some point have experienced bouts of insomnia and woke up the following day feeling its effects. So, we can all appreciate in theory how good quality sleep can improve our overall well-being.

With CBD making itself known for managing anxiety, resulting in better sleep, the way to actually make good quality sleep a priority, is by using cannabidiol as a natural nightcap.

CBD To Sleep & Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a peaceful sleep? Sleeping well during the night helps you remain active and energetic throughout the day, giving your life a lively upswing. But if you are having sleep issues, you are bound to become lazy along with feeling exhausted all the time. Well, you can use  Cannabidiol to sleep & wake up feeling refreshed.

Have You Tried CBD To Improve Your Sleep Cycle?

With no definite solution for sleep problems, it is time you turn to a more natural and promising product. We are talking about the highly famous Cannabidiol compound found in the hemp plant. Being non-psychoactive, CBD offers countless medical benefits along with helping you get an excellent long nap that you so desperately desire.

The reason more and more people are turning to CBD to sleep and wake up refreshed is that CBD provides a balance to the endocannabinoid system within the body. The cannabinoid receptors are spread out through the entire body and the central nervous system, which controls sleep.

Research On CBD And Sleep

So, why do people prefer CBD to manage their restlessness during the night?

CBD not only helps manage insomnia but also helps people facing the problem of sleep apnea. According to research, a 160 mg dose of CBD can help improve your sleep.

It was further explained that people suffering from insomnia have a higher cortisol level during the night, which makes them restless while sleeping. Based on this research, participants were given 300-600 mg of CBD oil, which caused a decline in cortisol level, helping them sleep properly.

How CBD Helps You Sleep Peacefully?

Cannabidiol is a natural remedy for all those people who end up tossing and turning while trying to sleep. Besides having numerous therapeutic effects, CBD has the potential to enable you to fall asleep without much difficulty.

Let’s see how CBD can help you sleep better during the night.

It Slows Down The Neurological Activity

Our mind is always preoccupied with upcoming matters or events, making it difficult for us to slumber off. This is where CBD comes in.

All this rush of emotions during your sleeping hours is due to the excessive production of neurotransmitters like glutamate, which causes an increased level of electrical activity within the brain. This rise in electrical activity keeps you alert and awake.

CBD reduces electrical activity, leading to a relaxed and soothing effect that helps you sleep throughout the night.

It Prolongs Sleep Time

Our sleep cycles are governed by ‘circadian rhythm,’ which releases a certain set of neurotransmitters, improving sleep. Chronic anxiety and stress can significantly impact this rhythm which leads to waking up early in the morning. This condition is called “sleep-maintenance insomnia.”

The study suggests that CBD can reset your circadian rhythm prolonging sleeping hours.

It Tackles Down the Causes of Insomnia

Chronic pain is the most common cause of insomnia which adversely impacts the quality of your sleep. Continuous movement during the night can trigger pain signals that can disturb you while sleeping. Not taking a proper nap during the night will leave you tired and exhausted the next day.

CBD is excellent for managing pain and inflammation. It helps manage pain in joints and muscles, back pain, and helps manage your quality of sleep.

When to Take Cannabidiol Oil for Sleep?

People have been using CBD products to manage different conditions in a more effective way. Insomnia and other sleeping issues are some of the most common things people are using CBD oil for. Even though various studies are favoring effectiveness of CBD oil for sleep, when to take it for sleep is still a question of many.

As per a recent poll by Gallup, about 14% of Americans are using CBD based products. However, 11% of these people are taking CBD for sleep.

CBD actually has a long history of use where the old Chinese medical text has suggested CBD for its benefits including improved sleep. Many other cultures are also using CBD oil and other by-products to manage conditions like anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.

The Best Time to Take Cannabidiol Oil for Sleep

Are you planning to incorporate CBD oil in your wellness routine to improve your sleep quality in a more effective way? You certainly want to know the best time to take it in order to get the best possible effects.

There are plenty of people who are trying to find whether CBD oil is going to be the best thing to start your morning with or it will work more effectively if you are taking it just before bedtime.

However, this is highly important to understand that when to take CBD oil for sleep isn’t an exact science. Instead, there are various things which can affect your time to take it.

While, it is more logical to take CBD oil half an hour before going to bed, this can be an effective solution to consider if:

  • You want to wake up fresh in the morning.
  • You close your mind to have a better quality of sleep during the night
  • You want to improve your sleep quality in a more effective way
  • You want some relaxation after a long and hectic day.

However, you can figure out when to take CBD oil for sleep to have the best effects for your own routine as well. Because it can be more effective to integrate CBD oil in your wellness routine as it suits best for you.

Going To Sleep on Edibles

Patriot Supreme provides its customers with the best CBD edibles they will ever find in the market, and all of this is at the disposal to serve our heroes, our veterans, our first responders and everyday heroes. A common question people ask is: What’s the benefit of going to sleep on edibles?

What Need Did We Have for Edibles for Sleep?

CBD edibles are quite important for all of us due to the following reasons:

  • It helps people suffering from Trauma and PTSD (like veterans).
  • It gives retired and terminally sick people meaning in life.
  • It can be used as an easy and tasty alternative.

Benefits of Going to Sleep on Edibles

CBD edibles have a lot of benefits for regular consumers. They are discussed as follows:

They Help You Consume CBD Without Getting Bored

Consuming CBD with just one method would ultimately becoming boring. Our minds are programmed this way, and we need diverse ways to consume CBD. CBD edibles help with that. If you are bored by one method, you can receive the benefits of CBD oil using another method.

They Help People Manage Their Anxiety

People facing trauma and anxiety find it hard to manage their symptoms. It also reduces their quality of life. CBD edibles help them manage this and make their life more meaningful.

Both Old and Young Can Control Their Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem in many people today. While medical science hasn’t proved if it can treat inflammation, it sure has proven to help control it.

Final Thoughts

If you use another brand of CBD edible normally, you should give our edibles a try. The flavors of Patriot Supreme are unparalleled, and as you munch on our edibles, you will be helping to support veterans too.


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