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What is a COA?

A COA is a certificate of analysis. What that means for the product and us and you is, we take our product and we send it off to an independent lab, they run a certificate of analysis over a span of different things that should be in the product, and things that should not be in the product. We want to make sure that when we make the product and we deliver it, that it has exactly what is stated in it. Not only do we go that far in order to give you and put online our Certificate of analysis, we actually do a triple certification. So we send our product out to three separate independent labs. And we put all of that online if you go to you can see those three independent Certificate of analysis there on our website. In addition to that, what was really cool is actually ran their own independent test on our product. And they found that our product was the most accurately labelled CBD oil on the market that they tested.

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