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What is Broad Spectrum

CBD Oil?

It can be really confusing understanding all the terms describing CBD oil.

Some companies offering CBD oil give the option for what is defined as broad spectrum CBD oil. We will try and take some of that confusion away by helping you get a better understanding about CBD oil and you could benefit from it.
Until just recently those looking to use CBD oil had only two options. If you are someone that is possibly drug tested it puts you in a different category than those who are not.

broad spectrum CBD oil
broad spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD products provide superior effects

For those that can consume THC (not subjected to drug testing) they have the option of full spectrum CBD products.

Full spectrum products provide superior effects as it is the whole plant extract that contains a wider range of plant materials such as fatty acids, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This profile offers a better range of therapeutic ability because of the action referred to as the entourage effect.

For those that cannot consume THC (subject to drug testing) had but one option which is CBD isolate. These CBD products extracts are more natural using just the single CBD molecule. This can be effective as an additive and diversified in its uses, it lacks the chemical makeup of the whole plant found in full spectrum CBD products.

Some hard working CBD companies have found a third option; broad spectrum CBD oil.


What is Broad Spectrum Oil?

As all full spectrum products, they start with high quality terpene rich and cannabinoid CBD.The plants then go into extraction for full spectrum form.


hat makes broad spectrum different is what happens next. A media is used to only process the THC out of the extract which leaves the rest intact.

You can best describe broad spectrum CBD oil as THC free full spectrum CBD oil.

Some companies label their products broad spectrum but do not use the same process. Although they may provide good benefits to an isolate, they aren’t truly broad spectrum.

They are not as effective as a true broad spectrum product that was created by removing THC  and preserving the remaining chemical profile.

Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


road spectrum products are the best option for those that cannot consume THC, are subjected to drug testing, are not comfortable taking THC and even for pets.

There is no comparison to broad spectrum’s effectiveness  vs. an isolate. CBD isolate is an isolated form of the single cannabidoil molecule which simply means that the added benefits of other compounds just is not there with an isolate. It also requires more precise, higher dosing when compared to a whole plant spectrum.

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