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What is CBD Oil Used For?

by | Nov 27, 2020

CBD oil or more commonly known as CBD seed oil comes from the seeds of the CBD plant. Most people commonly mistake it for cannabidiol oil, which is obtained from the leaves, flowers, and other parts of the plant, but CBD is only extracted from the seeds. So now one may ask, what is CBD oil used for?

Some Uses of CBD Seed

It is used in different aspects of our lives. Some of the most common uses are the following.

Used in Cooking

It is not popular as olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil but is quickly getting more commonly used. It is easily sustainable and encourages cooking practices that require less water and is biodegradable. It also has abundant nutrients that will be very beneficial for your body.

It is commonly used on rice dishes and can also be sprinkled on salads.

However, it is not recommended for frying because it will lead to thick smoke forming in your kitchen. Overall, it is a very good cooking oil that has the potential to replace your standard oils.

Used in Baking

It has many uses in the baking industry. It is very temperature sensitive, so it is very good if baked at a low temperature. Simple syrup will taste very good if made in this oil. However, you will need a specific agent to sit it best in the syrup.

It can also be used to make frosting for baked goods. Some famous sauces like berry or chocolate sauce will taste very good if made with it.

Medical Uses

It is most famous in medicine. It manages many diseases and infections and is an excellent remedy. It is used in the following medical areas

  • Skin health
  • Brain health
  • Heart health
  • Pain reliever
  • Antibacterial agent

As you can see, it contributes to our medicine. There is still very little research performed on it, and it may have more medical uses that we are not aware of. To ensure that medicines made from it have the maximum effect, they must come from a reliable manufacturer.


I hope if you were looking for uses of CBD, that this article has provided you with a satisfactory answer.  But before using it in any way, consult your doctor so he may provide his insight on how it will affect your body.


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