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What Is The Difference Between CBD Seed Oil and CBD Oil?

by | Nov 12, 2019

Many people are asking questions such as, “What is the difference between CBD seed oil and CBD oil?” These expressions are actually describing different products, so if you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, it is important to learn the diversity between the two.

Benefits of CBD Seed Oil and CBD Oil

Both of these products have many health benefits but they provide it in diverse ways. They both have different benefits and uses as they come from parts of the cannabis plant.

With the recent craze about CBD, it is simple to confuse the two as the companies use the phrase CBD seed oil in their marketing strategies for all products. Their goal is not to make it confusing, but rather to avoid difficulties with the FDA by terming their products as such.

A helpful tip if you find a company marketing their CBD as CBD oil, is look for phrases on their labels such as CBD extract, cannabinoids or CBD. This will tell you that the product contains CBD.

CBD, of course is the key active ingredient in CBD oil. The key role for this compound is to regulate our endocannabinoid system, which maintains proper internal balance.

Studies have shown all products to be helpful for many health issues. The FDA just recently approved the first product used for management.

What we typically know as CBD oil, is more commonly referred to as CBD seed oil and contains no cannabinoids like CBD does but rather is a combination of nutrients which include, vitamin E, polyunsaturated acids and high concentrations of protein.

These nutrients, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamins are what make the oil beneficial for overall health.

what is the Difference Between CBD seed


Although they both support wellness and health, the difference starts with the part of the plant that they each come from and it ends with the benefits of the products.

To circumvent confusion, always look for the terms CBD, extract or cannabinoids on the facts panel or label. All of these will indicate if the product contains oil.

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